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NZMM: Artists on Wellington Music – Luke Kavanagh/Sunken Seas

We’ve been checking in with some local artists, writers & critics to get their thoughts on what makes the Wellington Music scene unique, and to get their take on some of their favourite Wellington sounds. You can check out some older posts from critics Nick Bollinger, & Grant Smithies, Blue Smoke writer Chris Bourke, and musicians Samuel Flynn Scott & Alistair Fraser, but since it is New Zealand Music Month we thought we would check in with some more people over the course of May.

Whether offering an opinion on the uniqueness or elusive qualities that make up Wellington music, or just some of their favourite albums, the most important thing is the music itself, and we hope these posts lead you back to some favourite albums, or help you to discover something new.

Up today is Luke from Sunken Seas, a 4-piece shoegaze band with one Taite nominated album & EP under their belt, and who are currently at work on their 2nd full length album to be released sometime this year.

Though we’ve relocated to Auckland now, we’ve spent a fair few years in this band and old bands playing in the Wellington scene. The best thing about the Wellington music scene is that Wellington audiences, and Wellington musicians alike are very open minded and accepting of quite wide and varying styles of music and are willing to support it.
In terms of Wellington albums in particular order we’d say:

Beastwars – Self titled
Thought Creature – Teleport Palace
So So Modern – Crude Futures

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You can find Sunken Seas 2012 album ‘Null Hour’ here. You can buy some of their music on Bandcamp via their website.

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