Dear Delaware: our new Pen Pal program!

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Write, share & connect with a Pen Pal!

We’ve teamed up a series of public libraries in Delaware, USA for a Pen Pal program! It’s a chance to make new friendships and learn about another person’s culture and life experiences.

You can join the program anytime, simply by filling out a sign-up form. This program is open to adults, teens and children over 5 years old. Parental permission and in-person signup is required for ages 5-15; ages 16+ can sign-up via the online form below.

From there, we’ll pair you with a similar participant from Delaware – you’ll be notified via email of who your pen pal is and what their interests are. Then write your letter and bring it to the library – we’ll take care of the international postage and you’ll be notified when to pick up your pen pal’s response.

Begin meaningful conversations and experience the enduring joy of receiving snail-mail!

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    1. Kia ora! A Library in Delaware approached us with this opportunity, and it sounded like a wonderful idea! Thank you for your interest

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