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The Andrew London Trio play an eclectic range of original songs and covers in a variety of styles ranging from 1930s swing to cool ’60s ‘latin lounge’.

Songwriter/satirist Andrew London, well-known for his involvement in popular trio ‘Hot Club Sandwich’ and Kapiti country rockers ‘The Cattlestops’, explores middle-class obsessions and taboos in songs about rugby fans, television evangelists, weddings, male insecurities, technophobia, youth culture, household appliances, pretentious socialites, coffee, parenthood, and various other issues of concern to the average Kiwi.

Woodwind exponent and songwriter Nils Olsen contributes with jazz-influenced saxophone, clarinet and flute, and more introspective original songs that provide a contrast to London’s characteristic levity. Olsen’s past projects include albums with C.L Bob, one of which was awarded a Tui award for jazz album of the year and various contributions to ‘Hot Club Sandwich’ albums.

The trio is completed by bassist Kirsten London, also active with Kapiti-based quartet Henpicked, who have released several albums of original material, and featured at music festivals throughout NZ.

From RNZs ‘NZ Live’ Andrew London, performs with duo Legal Tender, aka Ian Campbell and Moira Howard, before a 2012 tour as ‘The Tails of Tennessee’…

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Bent Horseshoe Cafe was an iconic Kiwi music venue nestled in the foothills of New Zealand’s central North Island Tararua mountain range. Seating a maximum of around 60 people, audiences were encouraged to be respectful and attentive as they were treated to intimate shows by mostly acoustic musicians from all around the World. Jazz, blues, country, folk and similar genres were represented. This album was culled from a two hour show performed by The Andrew London Trio in late 2013.

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Covers/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Used with permission.

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