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Melodramatic pop folk rock & goth…

The Legend of Plum Green is that she is the descendant of Soviet royalty, the bastard child of a disgraced Monarch who sent her away from Eastern Europe as a child. But truth be told, she was born in an East London Squat her parents had broken into. The daughter of a Jazz singing Parisian show girl and a Saxophone playing Jewish intellectual, Plum Green’s music is enigmatic and deep. Her mixture of acoustic folk and grunge has made an impact and secured a loyal following. Plum Green has always had this mix of youthful wisdom, naïve worldliness, a corrupt innocent, which makes her music and lyrics heady and intriguing…

Born in Brixton, and now based in Melbourne, Plum Green grew up in the Aro Valley & still considers Wellington her home town. She released her first EP in 2008, and followed it in 2010 with The Red EP. ‘Rushes’ was her first full length debut in 2012, with her latest release the EP Karma coming out last month. After shifting to Melbourne around the time that ‘Rushes’ was released Plum Green is returning to Wellington for a one-off Easter show at Moon on March 26th, supported by Opium Eater & April Fish.

Plum Green – The Devine Miss Plum – NZ Musician Dec/Jan. 2013 (Vol:17, No:4)

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PLUM GREEN : The Red EP – NZ Musician, April/May 2011.

Plum Green: Rushes – The Elsewhere review & The Elsewhere Questionnaire.

Interviews and live sets from ‘The Wireless NZ’

Plum Green














Covers sourced from Bandcamp. Some text from Amplifier. Used with permission.

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