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Coco Favre was born and raised in Switzerland into a very musical family. Multi-talented, she started off as a dancer at the age of 9 and became lead singer of her first band by the age of 13. She performed as a singer/hip hop dancer in many countries, including Europe, Mexico and North Africa.

Coco has worked as a session singer in Geneva, Switzerland and New Zealand and danced at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York and taught American Jazz Dance to young students in Lower Hutt and is currently a vocal tutor, under the wing of acclaimed singer David Feehan.

Coco has been in numerous bands all over the world, including The Frosted Penguins, Deborah, Clave Latina and The David Feehan Band and hot 6-piece local covers band Mocha Choco Latte. Multi-linguistic, Coco not only speaks French, Spanish, German and English but she also sings in those languages.

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Introducing… Coco Favre Review – NZ Musician, June/July 2015.

Coco released a new single in 2016 ‘Heart of an Angel’. Available from CD Baby.

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Heart of an Angel’ is my first original song, written by my beautiful daughter Kira who was only 10 years old at the time. She was too shy to sing it herself so she played it on the guitar humming the melody to me. I loved it instantly and could hear that this was going to be an amazing song. Kira and I worked on re-writing the original lyrics and structure and my husband Andy played guitar on the recording, along with Tony Strong from Soundfarm who produced the song. It was such an amazing journey…’


Cover/Text used with permission of Coco Favre.

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