Library Lockdown Distractions: WCL’s You Tube channel

Color Fish GIF by Ana Pérez López

Whilst we are all at home doing the right thing, lots of us are looking for long or short distractions. Either to while away time or for something to listen to whilst doing all those tasks, or perhaps to learn something new. And the library is the perfect place to find a huge number of activities and entertainments to occupy your time, and all of them free. We have electronic platforms with tens of thousands of free-to-access books, magazines, films and video courses to learn everything, from a new language to new computing skills.

And in this series of mini blogs, we want to place the spotlight focus on just a tiny aspect of these fabulous resources. First up is our very own You Tube channel which features Q and A’s, author interviews, Home With Ghosts readings  and even whole events, such as the 2019 Comicfest panels. Our channel features some of the most popular authors from Aotearoa and across the world, such as Lee Murray, Val McDermid, Renee, Elizabeth Knox, Ben Aaronovitch, to name but a few. Click HERE to access the full list.

Christchurch Bus Mission on its way

Thank you to everyone who donated toiletries, bedding, and non-perishable food for the Christchurch Bus mission.
As you can see with from the clip below, we’ve been lucky to have some students from Wellington College as well as some of our library staff members and members of the public to help loading the bus.
We were not able to fit it all in the bus, so we will be adding the remainder to a container that is going down later this week.