Rare species of New Zealand: Books from Te Pātaka

If the discovery of an ancient New Zealand dolphin species intrigues you, you might be interested in reading books about the unique and wonderful species of Aotearoa. Read stories about the fairy tern, Māui dolphin, yellow-eyed penguin, kakī, greater short-tailed bat, and tāiko; some of which are New Zealand’s most endangered species. These books come with beautiful photos, interesting stories, and scientific discoveries to take you on a journey, exploring the unique creatures of the wilderness.

Rare wildlife of New Zealand / Ballance, Alison
“This book contains 100 New Zealand endangered species of all kinds: plants, birds, insects, fungi, mammals. Organised by habitat forests, gardens, islands, wetlands, high country, and sea and shore, it gives an important snapshot of the critical state of the wildlife in our country. Beautifully photographed with accessible and informative text. At the same time, it contains many surprises: among our most endangered species are kiwi, tuatara, flax, grasshoppers, hebes, crabs, and dolphins.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Whio : saving New Zealand’s blue duck / Young, David
“The blue duck, or whio, is one of New Zealand’s ancient treasures, a beautiful torrent duck that once lived on clear, fast-flowing rivers throughout most of the country. Sadly the blue duck now belongs to the ‘second tier’ of endangered species (including kaka, kea, parakeets and North Island brown kiwi) whose numbers have dropped alarmingly in the last 15 years. A dedicated group of scientists, field workers and volunteers have set about saving the blue duck.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

The handbook of New Zealand mammals
“This is the only definitive reference on all the land-breeding mammals recorded in the New Zealand region (including the New Zealand sector of Antarctica). It lists 65 species, including native and exotic, wild and feral, living and extinct, residents, vagrants and failed introductions. It describes their history, biology and ecology, and brings together comprehensive and detailed information gathered from widely scattered or previously unpublished sources.” (Adapted from Amazon.com)

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Through the Eyes and Teeth of Animals

We can always find animals interesting, and enjoy watching how they build families or enemies; and build nests or skills.  This collection takes us through animal eyes and teeth, nose and feathers to find the insight to their lives in the wild.

The science of hope : eye to eye with our world’s wildlife / Finkler, Wiebke
“A breath-taking visual journey by one of the world’s leading wildlife photographers. The great white shark fascinates us even as we fear it. The comical waddle of the penguin entrances us. From polar bears to mountain gorillas, penguins to sea otters, certain animals capture our imagination and showcase conservation efforts with their cuteness and charisma!” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Animal weapons : the evolution of battle / Emlen, Douglas John
“The story behind the stunning, extreme weapons we see in the animal world–teeth and horns and claws. Doug Emlen takes us deep into the forests and jungles where he’s been studying animal weapons in nature for years, fish with mouths larger than their bodies and bugs whose heads are so packed with muscle they don’t have room for eyes. As singular and strange as some of the weapons we encounter on these pages are, we learn that similar factors set their evolution in motion. (Adapted from the catalogue)

Raised by animals : the surprising new science of animal family dynamics / Verdolin, Jennifer L
“From a leading animal behaviourist, an often humorous look at the many surprising parallels between human and animal parents. Evolutionary biologist Jennifer Verdolin, PhD, invites us to explore the wild world of parenting in the animal kingdom. Find out why newly hatched goslings imprint on anything that moves, and how Mexican free-tailed bats can identify their pups among literally millions of others. ” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Animal noses / Holland, Mary
“Noses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that are just right for its particular animal host. For many animals, they use their noses to breathe and also noses help them find food or danger.  Following Animal Mouths (NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Science Award), and other Animal Anatomy and Adaptations series, Mary Holland continues her photographic series by exploring many different animal noses and how those help the animals survive in their habitats.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

The science of animals
“Explore the everyday miracle of the animal kingdom. With spectacular photography and clear explanations, The Science of Animals reveals the incredible anatomy, behaviour, and beauty of every type of creature, from hair to scale, whisker to tail.” (Catalogue)