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‘Groeni’ was originally the solo moniker of Alexander Green. His first self titled EP was released in 2012, after moving to Melbourne. A move back to NZ in 2013 saw him reconnect with two friends from music school (James Paul & Mike Isaacs) with a desire to start playing live. Back at home Al continued to write by himself, the new material picked up by the German label/distribution combo Project: Mooncircle for release in early 2015.

While retaining the melancholic / dark-pop quality of his previous EP, ‘Hewn’ further explores UK bass music from a south west pacific perspective. Using elements of lo-fi mixed with clean production and resampling field recordings and digital synths through tape players and old microphones, Groeni creates an intimate and eerie atmosphere.

The three were still writing new songs, or trying to rework older material for a live context, which led to the song-writing collaboration that is new EP ‘Hinde’ in late 2015.

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Groeni, with Rearing, from the self-titled EP…

New Zealand’s Groeni Expands on Signing With Project: Mooncircle, The Hewn EP, Mount Taranaki and More – Sound Colour Vibration on February 6, 2015

Martyn Pepperell brings in new music from Kadhja Bonet and Groeni…

The Groeni Interview –

New EP ‘Hinde’ released October, 2015. Self-released as opposed to their previous release on MoonCircle, it was available via Bandcamp but is now on Spotify here.

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Groeni open up to RNZs Melody Thomas about being unblokey and their strategies to overcome their lack of stage banter…

Groeni/The H Isn’t Silent – NZ Musician Magazine, Feb-Mar, 2016

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