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Wellington act ‘The Body Lyre’ formed in 2009 after vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Rhydian Thomas’ band Strangers broke up. Rhydian had been involved in the local hardcore and metal scenes, and his (now defunct) record label Actionman Records released Hamilton hardcore. ‘The Body Lyre’ (after lines from Rimbaud poems) began as his solo project before he recruited vocalist Ana McGowan. For their debut album ‘Escape Songs’ (their EP, ‘December Marches’, was released in 2009), The Body Lyre expanded to six, including former ‘Family Cactus’ member Graeme Cumak, Angus Winter, Callum Gay, and Tim Shann – all of whom have been in other local bands. Debut album ‘Escape Songs’ was a work in progress, recorded in a shipping container fitted out as a studio, with tracks appearing monthly over a year.

At the end of 2010, all twelve tracks were due to be released on as a book/cd package and vinyl LP on Mole Music. Unfortunately we had major delays with the production of the album, but it was finally released in April 2014 both as an LP and a CD/Book package; around three years after we finished recording it. The LP was released concurrently with the ‘Blood/Work’ 7″…

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Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Bio courtesy of NZ Musician. Used with Permission.

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