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This site is a tribute to the decades of music that have contributed to Wellington's sound, a browsable portal to our physical CD collection, as well as a hub for all the bands & musicians releasing their music in a digital format.

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Featured Artists:

  • A. J. Crawshaw

                        As a well-established Kapiti based writer and singer, A.J. Crawshaw has spent years recording music for a collection of other artists, as well as capturing his own complex sound through live performances and talented lyrical creations. Recognised for his distinct style of writing, which is […]

  • French For Rabbits

                        ‘French for Rabbits’ are a sweet and dreamy, nautically themed dream-folk duo, named on a whim whilst pondering Lapin and whether it was indeed the correct French word for rabbits. Originally from Christchurch, French for Rabbits consists of vocalist and pianist Brooke Singer, who previously […]

  • Uber Driver

                        Uber Driver is a DJ/Producer playing a range of genres spanning techno, bass and beyond who gigs regularly at Club 121. Following the success of an early project (released as Far Too Kind), Soundcloud demos and an official remix of Jack Panther’s Heartbreakers, 2019 saw […]