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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

Decades: 1960s

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    Bruno Lawrence

    “His first name conjures up so many memories that the surname is just about superfluous. From the 1960’s until his untimely death in 1995, Bruno was an enduring popular culture […]

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    Dead Things

    L to R: Rick Squires, Jim Pullen, Jim Davidson and Charlie Horsham. Line-Up: Jim Hussey (Lead Guitar) Charlie Horsham (Bass Guitar / Vocals) Jim Pullen (Drums) The Dead Things started […]

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    Line-Up: Ray Mercer (Lead Guitar) Graeme Collins (Keyboards / Vocals) Graham Harvey (Bass Guitar) Michael Parlane (Drums) The Dedikation were originally formed in the Upper Hutt around 1967, with the […]

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    Dizzy Limits

    Line-Up: Kelvin Diedrichs (Lead Guitar / Vocals) Steve McDonald (Drums / Lead Vocals) Frits Stigter (Bass Guitar / Vocals) Stu Johnstone (Keyboards / Vocals) Dizzy Limits were a very popular […]

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    Line-Up: Murray Partridge (Guitar / Vocals) Darryl Jacobs (Drums) Phil Jacobs (Flute / Vocals) George Limbidis (Bass Guitar) Milton Parker (Guitar / Vocals) Freshwater were formed in late 1968 in […]

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    Bari and the Breakaways

    L to R: Bryan Beauchamp, Midge Marsden, Bari Gordon and Dave Orams. Line-Up: Bari Gordon (Lead Guitar) Dave Orams (Bass) Keith “Midge” Marsden (Rhythm Guitar) Bryan Beauchamp (Lead Vocalist / […]