Stand Tall: Budgeting game from IHC

Illustrated characters from the Stand Tall game, with the game's title on an illustrated suburban background.

We’re huge fans of the new free budgeting game Stand Tall, created by our friends at IHC. Here is the game’s blurb from IHC’s website:

“Stand Tall is a free budgeting game that teaches you how to manage your money. Choose where to focus your finances and learn how to live independently. There are bills to pay, food and travel to budget for, plus loads of fun things to spend your money on. Get it right and your happiness will soar, but spend too much and you’ll have a financial headache!”

In the game, players get to:

  • Create their own avatar.
  • Learn about managing their money and wellbeing.
  • Navigate real life scenarios.
  • Create their own calendar to keep on track of everything.

Visit the IHC website to find out more and start playing today.

LinkedIn Learning courses on budgeting

While we’re talking about budgeting, we’d like to remind you that your Wellington City Libraries card gives you access to LinkedIn Learning. Below, you’ll find some of LinkedIn Learning’s free courses about managing your money.

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