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Once upon a time, FLITE was know as AGITATOR. It all began with Ed Zuccollo’s synthesised fingers in a small cave on the South Coast of Wellington. Nikita Tu-Bryant’s guitar riffs, vocal melodies and lyrics met his match and then there was AGITATOR. AGITATOR started out as these two playing with different drummers in a live setting (Riki Gooch, Reece McNaughten, Myele Manzanza, Cory Champion, Alex Freer, Rick Cranson – to name just a few). But as these things go, Rick Cranson met their match and is now and forever will be, THE drummer for them.

Single ‘Mariana’s Trenchcoat’ was released in September, 2014 and AGITATOR made the leap and changed their name to FLITE.

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Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

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