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Norman Meehan

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Our Wellington Music collection is currently unavailable on our catalogue due to the Central Library closure. We're working on options for making it available again and as soon as it is, we'll update this site.

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Norman Meehan began playing piano (reluctantly) at the age of seven but soon came to like it. He studied jazz in Wellington at the old Polytechnic and then pursued piano lessons in the States with players in Philadelphia, San Francisco and finally with Frank Carlberg and Paul Bley in Boston.

He has led a variety of groups over the last decade, with his current line-up being one of the longer-standing ensembles.

His earlier album, The Bells, was well-reviewed and like his new release, Modigliani, featured predominantly his own tunes.

His compositional style has been influenced mainly by jazz musicians (John Schofield and Ornette Coleman spring to mind), but with the array of musicians on Modigliani, the influences are also from the world of rock and drum n bass.

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