Encourage your curiosity: New science books

Everything has a story to tell, from the big bang to the mushrooms growing in your garden. That is what science is all about, studying the world. It can be difficult to appreciate everything around us when our lives are so busy, but in Aotearoa and especially Wellington, we are lucky to have an abundance of nature to explore. Spending some time outside can open our minds to some immense questions about the complexities of the world. To begin to answer these questions and to further your curiosity, check out our recent picks for our new science books.

The universe in a box : a new cosmic history / Pontzen, Andrew
“This is the story of the technologies that allow us to look up, to learn and to discover our place in the cosmos. The Universe in a Box is Pontzen’s tribute to simulations that, over the last century, have allowed us to understand the distant past and far future of the universe. Illuminating, provocative and bold, this is the story of our home, the cosmos, through simulations- mini-universes inside computers.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

New Zealand’s biggest year / Boorman, Harry
“New Zealand’s biggest year is an epic birding tale of how two friends become rivals and set out to break the all-time record for the most Aotearoa New Zealand bird species seen in one year. Their rivalry results in more birds being spotted in a single year than ever before and two national records are broken. Full of twists and turns, pandemics and trip cancellations, Harry’s story gradually unfolds to its nail-biting conclusion.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

A year in the woods : twelve small journeys into nature / Ekelund, Torbjørn Lysebo
“A Year in the Woods asks if the secret to communing with nature lies in small rituals and reflection. As Ekelund greets the same trees, rocks, streams, and soil each month, he describes his changing relationship to the landscape. The perfect book for readers who want a deeper connection with nature but are realistic about time and money.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Beautiful experiments : an illustrated history of experimental science / Ball, Philip
“This illustrated history of experimental science is more than just a celebration of the ingenuity that scientists and natural philosophers have used throughout the ages to study-and to change-the world. Beautiful Experiments demonstrates why “experiment” remains a contested notion in science, while also exploring how we came to understand the way the world functions.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Botany of the kitchen garden : the science and horticulture of our favourite crops / Dove, Hélèna
“In Botany of the Kitchen Garden, Hélèna Dove expertly combines horticulture and science to demonstrate that by examining the botany of plants we can understand plants’ behaviors and adaptations, giving readers and growers the tools to delve further into their favorite foods.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

New Zealand bird calls : listen with a QR code / Moon, Lynnette
“Listen to 60 birds’ songs and calls, via a QR code. Alongside the calls, author Lynette Moon provides a concise account of each bird covering their habitat, nest, appearance and behaviour.” (Catalogue)

New Zealand fungi : a photographic celebration / Bowater, Rebecca
“New Zealand has thousands of fungi species. Many are undescribed with only approximately 6,500 having been reported. This revised edition adds wonderful new images of fungi that Rebecca has encountered on her recent forays into our lush wilderness.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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