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A.U.R.A is Albert Williams (Albert Mikolaj), an acoustic/folk singer-songwriter. His sister records under the name Vera Ellen.

2018 new Single G.I Wonder from the upcoming album ‘Secret Intelligent Light’

Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

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  • View on NZ On Screen Ardijah

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    "Ardijah's origins lay in a South Auckland nightclub where, in 1980, bass player Ryan Monger spotted singer (and future wife) Betty-Ann at a talent quest. By the late 80s the band's sweet poly funk sound had staked its place in New Zealand's musical landscape, with popular tracks like 'Time Makes a Wine', 'Jammin' and 'Watchin' U'. Numerous accolades and albums have followed and Ardijah have consistently toured their brand of contemporary Aotearoa r'n'b.  " (NZ On Screen summary)



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    Hi Folks

    The new URL is:


    Also could someone on admin
    update cover art..pretty please…Love this page tho.

  • On 20.06.17 Mark wrote:

    Sorry, don’t know what happened with the link on the cover art. Have updated. Cheers.

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