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An explosive Cocktail of sultry, soul-infused rock. Based in Lower Hutt, MERRIN’s music uses strong sensual vocals and raunchy kick-driven grooves to gently pull you in before thrusting you into a twisted web of seductive aggression – but it’s more than that. They also function as covers band ‘THE INITIATIVE’ and are the vessel through which Karl, Charlie, Lisa, Dan and Richard come together: To Create. To Laugh. To Share. To Dream.

To understand MERRIN’s essence is to know Karl and Charlie. After the twists her life had taken, Charlie was already disillusioned with the world when the death of her father drove her to the edge. But somehow, something long-since buried burst to the surface, a need to live and create music. Armed with a newly re-awakened desire to pursue, Charlie left the only life she knew .

From an early age, Karl’s been in and out of hospital for various and multiple life-preserving surgeries but he doesn’t let that define him. In fact, you wouldn’t even suspect. With a genuine zest for life that emanates from every pore in his body and energy to rival that of the energizer bunny, Karl’s passion for music was just beginning .

November 2011 saw the first incarnation, with Lisa Tagaloa (Bass) and Brendan Candy (Ex drums). Three months later they were in the studio recording forthcoming debut EP “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and during post-production, Daniel Murray (Guitar) was brought into the fold. After a year full of firsts, highlights and learning curves, 2013 found the family complete with Richard Maxwell Jnr (Drums).

2015 saw the band opening for 90s Alt-Rock legends ‘Everclear’ (check out their experiences here) and the release of ‘Angerfist’, the first single from their new EP ‘Colour Five’ due to be released in September 2015.

The Courage to leave a past fraught with darkness meets the light of a fighter determined to live. This is the spark that ignited the dream, and the basis of MERRIN as it is today…

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Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

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