Eat up: New cookbooks

Here are some of the latest new cookbooks to the library. Their topics range from preserving your own food, lunch ideas, camping meals and some classic recipes for any day of the week.

Preserving and canning for beginners : quick and easy ways to can, pickle, and jam all your favourite veggies, fruits, and meats
“Whether you are a gardener, a fan of farmers’ markets, or just someone who likes to browse the bountiful produce at the supermarket, canning and preserving are easy, fun, and affordable ways to enjoy fresh-grown foods all year long. Preserving and Canning for Beginners covers every method, from water-bath and pressure canning, pickling and jam-making, and beyond!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The RNZ cookbook : a treasury of 180 recipes from New Zealand’s best-known chefs and food writers
“180 delicious recipes hand-picked from the thousands that have featured on RNZ shows such as Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Saturday Morning in recent decades. Written by some of New Zealand’s most admired and trusted chefs and food writers, this go-to cookbook is the perfect companion for many happy hours of cooking, with the radio on in the kitchen, of course.” (Catalogue)


Lunchbox boss : make mornings easier with 50+ new ideas & recipes / Georgievski, George
“Lunchbox Boss shows you how to master the art of putting together a lunchbox that your kids actually want to eat, with 50+ quick and easy recipes for busy parents. George Georgievski, aka School Lunchbox Dad, tackles some of the most common lunchbox dilemmas, such as fussy eaters, allergies and feeding kids well on a budget. Lunchbox Boss is the ultimate solution for busy parents who need new recipes and fresh ideas for ways to fill their kids’ lunchboxes with a rainbow of delicious food!”(Adapted from Catalogue)

Eating from our roots : 80+ healthy home-cooked favourites from cultures around the world / Feller, Maya
“Eating from Our Roots is a love letter to the globe that celebrates nourishing, flavourful dishes from cultures around the world. A registered dietitian and nutritionist known for her approachable, real-food-based solutions, Maya Feller highlights the nourishing roots of foods from regions including the Caribbean, South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and more.  With more than eighty recipes, Eating from Our Roots is an approachable, inclusive approach to healthy cooking.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

5 ingredients camping
“Pack Light, heavy on flavour. Camping takes you out of your busy life, away from work and responsibilities and gives you the time to relax in the great outdoors. But that means you are away from your kitchen, your fridge and all the appliances that make cooking easier. What about dinner?! Here’s where The Australian Women’s Weekly comes in, with our camping cookbook of 5 ingredient meal ideas, ingenious recipes that make the most out of convenience foods and portable packaging, to deliver you breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Baking yesteryear : the best recipes from the 1900s to the 1980s / Hollis, B. Dylan
“Travel back on a delicious decade-by-decade jaunt as Hollis shows you how to bake vintage forgotten greats. From Chocolate potato cake to Avocado pie, he has collected these recipes from antique cookbooks from the 1900s to the 1980s. Some are spectacular failures– and others are disastrously strange. Others are delightful blasts from the past that you just may end up adding to your permanent collection.” (Catalogue)

Eat up New Zealand : the Bach edition / Brown, Al
“The perfect cookbook for the Bach, beach house or crib, with more than 150 delicious recipes for sharing casual meals with family and friends.” (Catalogue)

Every. Night. Of. The. Week. Veg : meat free beyond Monday : a zero-tolerance approach to bland / Tweed, Lucy
“Irresistible meat-free meal ideas delivered with trademark wit, style and snark by bestselling author Lucy Tweed. It’s a daily slog to get veg into the mouths of every member of the household. Welcome to your sanity solution: delicious meals that vegetarians and meat-eaters will love in equal measure, served with a generous dollop of Lucy Tweed’s trademark wit” (Catalogue)