Grassroot Beginnings: New Sustainability Books

Small sustainable ideas have the potential to grow into a global movement. This can all be started at a grassroot level, with the help of your family, neighbourhood or local community. Get inspired by others changing the world with our new sustainability books:

Just transformations : grassroots struggles for alternative futures
“The need for a radical societal transformation in the interests of social justice and ecological sustainability has never been greater. But where can we turn to find systemic alternatives? Just Transformations looks to local environmental struggles for the answers. Interrogating each case study for valuable lessons, the contributors develop a conceptualisation of a just transformation that focuses on the changes that communities themselves are trying to produce.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

How to create things for the world sustainably / K, Sarah
“A practical guide for anyone who designs or creates things for the world to achieve sustainable outcomes. Illustrated with the beautiful, photographic documentation from over a decade of Sarah K’s sustainable design initiative, supercyclers.” (Catalogue)

Ignition : lighting fires in a burning world / O’Connor, M. R.
“In a riveting investigation of the science and ecology of wildfires, journalist M.R. O’Connor ventures into some of the oldest, most beautiful, and remote forests in North America to explore the powerful and ancient relationship between trees, fires, and humans. At the heart of Ignition is a discussion about risk and how our relationship to it as a society will determine our potential to survive the onslaught of climate change.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The complete book of self-sufficiency : the classic guide for realists and dreamers / Seymour, John | eBook available
“For over 40 years, John Seymour has inspired thousands to make more eco-friendly choices with his advice on living sustainably. In a world of mass production, intensive farming, and food miles, Seymour’s words offer an alternative – a celebration of investing time, labour, and love into the things we need. This bestselling classic is a balm for anyone who has ever sought solace away from the madness of modern life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Our little farm : adventures in sustainable living / Wohlleben, Peter
“Peter and Miriam moved from the city to a remote forest lodge in the early nineties. Amidst juggling careers and raising a young family, they learned how to harvest and preserve nature’s bounty, and tend to the unique needs of their animals and environment. Our Little Farm shows that, with a little grit, humor, and self-compassion, it’s possible to live according to our values and to care for the earth even as we care for ourselves, our homes, and our families.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Water for all : global solutions for a changing climate / Sedlak, David L.
“A fresh look at the world’s water crises, and the existing and emerging solutions that can be used to solve them. Sedlak offers an informed and hopeful approach for rethinking our assumptions about the way that water is managed. With this knowledge we can create a future with clean, abundant, and affordable water for all.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Unbottled : the fight against plastic water and for water justice / Jaffee, Daniel
“Unbottled examines the vibrant movements that have emerged to question the need for bottled water and challenge its growth in North America and worldwide. Unbottled profiles campaigns to reclaim the tap, and addresses the challenges of ending dependence on packaged water in places where safe water is not widely accessible. It assesses the prospects for the movements fighting plastic water and working to ensure water justice for all.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Not the end of the world : how we can be the first generation to build a sustainable planet / Ritchie, Hannah
“In this bold, radically hopeful book, a data scientist, drawing on the latest research, practical guidance and eye-opening graphics, gives us the tools for understanding our current environmental crisis and making lifestyle changes that actually have an impact.” (Catalogue)

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