You can now reserve our Power Meters!

Elto EMA1 Power Mate Lite

Our POWER METERS  have proven quite successful and due to popular demand, they can now be reserved. So, you don’t have to leave it to chance anymore and hope that one will be available when you come and visit the Central library. Wherever you are in Wellington, you can reserve your own unit to be delivered to your nearest branch.

Just click here !

Just like a book or a DVD, you can take one of our power meters home and test your appliances to get a better picture of what your big power users are.

They cost $5.00 to borrow for 10 days.

Here are copies of the instructions for your reference:


Elto EMA1 Power Meter Instructions

For more details, see the  User-Friendly Guide


Power-Mate Lite Quick-Start

Power-Mate Lite Full Instructions