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Looking south-east towards the end of Lambton Quay, c1925


Interested in local history? Have an assignment to do on the Springbok Tour? You're in the right place! This page was prepared by Gabor Toth, our Local and New Zealand History Specialist, and aims to collect information about our local history collections, as well as information about online initiatives. We welcome feedback -- Contact Us

Wondering where to get started or what's on offer? We've put together a guide with tips and hints to help you with your research of local and NZ history online and in person at Wellington City Libraries (click to view fullscreen).

Recent books

Wondering what's new? Here are our picks of the local history recent items!

Coffee houses of Wellington 1939 to 1979 : the pre-espresso period in New Zealand, by Craig Miller.
This book covers the history of the arrival of coffee shops in Wellington, the people involved (pioneers, business owners and customers) and how our coffee culture has changed over time.

Syndetics book coverThe empire city: songs of Wellington, by Andrew Laking ; paintings by Bob Kerr.
"The Empire City traces the history of Wellington, from the middle of the 19th Century till the present day. Stories are told through song, text, paintings and photographs ... The book includes a CD with original songs by Andrew Laking ... The songs are given context by historical notes and illuminated through a number of previously unseen archival photos, and over 20 new paintings by Bob Kerr" (Publisher information)

Syndetics book coverRaupo to deco : Wellington styles and architects, 1840-1940, by Geoff Mew & Adrian Humphris.
"This book celebrates a century of architectural achievement in Wellington, linking the progression of style characteristics, from raupo thatching to art deco ornament, with the development of the city. It contains biographical information about more than 300 architects associated with Wellington at various times" (Publisher information)

Syndetics book coverThorndon : Wellington and home : my Katherine Mansfield project, by Kirsty Gunn.
"For London-based writer Kirsty Gunn, returning to the city of her birth to spend a winter in a tiny colonial cottage in Thorndon is an exciting opportunity to walk the very streets and hills that Katherine Mansfield left behind on her departure from New Zealand, but later longed to revisit. For Mansfield, Gunn writes, home was an instant 'go-to' zone for invention and narrative and characterisation and setting. For Gunn, home is now two places - Here and there the same place after all" (Publisher information)

Syndetics book coverNew Zealand's lost heritage : the stories behind our forgotten landmarks, by Richard Wolfe.
"Features 20 notable structures which, for various reasons, no longer exist. Most of the buildings have been demolished in the name of urban development, creating controversy. Each building and the circumstances of its demise is discussed and illustrated, including Wellington's Parliament Buildings (accidental fire). What emerges is a fascinating social and historical narrative that sheds light on parts of New Zealand's cultural history and reveals the truth of the old adage that history repeats" (Adapted from Publisher's information)

Shelf help

You'll find local history books at the library at 993.141 (check both the lending and reference, large and normal sized book sections), or try our catalogue search for Wellington history books

What we have...

Heritage films

Wellington tram film strip

The Heritage films page showcases videos from Wellington City Archives. They are of an ephemeral nature and include short films from the Khandallah Library opening in 1953, the Queen's visit in 1954, the Festival of Wellington in 1959, and an informative film from 1947 about Wellington's milk supply.

Special collections

H.M.S Pinafore programme cover

Ephemera & poster collections:

Catch a glimpse of the past with our Ephemera and poster collections... (more about our Ephemera and Poster Collections)

Community histories

Cuba street

The Cuba Street Memories Project:

The Cuba Street Memories Project is the libraries' first collaborative history project. Help us build a history of Cuba Street online - share your memories and pictures of Cuba Street and contribute your knowledge of the area.

Oral histories

The Ruth Gotlieb oral history:

Ruth Gotlieb had a long and remarkable career within local government, serving a total of 27 years between the Wellington City Council, the Wellington Regional Council, the Wellington Harbour Board and the Capital & Coast District Health Board. These interviews with Ruth Gotlieb were recorded in 2015 over three sessions.... (more about the Ruth Gotlieb Oral History)

The Mervyn Kemp oral history:

Listen online. Ernest Mervyn Hall Kemp, was Mayor of the Tawa Borough Council for 28 years. These recordings were made in 1995 when Mervyn Kemp was 82 years old... (more about the Mervyn Kemp Oral History)

The Robert Bradford Williams oral history:

Robert Bradford Williams was an American-born immigrant who first arrived in Wellington in the late 1880s. He became a notable lawyer, music director and the longest serving Mayor of the Wellington Borough of Onslow. This oral history was recorded in 2010 with Jane Paul, Robert Bradford Williams' granddaughter... (more about the Robert Bradford Williams Oral History)

The Ohariu Valley oral history:

Stretching for 15 kilometres from Makara in the south to Tawa in the north, Ohariu Valley is a rural district on Wellington's urban doorstep. Feeling that the social history of the area deserved to be more widely known, Wellington City Libraries have captured some of the memories of current and former valley dwellers in this oral history project.... (more about the Ohariu Valley Oral History)

Thornton's Confectionary oral history:

For generations of young Wellingtonian's, one shop in the city stood above all others: Thornton's Confectionary based in Manners Street was Wellington's best known and loved manufacturing confectioner until it closed in 1948. In an era before processed snack foods or pre-packed sweets and chocolate bars, Thornton's supplied a huge variety of sugary treats to Wellington's citizens for nearly 70 years.... (more about the Thornton's Confectionary Oral History)

Digitised books

See also...

There are more digitised books in our Te Whanganui-a-Tara pages, including Māori deeds of land purchases

Online databases

Our local history databases:

Databases we subscribe to:

Recommended websites

Wellington Recollect

Interested in our city's history? Our local heritage resource created in association with the Wellington City Archives, draws upon our collections of photographs, postcards, vintage pamphlets, theatre programmes and more... Visit Recollect

Historical Wellington Resource Guides

Wellington Architecture

Wellington's Architecture & Building Heritage

The architecture of our city is a reflection of our history over the past 150 years. From simple wooden houses, to streamlined Art Deco housing blocks...
Read more about Wellington's architecture

Trams in Wellington

Trams in Wellington

For the 86 years between 1878 and 1964, public transport in Wellington was dominated by the tram...
Read more about trams in Wellington

The sinking of the Wahine

The sinking of the Wahine

Though there have been worse shipping disasters in New Zealand with far greater loss of life, the sinking of the Wahine in 1968 is by far the most well known...
(Read more about the Wahine disaster)

Springbok Tour

1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand

The 1981 Springbok tour became one of the most divisive events in New Zealand history. Its impact went far beyond the rugby ground as communities and families divided and tensions spilled out onto the streets and into the living rooms of the nation...
(Read more about the 1981 Springbok tour)

Suburb Guides

Suburb guides

Did you know... Brooklyn was established in 1852 by John Fitchett senior as a dairy farm? Or that Berhampore was named after a place in Bengal? Read our (brief) suburb guides:

The Wellington Waterfront

The Wellington Waterfront

Few issues have had a higher profile in the minds of many Wellingtonians than the development of the Wellington waterfront. For over a century, much of what we now consider to be open public space was locked away from the average citizen with a line of stern buildings and wrought iron gates...
(Read more about the Wellington Waterfront)

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Our genealogy pages

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