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Picture a warm sunny summers day on the beautiful Kapiti Coast where the sea flows onto the land surrounded by untouched native forest. It was within this creative and peaceful surrounding where ‘Homefire Burning’ first formed together as a band and drew their inspiration.

They burst on to the scene in early 2007 through performances at the prestigious ‘One Love’ concert in Wellington, and the International Peace festival, ‘Parihaka’ and they played live to air during New Zealand Music Month on Radio Active.

Acknowledging the traditional Maori concept of the ahi kaa or home fire, the band members embraced their roles as mana whenua, the keepers of the flame, and invited all people to join them in stoking that fire to burn strong with the illumination of peace, knowledge and understanding. ‘Fire It Up’ was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by tko at STL Audio for Subculture System.

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RNZ Music reporter Andy Cummins interviews vocalist Matiu Te Huki on the message in the music of ‘Homefire Burning’…

Cover/text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

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