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Gig Checklist: Physical at The Performance Arcade

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‘Gig Checklist’ is a new feature where a band or artist answers some questions about an upcoming live performance. Up first is Julia from Physical, who are playing at The Performance Arcade on Friday.

How often do you rehearse? How does the band prepare for a gig?
We prep before our shows, but it can be hard to find the time! At the moment we’re just focusing on playing our recorded material live, but I’d love to spend some time together mixing up the tracks a bit and bring a different feel to them.

Does any of your live performance equipment differ from your rehearsal/studio gear?
Anna who plays keys in our live band managed to re-create a lot of the recorded sounds on her Minilogue and Juno, and Thomas brings live drums to the mix alongside sampled drum beats to really help drive the live sound.

Do you record your performances regularly? If so, why do you record? And what do you use to record?
We haven’t recorded a live performance yet. The Performance arcade will only be our fourth show so maybe we will soon.

What is your favourite venue in Wellington? Why?
We love Caroline, its such a great little stage and intimate venue.

Do you have any new material lined up for this gig?
We’ve got a bit of a cover that we’ve only played live once before, and we’re working on new original tracks I promise.

Of your original compositions, which is your favourite track to play live? Why?
I love playing Islands cause Anna and I get to sing in close harmony together and it sounds so nice!

When/where is your next gig?
The Performance Arcade on Friday.

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