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The Nudge are a fresh form of innovative blues and roots.

Singer, and principal songwriter Ryan Prebble is the swampy bluesman. His gritty tone and brutal blues vocals are laced with messages of social values, personal freedom and the ways of love. James Coyle produces savage tones on a vintage organ, that effortlessly swirl around like a Leslie Cabinet,with warm low frequency modulations of keyboard bass that will crisp any crust. Add to the mix the solid thunderous, tribal, uniquely funky jackhammer beats of Iraia Whakamoe, and you have The Nudge.

Formed initially from Ryan Prebble wishing to expand what was originally a solo project. Elements of blues were naturally there, however with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic. The three have paid dues in bands such as ‘A Hori Buzz’, ‘Newtown Rocksteady’, ‘Hikoikoi’, ‘Spartacus R’ and ‘Tropical Downbeat Orchestra’, and channel influences ranging from Blind Lemon Jefferson, James Brown, Al Green, to Pink Floyd, Bjork and Can. To date The Nudge has delivered blistering performances to punters from the Catlins to Auckland, and opened for Little Bushman, The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties.

The Nudge in the Music 101 studio…

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From RNZ’s ‘NZ Live’ here’s a live session from ‘The Nudge’…


RNZ music reporter Melody Thomas visits the practice room of ‘The Nudge’ as they work out how to approach covering the Silver Scroll winning song ‘Everything To Me’…


From the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, held at the Auckland Town Hall on Thursday 13th September 2012, ‘The Nudge’ performed Stephanie Brown’s (Lips) winning song “Everything to Me”.

Profile sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Interviews/Live sessions sourced from RNZ. Used with permission.

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