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  • NZMM: Interview – Damien Wilkins on Music
  • Damien Wilkins is familiar to Wellington music fans with his band The Close Readers. But before his return to music, his career as an award winning novelist and Director of the International Institute of Modern Letters, he was in another band, The Jonahs, and also grew up amongst the fertile and legendary Wellington punk scene […]

  • NZMM: Writers on Wellington Music – Damien Wilkins
  • We’ve been checking in with some local artists, writers & critics to get their thoughts on what makes the Wellington Music scene unique, and to get their take on some of their favourite Wellington sounds. You can check out some older posts from critics Nick Bollinger, & Grant Smithies, Blue Smoke writer Chris Bourke, and […]

  • New library ‘Wellington’ music releases on CD: Damien Wilkins, literary indie-rock & The Close Readers
  • Every month, Wellington City Libraries acquires new CD’s for its large, broad, eclectic collection, and Wellington music is no exception. We regularly inspect local music websites, trawl music vendors latest releases and check out independent labels like Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Rattle and Lil’ Chief for the latest in Wellington and New Zealand music. So, […]

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