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Tin Syndrome

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Our Wellington Music collection is currently unavailable on our catalogue due to the Central Library closure. We're working on options for making it available again and as soon as it is, we'll update this site.

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The Tin Syndrome was one of the truly original New Zealand groups of the early 1980s; popular in its home town of Wellington, where, along with a small handful of other groups of the time, it had a defining influence on the evolution of the capital’s sound.

Distinct from Dunedin, Auckland or Christchurch, Wellington developed the
more experimental, avant-garde scene it still has today; and from a rock perspective The Tin Syndrome was an early leader in that movement.

The group utilized the high energy of the punk/new wave aesthetic as a
vehicle for intense songs with busy arrangements and a “more is more” ethos, attracting a dedicated following, including many musicians among its number.

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