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‘New EP’ is where a band or artist answers some questions about their latest release. Up next is DEAF, a new post-punk/dream-pop five-piece, featuring members of Sunken Seas and Tiddabades.

When/where was the new EP recorded?
The DEAF EP was recorded in March 2018 at Blue Barn Recording studio’s, which regrettably went the way of the dodo at the end of 2018.

Who produced/engineered the EP? How did the tracks come together in the studio, or at home?
James Goldsmith engineered the EP, Mike Gisbon mastered it. We have this weird European contraption called the Jamhub which allow us to practice noiselessly in each others houses, the only noise being the sound of my own primal screaming. Stuff was 98% written at each others house using this Jamhub, with some deft last minute tweaking in the studio.

Did the shorter format of an EP give you the option to experiment in any way with your sound or with different forms of song-writing?
After playing in a band which was very album focussed (Sunken Seas) I thought doing an EP was a liberating experience; just more “blood and thunder”, a short and sharp 20 odd minute statement of where a band is at a certain point.

Was there any specific gear you used to capture that?
Much of our stuff is New Zealand gear – Hayden the bass player couldn’t live without his Prunes and Custard and guitar wise I’m a big fan of vintage Jansen bass amps for the particularly noisy stuff, with custom fuzz/distortion pedals. New Zealand equipment has real character. The chorus was from an old 1970’s pedal whose name escapes me (but thank you Duncan for lending). Aside from that Jarrod and Mat use synths . Jarrod uses a Roland JDxi and Mat uses a Korg mini.

Is there a particular track or theme that the EP was formed around?
Truancy was the first ever one we wrote as such, so that was probably how we started writing the EP…Alot of themes – abstract existentialism / the vulgarity of social media and why people look to it for answers / observations on daft situations / intellectuals yet idiots / looking around you and wondering how people have buy in to such empty soulless things / why having to ‘adult’ is shite, often / ageing / beauty in simplicity. A myriad of things.

Where do you see the EPs place in growing an audience online? Do you see it as a progression towards an album or a separate entity?
At present not sure, we like EP’s, somehow they seem to fit this world of limited attention span’s we have found ourselves in. It’s certainly not beyond us to do another. An album would be great and is a commitment, but keen to see how things pan out.

Which digital platforms is it available on?
It’s available on Bandcamp, Spotify to listen to, and everywhere else.

Are you doing any gigs or promotion for its release?
We’re supporting the mighty Hiboux on Sat Feb 23rd at San Fran Wellington. New tracks will be played!

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