Everyday Sustainability: Recent picks

What can we do to help fight climate change? It’s a very daunting question for anybody! We may not be able to solve it overnight, but by making small changes in our day-to-day life and being aware of what’s going on in the world, we can feel less overwhelmed. These new books cover a variety of climate actions from cooking sustainably or making your own clothes to learning from the Dalai Lama and Greta Thornberg.

A good appetite : eating for planet, body and soul / Chandler, Jenny
“A Good Appetite is packed with practical information and recipes for making the way you shop and cook more planet-friendly. There are brilliant bite-sized guides to everything from eating with the seasons, batch cooking and the best ways to use your freezer to foraging and growing some of your own food. By avoiding food waste and stretching expensive ingredients, there’s a payoff for your pocket too.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Great stories of New Zealand conservation / Froggatt, Alan
“New Zealand has an extraordinary range of plants and animals, yet a great many species are trending towards extinction. Great Stories of New Zealand Conservation tells 50 inspiring and thought provoking stories, covering all matter of conservation and ecological projects from right across the motu. Some of the projects have been driven by national organisations, such as saving the kakapo and the yellow eyed penguin.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

A future we can love : how we can reverse the climate crisis with the power of our hearts & minds / Bauer-Wu, Susan | Also available as an eBook
“Filled with the Dalai Lama’s hard-earned wisdom, Greta Thunberg’s piercing focus, and dozens of accessible practices of climate activism and personal resilience, this book offers a path not just out of inaction but toward a future we can love.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


Radical sewing : pattern-free, sustainable fashions for all bodies / Weiss, Kate
“Radical Sewing is a guide for learning how to make your own clothes. Kate introduces you to the basics and best practices of garment sewing for yourself at home, as well as advice and info on things you wouldn’t even know to ask about sewing. All you’ll need to do is experiment and break the rules to create the clothes and outfits that you want to wear.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Five times faster : rethinking the science, economics, and diplomacy of climate change / Sharpe, Simon
“Five Times Faster is an inside story from Simon Sharpe, who has spent ten years at the forefront of climate change policy and diplomacy. This provocative and engaging book sets out how we should rethink our strategies and reorganise our efforts in the fields of science, diplomacy, and economics, so that we can act fast enough to stay safe.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Climate resilience : how we keep each other safe, care for our communities, and fight back against climate change / Flanagan, Kylie
“A primer in understanding the climate crisis informed by interviews with the women, non-binary, and gender-expansive climate leaders and community members who have been fighting for the health, wellbeing, and liberation of their communities for decades.” (Catalogue)

At home with nature : a guide to sustainable, natural landscaping / Gidding, John
“Increased awareness of the environment and an ever-present interest in curb appeal means that homeowners are eager for more sustainable, natural landscaping. At Home with Nature is the ultimate resource for creating beautiful and beneficial home gardens.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

I want a better catastrophe : navigating the climate crisis with grief, hope, and gallows humor : an existential manual for tragic optimists, can-do pessimists, and compassionate doomers / Boyd, Andrew
“Reeling from a crisis of hope, lifelong activist Andrew Boyd seeks out today’s leading climate thinkers, from collapse-psychologist Jamey Hecht to Indigenous botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer. “If it’s the end of the world, now what?” he asks, as he steers us through our climate angst in search of a “better catastrophe.” (Catalogue)

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