Fashion & Beauty Update

This season’s fashion and beauty update includes books on gender fluidity and ungendering fashion, K-beauty, makeup masterclasses and statement accessories, as well as brand new titles about fashion icons Alexander McQueen, Diane Von Furstenberg and Andy Warhol. Browse below to see what’s new!

DapperQ style : ungendering fashion / Vita, Anita Dolce
“For too long, mainstream Western fashion has promoted unattainable beauty standards and restrictive binaries as a means of social control. As editor-in-chief of leading queer style magazine dapperQ, Anita Dolce Vita has provided a platform that transcends these rigid, exclusionary, and oppressive fashion rules, inspiring people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender presentations to think differently about both queer fashion and beauty as art and visual activism and ultimately have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with style. In this refreshing style book, she shows that, no matter your gender identity, race, body size, ability, age, or style, queer fashion is for everyone.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Fashion bags & accessories : creative design & production / Gilroy, Darla-Jane
“Fashion bags and accessories are a constant force driving innovation, creativity and market growth across the fashion industry. From the nifty reticules of the eighteenth century to the wearable technology of recent years, they are multifunctional statement pieces that have become our constant companions.” (Catalogue)

Merchants of style : art and fashion after Warhol / Degen, Natasha
“Merchants of Style explores the accelerating convergence of art and fashion, looking at the interplay of artists and designers – and the role of institutions, both public and commercial – that has brought about this marriage of aesthetic industries. Natasha Degen argues that one figure more than any other anticipated this moment: Andy Warhol. Beginning with an overview of art and fashion’s deeply entwined histories before picking up where Warhol left off, Merchants of Style tells the story of art’s emboldened forays into commerce and fashion’s growing embrace of art. As the two industries draw closer together than ever before, this book addresses urgent questions about what the future holds.” (Catalogue)

Flawless : lessons in looks and culture from the K-beauty capital / Hu, Elise
“An audacious journalistic exploration of the present and future of beauty through the lens of South Korea’s booming “K-beauty” industry and the culture it promotes. And fun as self-care consumerism may be, Elise turns her veteran eye to the darker questions lurking beneath the surface of this story. It raises complicated questions about gender disparity, consumerism, the beauty imperative of an appearance obsessed society, and the undeniable political, economic, and social capital of good looks worldwide.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Narrative thread : conversations on fashion collections / O’Flaherty, Mark C.
“Mark C. O’Flaherty asks 14 individuals who work with or use clothes in a unique way: how has fashion created something significant in your life? Through fascinating conversations, and photoshoots of their private collections, in New York, London and Milan, he constructs a portrait of each person through their intimate relationships with fashion. With a foreword by influential fashion tastemaker Amanda Harlech, and opening conversations with three of fashion’s most respected scholars, Narrative Thread is an eye-opening resource for our understanding of fashion’s past and present – and its continuing importance in our lives.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Fluid : a fashion revolution / Reed, Harris
“Influential designer Harris Reed explores the world of gender-defying fashion in this richly illustrated monograph. In Fluid, revolutionary fashion designer Harris Reed introduces the world to a new era in fluid fashion. At the center of Reed’s sartorial journey has always been his desire to change the way people express their identities through clothing. Fluidity’s essence is adaptable, evolutionary, and dynamic, and Reed’s work constantly disrupts the divide between men’s and women’s clothing. Fluid takes readers beyond the idea of clothes as mere garments, positing that clothes are a nexus of art, philosophy, and history that can be used to help shape our culture and challenge understandings of gender. With this book, Reed affirms that fluid is the future of fashion.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Diane Von Furstenberg : woman before fashion
“A tribute to the creative vision and feminist philosophy of Diane Von Furstenberg and her eponymous brand, whose iconic wrap dress, created fifty years ago, remains a conduit of personal expression and self-empowerment for women across the globe. This visually vibrant tome, which accompanies an exhibition held in von Furstenberg’s hometown of Brussels, features nostalgic and contemporary photographs of her journey as a designer.” (Adapted from catalogue)

McQueen / O’Neill, Michael
“The Fashion Icons McQueen is magnificently adorned with some of Lee Alexander McQueen’s most riveting designs, and the narrative illuminates the personal and professional struggles of a man who dared to defy accepted norms in the cavernous halls of fashion and give the world a new sense of the grandeur of which human creativity is capable.” (Catalogue)


Make up / Martin, Hannah
“Hannah Martin has created amazing looks using top British beauty brands. Now she shares her expertise so you can master everything from everyday look to special-occasion glamour. With step-by-step photography, quick tips, product lists and how-to advice, Hannah’s guide gives you the knowledge you need to create beautiful makeup applications that boost your confidence and give you a dazzling look.” (Catalogue)

India Knight’s beauty edit : what works when you’re older / Knight, India
“With beauty, as with so much else, knowledge is power. In this brilliant, essential, reassuring book, India has distilled her beauty wisdom into practical advice for every part of the face and beyond- from tips for thinning lips and thinning hair, to the best skincare for older faces, to the make-up products that really make a difference, to demystifying the scientific jargon beloved by the beauty industry. If you would rather not use 35 products on your face every morning or watch how-to videos on TikTok, or if you have ever looked in the mirror and found yourself thinking ‘Who is that?’, then India Knight’s Beauty Edit is the book you’ve been waiting for.” (Adapted from catalogue)

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