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  •                   Vinyl is back! When WCL’s original record collection was sold off in the early 2000’s it really looked as if the days of vinyl were over, replaced by those shiny new indestructible (yeah, right!) compact discs. However, to everyone’s surprise, vinyl has made a comeback and, […]

  • Critics on Wellington Music: Nick Bollinger
  • We’ve been checking in with some local critics to get their thoughts on what makes the Wellington Music scene unique, and to get their take on some of their favourite Wellington sounds… Noted critic, writer, broadcaster & producer Nick Bollinger was kind enough to share his thoughts on Wellington Music with us, as well as […]

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  • Cotton Daisy Backstep










    Cotton Daisy Backstep are an old-time string band. They describe their music as “murder ballads, lonesome laments, farm humour, and tub thumping dance tunes” in the spirit of Appalachian fiddlers such as Lester McCumber.

    Current band members include Helena Triplett Faust (banjo/fiddle/vocals), Naomi Middleton (guitar/vocals) and Ruby Solly (bass). Past members and collaborators include Nick Bollinger, Eddy Abraham, Sylvia Carlyle and Liz Merton.

    Cotton Daisy Backstep formed in 2014 after Faust and Middleton played together during the ‘Up the Mountain’ tour supporting Andy Fitzgibbon, a visiting fiddler from West Virginia. They have performed at local venues and square dances around Wellington, playing both traditional and original songs. Mainly Acoustic has described them as evoking “that old 78 bacon-frying sound no book-learning can give.”