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Sonic Piano Pop. Originally from Waituna, now based in Wellington.

While ‘Joe Blossom’ formally began his solo music career with his debut album ‘Nocturnes’ in 2011, Sean O’Brien has been making independent music in Wellington and the Manawatu since the 1990s where he kicked off with bands ‘The Livids’ and ‘The Sentimental Plastic’.

He’s released a number of albums; featured on Flying Nun’s ‘God Save The Clean’ tribute album; played The Big Day Out; supported acts such as the ‘3ds’, ‘So So Modern’, ‘Wing’, David Kilgour, ‘Die Die Die’, ‘Cut Off Your Hands’, ‘Superette’, ‘Diana Rozz’, ‘Over The Atlantic’ and ‘The Chills’. He also played bass with ‘Cortina’, and performed at four out of five Camp A Low Hums

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First single from the album ‘Nocturnes’. Directed & Edited by Simon Wilson.

Joe Blossom and Duncan Sarkies : music and demolition
Sean O’Brien has recorded and performed with a number of various bands since the 1990s. He currently performs as Joe Blossom, and released his solo album debut, Nocturnes, and he will accompany author, screenwriter and performer Duncan Sarkies for The Demolition of the Century at the NZ Festival.

Tyger Tyger – Joe Blossom (Official Video)

A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. For “The Breaking” we were given the keywords “nostalgia” and “abstract” and we were asked to capture the city under the evening sun, in the twilight.
AIRBORNE \\ A7 – Joe Blossom “The Breaking”

NZ Musician Magazine, June/July, 2016 – Joe Blossom: Flower Power

Grant Smithies on the new Joe Blossom release (begins at 12.50…)

New album ‘All of the Above’ 2016…
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All Of The Above by Joe Blossom – Nick Bollinger delights in the existentialist groove-pop of Welllington’s Joe Blossom.

Covers used with permission.

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