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  • Ayn Randy

    Ayn Randy are a “dynamic and driving” punk band whose debut, self-titled album was released in August 2017. Their music has been compared to L7, Devo and The Wipers, as well as recent Wellington bands such as Unsanitary Napkin.

    Band members Liz, Tanya, Bonnie and Kitt have described their music as a mixture of sarcasm, silliness and an examination of the sexualisation of wealth. Music producer/reviewer Craig Hayes also noted this, highlighting Ayn Randy’s combination of political consciousness and sense of fun.

    Ayn RandySix Noises, August 8, 2017

    Ayn Randy performed at NOW 2017, as well as Onslaught 12 in August 2016.


    UTP catches up with Wellington 4-piece punk band AYN RANDY during a practice sesh ahead of their August 5, 2017 tape release.

    Posted by Up The Punks on Wednesday, 2 August 2017