Travel through time and space: New science books

Come for a journey through the vast universe to galaxies and dimensions far, far away. Explore the limits of human knowledge this month with our brand-new scientific books. If keeping your feet firmly on the ground is more appealing, we also have books set here on Earth for you! Pick up one of these books to begin your next science expedition.

To infinity and beyond : a journey of cosmic discovery / Tyson, Neil deGrasse
“No one can make the mysteries of the universe more comprehensible and fun than Neil deGrasse Tyson. The book begins as we leave Earth, encountering new truths about our planet’s atmosphere, the nature of sunlight, and the many missions that have demystified our galactic neighbors. When we finally arrive in the blackness of outer space, Tyson takes on the spookiest phenomena of the cosmos: parallel worlds, black holes, time travel, and more.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Deep sea : 10 things you should know : a deep dive into one of the most mysterious environments on our planet / Copley, Jon
“Uncover what lies at the deepest depths of our oceans… In ten brief and informative essays, Copley journeys to one of the most mysterious and fascinating environments on Earth, the deep sea. The Deep Sea: 10 things you should know is a brilliant guide to one of the most fascinating and curious places known to humankind.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Transient and strange : notes on the science of life / Greenfieldboyce, Nell
“An astonishing debut from the beloved NPR science correspondent: intimate essays about the intersection of science and everyday life. In this, her debut book, she delivers a wholly original collection of powerful, emotionally raw, and unforgettable personal essays that probe the places where science touches our lives most intimately. Transient and Strange captures the ache of ordinary life, offering resonant insights into both the world around us and the worlds within us.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Plants of the Qur’ān : history & culture / Ghazanfar, Shahina A
“Plants of the Qur’ān is the first book that investigates the etymology and history of the plants mentioned in the Qur’ān. It illustrates the historical and present cultural significance and uses of the plants, and explores the context in which they are mentioned. All efforts have been made to illustrate the plants from living specimens in their wild habitat, and to show as much as possible the original cultivars of several of the plants that are now widely grown and used.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The allure of the multiverse : extra dimensions, other worlds, and parallel universes / Halpern, Paul
“In The Allure of the Multiverse, Halpern examines the theory of the universe we can’t seem to let go; in an infinite universe. The prospect of such a maddening labyrinth of parallel realities has led other researchers to propose alternatives, such as bouncing universes in multiple dimensions, that are every bit as perplexing. The Allure of the Multiverse explores one of physics’ most controversial –yet most persistent–ideas.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Capturing glaciers : a history of repeat photography and global warming / Inkpen, Dani
“In Capturing Glaciers, Dani Inkpen examines the many ways scientists have made and used photographs of receding glaciers and how the meanings and evidential value of such images evolved over time. This project sheds light on the challenges of conducting research about climate change, the challenges of enacting social change around environmental problems, and the ways that well-intentioned scientists can still replicate social inequalities.” (Catalogue)

The hedgehog diaries : a story of faith, hope and bristle / Sands, Sarah
“It is the Winter Solstice and Sarah Sands is sitting by her father’s bedside, bracing herself for loss. What her father needs to do, she thinks, is conserve his energy – to hibernate like a hedgehog.  A few days earlier, Sarah found a poorly hedgehog in the garden and taken it to the local hedgehog sanctuary. When death looms, it’s easier to talk about hedgehogs. In this charming, idiosyncratic book, she explores the meaning and morals of hedgehogs, and finds, in hedgehog world, a source of deep solace and wisdom.” (Adapted from Catalogue)