Mind, Myth and Machines: New in personal development

From the history of the myth of witchcraft to the science of emotions and the future of artificial intelligence, delve into history, philosophy, science and technology to discover more your inner and outer world with these new personal growth releases.

Ashes & Stones: A Scottish journey in search of witches and witness / Shaw, Allyson
“Ashes and Stones is a book by Allyson Shaw that explores modern memorials, standing stones, forests, and hedge mazes, weaving together history and feminist reclamation to create a vibrant memorial. The book untangles the myth of witchcraft and gives voice to those erased by it, linking contemporary women to the horrors of the past and calling for remembrance of our ancestors.” (Adapted from catalogue and inside cover)

How to think like a woman: Four women philosophers who taught me how to love the life of the mind / Penaluna, Regan
“How to Think Like a Woman is a memoir, biography, and criticism of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century feminist philosophers Mary Astell, Damaris Masham, Catharine Cockburn, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Regan Penaluna tells their stories and her own search for love and truth, weaving an alternative history of philosophy and a searing look at patriarchy and sexism in academia.” (Adapted from catalogue and publisher’s description)

Machines behaving badly: The morality of AI / Walsh, Toby
“Is Alexa racist? Can (and will) AI help tackle the climate emergency? What limits should we place on face recognition software? Can robots have rights? And what regulations can we put in place to ensure AI makes the world a better place? Toby Walsh explores how AI is here to stay. Although it may not be the stuff of science fiction, it will undoubtedly change the future of the human race, for better or worse. ” (Adapted from catalogue)

Real self care: Powerful practices to nourish yourself from the inside out / Lakshmin, Pooja
“Self-care has become a commercialized industry, but real self-care is a sustainable practice that involves setting boundaries, treating ourselves with compassion, and living a life aligned with our values. Psychiatrist and women’s mental health specialist Dr Pooja Lakshmin offers actionable strategies to help women become agents of change in their lives and assert their power, resulting in a personal and social revolution.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Sensitive: The power of a thoughtful mind in an overwhelming world / Granneman, Jenn
“Sensitive is a book that champions the world’s “highly sensitive people,” who make up nearly 1 in 3 of the population. Through fascinating research and expert storytelling, the authors show these readers how to unlock the potential in this undervalued strength and leverage it across the most important life areas, demonstrating how leaning into sensitivity unlocks a powerful “boost effect” to launch them ahead in life.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Philosophy and life: Exploring the great questions of how to live / Grayling, A. C
“In this book, A.C. Grayling explores how to live a fulfilling life, discussing questions such as ‘what values to live by’ and ‘what goals to aim for’. Drawing on a wide range of thinkers from across time and place, including philosophers like Confucius, Seneca, and Nietzsche, as well as authors like Shakespeare and Ursula LeGuin, and modern thinkers like Martha Nussbaum and Bernard Williams, Grayling shares insights on the philosophy of life.” (Adapted from catalogue)

Emotional ignorance: Lost and found in the science of emotion / Burnett, Dean
“In his book, Dean Burnett explores the science behind emotions and their impact on our lives, from the origins of life to the end of the universe. He covers topics such as why we follow our gut, the addictive nature of doomscrolling, and how sad music can make us happier. Burnett also shares insights into the grieving process and argues how emotions are what make us who we are.” (Adapted from catalogue and publisher’s description)