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Dick Whyte, Helen O’Rourke and Rupert Hunter are ‘The Bent Folk’, an improvised alt-country-folk-pysch-blues-noise-rock family, working under a funk ontology. Although Dick, Helen and Rupert are the core cast, they have a revolving door of guests and close relatives. People who have also played in The Bent Folk Family include Charlotte Forrester (Athuzela Brown, Womb), Finn Johansson (Johnsonville City Nights), Dave Prendergast (Bad Edison), Theo Taylor (Toucan Stubbs) and Alison Hobbes.

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‘Spare The Rod’ recorded by Finn Johansson at Helen’s house and his home studio in Karori. ‘Maggot Brain’ recorded in the practice space on a shitty laptop mic. Limited edition 10″ lathe released on Ilk Ither records.

Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

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