Mills and Boon Writing Competition – winner announced

Mills & Boon winner receives prize from Jane Hill, Libraries ManagerWe received a large number of very good entries in the competition and the Judging Panel of the Mills and Boon Writing competition were hard-pressed to choose a winner. After much debate and deliberation among us, and not knowing the names of the competitors, we chose the winning paragraph.

Congratulations to Stephanie Gillbanks for a very fine entry! The judges agreed that Stephanie’s paragraph was vibrant, engaging and totally within the spirit of a Mills and Boon novel. We wanted to know what happened next! Stephanie wins a Sony e-book reader and a basket of goodies. With her e-book reader, she will now have the ability to download lots of romance e-books from OverDrive, and enhance her romance writing skills!!

Thank you to all those who entered the competition. Writing competitions are hard work, and it was obvious that a lot of effort had gone into the entries. We thoroughly enjoyed reading them and could see that there is plenty of talent among our library patrons for writing romance novels!

Stephanie has given us permission to publish her winning paragraph.

“Hell on earth, Lee reflected as she eyed the sea of cotton candy pink satin and tulle, was being in a bridal party. She leapt at a knock to answer the door, hoping for the salvation of more champagne. Instead of the expected room service uniform her eyes were caught by worn jeans lovingly hugging long legs before drifting up past a soft t-shirt skimming over prime musculature to tousled dark hair, a face fit for a Roman coin and piercing blue eyes that held a wicked glint. “”Hey Slim. Back from the bright lights.”” The haze of lust that had surrounded her evaporated. Oh God. She recognised that voice. Sam, her High School nemesis.”

Deborah, on behalf of the Mills and Boon Writing Competition Judging Panel