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The Eighth Note: Column of Sand

We caught up with Column of Sand for a chat about their music over the lockdown.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your music:
We’re a post-gaze band from Wellington: playing dense, melodic and dissonant sounds. We’re influenced by many including Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Fugazi. We like shimmering harmonics, bleak undertones, and crashing walls of sound. We’ve got a shared history, much of it in Palmerston North. We’ve played in Noddy on the Cross, The Flickering No San Pedro, Fader, Hoopla! and The National Office.

What have you been working on lately? Any new tracks or albums on the way?
We’ve just released our debut EP and have lots of new songs on the go, most of them built around droning textural jams. Hopefully you’ll see a 7 inch single or two and full album at some stage.

Where is the best place people can follow you and find your music?
Bandcamp, Soundcloud, shoutout to muzic.net.nz for their support and we’re on FB and Instagram.

What were the three most influential albums to you growing up?
Guy: Rip Shit or Bust – a Ripper Compilation.
Blair: Sisters of Mercy – First and Last and Always.
Lorena: Faith No More – The Real Thing.

Which other Wellington musicians would you most like to work with?
Mermaidens, Hiboux, Beastwars.

What’s your favourite Wellington venue to play in?
Valhalla, San Fran, Pyramid Club.

In your songwriting or composing (or the band’s songwriting) how do the compositions and songs take shape?
Anything from whole songs to single chords we jam out. Everyone throws in their own ideas and the songs take shape organically.

Where/when is your next gig?
Pre Covid19 we were looking forward to playing Shadowplay with Secrets of the Sun.

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