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SamuelScott2‘Bunnies On Ponies’ are a band formerly known as ‘Samuel Flynn Scott & The B.O.P’ or just Samuel Flynn Scott… but really it’s…

Samuel Flynn Scott (songwriter, vocals, guitars, keys) – Samuel has spent most of his recording career working with his band ‘The Phoenix Foundation’. He has also performed/recorded with ‘Fly My Pretties’, ‘Flash Harry’, and ‘The Boomshack’ as well as recording music for numerous film, tv, dance and theatre projects.

Craig Terris (drums, vocals) – Craig has been involved in a number of much loved bands including ‘Cassette’, ‘Hell Is Other People’ and ‘Bacon Foot’. His 2012 solo debut album was ‘Bleat your heart out’.

Tom Callwood (bass, vocals) – Tom has played bass with many different jazz and blues outfits. He is a renowned improviser on the double bass but spends most of his time locking down big grooves of ‘Little Bushman’.

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RNZ interview from 2014, where Samuel Flynn Scott talks about reviving ‘Bunnies on Ponies’ and promo’s the first single ‘Castle Van Halen’..

Music 101 interview with Sam Scott & BOP at the Surgery Studio. He talks about how the time spent listening to 90s grunge after a back injury led him to write & record the new BOP album over the course of a week…

Grant Smithies reviews ‘Bunnies On Ponies’ on ‘Nine To Noon’…

Photo/Profile courtesy of Loop Records.

RNZ interviews used with permission.

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