The spirit of Diwali at Newtown Library

Happy Diwali!

To celebrate Diwali, Newtown Library recently hosted a fun-filled family storytelling event, where guest author Rajorshi Chakraborti treated the multi-generational audience to a special introduction of ‘Diwali Words‘, an original work written for the event. His words eloquently encapsulated the spirit of Diwali and the importance of every person striving to bring light into our world. Raj then dove into an animated reading of the Pasifika book ‘Dharma’s Diwali‘. Our librarian Asha captivated the young ones with a lively sing-along to ‘The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk’. Then, the experts got to work with a sari-draping demonstration as children and adults alike donned colourful saris and posed for instant photo prints. Check out some of the fun moments from the event that also included enjoying local Indian sweets, chai and impromptu Bollywood dancing! Raj has kindly let us share his original words on Diwali below.

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