Reader Highlights from Summer Reading!

Check out these awesome photos of our enthusiastic readers photo highlights whilst participating in our Summer Reading Adventure! One of the challenges is to take your book outside and discover the great outdoors. For some, that’s finding solace from the summer heat under the shade of a leafy tree, for others its a secluded spot with a killer view!

Photo collage of lots of reading spots, including on the ferry, in the library, under tree branches, in a forest, on the couch at home, and on a garden swingPhoto collage of books outdoors - at the beach, by a bonfire, under a tree, watching the sunset

We also asked readers to get making! Whether it be a LEGO® architectural masterpiece or a crafty holiday project using all the bits and bobs, we wanted creativity to run free… and look at the masterful results of our readers!

Lego creations - a dragon, a moon landing module, a person, and Lego friends creations Crafty creations - a crochet monster, a mini loom weaving, a towel hoodie for after the pool

A library bingo grid sheet, with lots of activitiesThere’s also still time left to complete challenges and mark off your Library Bingo sheets! Simply drop by any Library branch and grab a Bingo sheet that’s full of fun activities to complete across the Summer Reading Adventure! Do you have a friend or family-member who isn’t tech-savvy but would love our Summer Reading Adventure? Recommend Library Bingo to them as a way to join the fun!

Help us reach our community goal of reading 20,000 books before the Summer Reading Adventure ends on January 31st!

(Note: Please return your completed Bingo sheet to your library by February 7th).