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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

The Pyramid Scheme


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“I’ve never played with a band like this before [smiling] … they’re good.”
Brian Borcherdt

“Anyone for voodoo, possession and strange beasts?.”

“Break out your turbans for this one people!”
Martyn Pepperell – RIP IT UP

The Pyramid Scheme summon and gather the ancient primal energies of a world beneath, whipping and taming the savage rhythms found below into new vortices of tornadic proportion. In beat and pulse, warp and weft, the Scheme struggle against the beast of their own sound – barely contained. Wave upon wave, swell upon swell, the complex rhythms of the deep emerge howling from the heaving forces under their spell; a steady and sustained explosion of sound boiling over the dance floor. Drums, congas, percussion, bass, MPC, multiple vocals and triumvirate guitars pitch and toss its inhabitants beyond the realms of reason. Rapacious percussions, peppered licks and diving bass cast a seething maelstrom below, while above, salvos of voodoo guitar erupt amongst billowing vocal harmonies…

OSAKA SILENZIO – Six String – Midrange Howls
DAVID ‘DAVID RANDALL PETERS’ PETERS – Swollen hands – suggestive vocal seasoning – Cat-Gut Guitarre
RYAN ‘DANCE’ PREBBLE – Percussive ambush – Throaty Growls – Minor Blues

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Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text from Amplifier. Used with permission.

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