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The Tin Syndrome was one of the truly original New Zealand groups of the early 1980s; popular in its home town of Wellington, where, along with a small handful of other groups of the time, it had a defining influence on the evolution of the capital’s sound.

Distinct from Dunedin, Auckland or Christchurch, Wellington developed the
more experimental, avant-garde scene it still has today; and from a rock perspective The Tin Syndrome was an early leader in that movement.

The group utilized the high energy of the punk/new wave aesthetic as a
vehicle for intense songs with busy arrangements and a “more is more” ethos, attracting a dedicated following, including many musicians among its number.

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The Tin Syndrome was an alternative rock group from Wellington, New Zealand, active in the early to mid 1980’s. Led by quirky songwriter/guitarist Mark Austin (New Zealand Composer), the band was noted for its off-beat sound, energetic delivery and frenetic lyrics, as found in such early songs as "Random Wellingtonian" and "Plastic Bag". From late 1981 to mid 1984 The Tin Syndrome was a popular live act in its home town of Wellington, where its unique and complex arrangements had an enduring influence on the local music scene. Read more on Wikipedia

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