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Unsanitary Napkin

Unsanitary Napkin is a Wellington-based punk band that addresses issues of power and inequality from a feminist perspective. Members include vocalist/guitarist Hannah Salmon, bassist Rupert (of Downer Buzz) and drummer Ben (of Rogernomix).

Unsanitary Napkin released their self-titled, six-song EP in April 2016 through Zero Style, recording and mixing the songs at Scumbag College. Their debut album, Patriotic Grooves, was released in November 2016.

UTR Premiere: Unsanitary Napkin – TrumpholeUnder the Radar, November 2, 2016

The album, including the single “Trumphole”, was written during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, with the band describing Patriotic Grooves as a “tiny token of solidarity to the many many nice people in the US who are seriously having to deal with the possibility of a giant fascist racist misogynist clown coming to power.”

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