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Indie Gothic/noise-folk artist Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening) has been a regular feature in the underground Wellington scene since 2010. The music of Seth Frightening is complex and varied but also focused and direct to the point of rawness. His music tells stories full of shifting, clouded characters and evasive narratives…

Seth Frightening – Ugly Sounds Of Undeniable Beauty – NZ Musician, 2014 (Vol:18, No:5)

RNZs Emma Smith talks with Seth about his 2012 album ‘Don’t Worry (Heat Death)’ released on Thomas Lambert’s Sonorous Circle label…

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RNZ live session following the release of ‘But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters…’

‘Bury’ from ‘But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters’ (2015)

bFM Bombathon: Seth Frightening

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  • Land of the Long White Stain

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Documentary ; Film

    "Claire Duncan’s “love-letter to music on the margins” punctures the romantic view of the touring musician (with withering narration playing over images of rural backwaters) while simultaneously affirming the virtues of self-expression, and the special transience of live performance. Featured are interviews and arresting performances from some of NZ’s most singular new artists: Seth Frightening, i.e. crazy (the director’s musical alias) and Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing. This was one of three films produced by Lumière, advocating for local artists working outside the mainstream." (NZ On Screen summary)


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