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Indie Country folk-rockers ‘What Noisy Cats’ write country/folk influenced songs and then infuse them with a healthy dose of rock and atmospherics to make them, well, just a little bit noisy.

They have been around for about 5 years. They released an EP in 2010, and have a just released their full-length album ‘A Different Ocean’. Some of the members are also in Tiger Meet Lion.

What Noisy Cats are:
Patrick Whatman – drums, percussion, piano, hammond, rhodes, acoustic guitar, vocals
Luke Marlow – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, piano, rhodes
Jake Walwyn – electric guitar, slide guitar
Vincent Waide – bass, taurus bass pedals, mandolin, percussion, vocals

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What Noisy Cats mix alt-country and noisy rock guitar, and the result is a well—cooked grainy swagger that can’t fail to somewhat resemble some of Neil Young’s more amped- up moments. The Wellington group still have that debut
album freshness on A Different Ocean, and not having anything in particular to live up to, they allow themselves enough room to experiment on tracks like ‘In The Morning’, a minimal, ambient mood-piece and ‘The Meadows’, which leans towards fuzzy, introverted shoegaze territory. Helmed by two different writer/singers, Luke Marlow and Vincent Waide, What Noisy Cats never allow themselves to sink into a comfy alt-country rut, and the album has the added benefit of having been captured in all its dynamic glory, complete with some very intense climaxes. The only real caveat is the singing, which sounds uniformly a little unsure of itself. But then, that’s the Kiwi way. GARY STEEL


What Noisy Cats talked about their influences, how the name of the band came about and where they get their inspiration from.

Text courtesy of ‘What Noisy Cats’. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Review courtesy of Rip It Up, No. 377 Oct. 2015. Used with permission.

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