He Kete Pupuri Mahara: Memory bags

What’s a Memory Bag?

Example of a memory bag and tagMemory bags | He Kete Pupuri Mahara are a collection of vintage items and images to encourage conversation and reminiscence for people with dementia or memory loss. They also contain specialised items and conversation cards to inspire discussion.

How does it work?

You can borrow a bag for three weeks and renew for another three weeks.

Memory Bags are free to borrow and free to reserve.

Memory Bags can be found on the catalogue.

For a mostly or completely damaged or lost memory bag, there is a $50 charge.

Where are they located?

The memory bags are located at these libraries with the following themes:

  • Kilbirnie (General, Work)
  • Te Awe (General, Craft)
  • Karori (General, Food)
  • Tawa (General, Garden)
  • Island Bay (General, Craft, Music)

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to standard library membership conditions, e.g. due date and lost and damage.

  • All borrowers of He Kete Pupuri Mahara | Memory bags are Wellington City Libraries members with current library cards.
  • The borrower is responsible for the kete, which is issued on their library card. This person is responsible for borrowing and returning the entire kete, and is fully responsible for its return, as well as any replacement costs for lost or damaged kete items or set.
  • Kete will be issued by a library staff member. The kete need to be issued as a whole; the contained items cannot be issued separately.
  • The kete must be returned to a library staff member, who will check them for missing and damaging items before returning it.
  • There are no overdue fees but if the kete has not been returned 30 days after the due date, it becomes “lost” and the borrower’s card will be blocked, as with other library items.
  • The fees for lost/damaged books will be:
    • $0 charge for partially damage or loss of kete
    • $50 charge for a fully lost or damaged kete

Interested in making a memory bag for yourself? 

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