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Te Whare Pukapuka o Waitohi Johnsonville Library at Waitohi Hub

Artist's impression of the new Waitohi Community Hub


34 Moorefield Road
New Zealand

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You can find public transport, walking and driving options at the link below:

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Waitohi Parking lot:
26 parking spaces including:

  • 4 EV carparks with 2 hour limits
  • 3 disabled parking spaces with no time limit
  • 1 loading zone with 15 minute limit

Free bike parking available

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Opening hours

Day Hours Tūhura HIVE
Monday 10am-7pm 12pm-6.45pm
Tuesday 10am-7pm 10am-6.45pm
Wednesday 10am-7pm 12pm-6.45pm
Thursday 10am-7pm 10am-6.45pm
Friday 10am-7pm 10am-6.45pm
Saturday 10am-4pm 10am-3.45pm
Sunday 10am-4pm 10am-3.45pm


Most of our programmes are back, check our calendar for full list..


  •   Wheelchair Access
  •   After-hours return chute at Upper and Lower ground
  •   FREE Wi-Fi
  •   Computer use
  •   Printing, photocopying and scanning
  •   Bookable meeting rooms
  •   Café
  •   Supplies Council rubbish bags, recycling bags and glass recycling bins
  •   Supplies Parking coupons

Special Collections

  •   Māori Collection
  •   World Languages
  •   Magazines
  •   Children’s VOX books
  •   Kid's Club Kete
  •   Young Adult's Kete
  •   Adult Large Print
  •   Learning English
  •   Vinyl
  •   Graphic Novels
  •   iPad Lending

Event Calendar

Tūhura HIVE makerspace

Tūhura HIVE is our makerspace and sound studio, located on the lower ground floor of Johnsonville Library at the Waitohi Community Hub. It is a community space where people of all ages can explore, create, innovate and engage with all kinds of maker technology.

From 3D printing, audio recording, coding, robotics and electronics, to sewing, weaving and more, we offer endless opportunities for everyone to get inspired and create. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Johnsonville.library@wcc.govt.nz or call on 04 801 3004. Alternatively, come visit us — we'd love to see you!

Update 13/10: Email us your laser cutter and 3D print jobs

The HIVE is now accepting Laser cutter and 3D Printing jobs over email.

To submit your job, please email thehive@wcc.govt.nz along with:

  1. Your library card number (if you have one)
  2. The file you want printed
  3. Any special print requirements you may have

The files we can accept for 3D printing are: .stl (preferred) and .obj

For laser cutting: .svg, .ai, .pdf, .jpg

We will try and reply to you as quickly as possible.

What is available in the space?

How much does it cost?

Activity Cost
3D printing $0.10 per gram
Laser cutting $4.00 per 600x400mm plywood sheet; machine use free
Sewing/overlocking Free
Audio recording studio Free for first two hours, then $19/hour

3D Printers

We have three 3D Printers in the HIVE — affectionately nicknamed Holly, Kryten and Queeg 500. The slicer we use is UP Studio and was developed specifically for the printers. We use Tinkercad for our 3D Design needs. It is a free and very basic online design program, but it is capable of designing some really cool and intricate designs. We also are happy for you to bring in your own files that you designed or acquired at home. We accept .stl and .obj files.

We use white PLA plastic filament in all three, which is biodegradable, non-toxic and makes for a good surface for painting onto. 3D Printing is charged per gram of filament and the amount is calculated by the machines when we submit the job for printing.


UP300 3D Printer
UP300 3D Printer
UPBox+ 3D Printer
UPBox+ 3D Printer
UPBox+ 3D Printer
UP Mini 2 ES 3D Printer


Below are a few of the basic specs of each machine, plus a link to the manufacturer's page:

Nickname Build volume (XYZ) Nozzle diameter Layer diameter (nozzle dependent)
Tiertime UP300 Queeg 500 205mm x 255mm x 225mm 0.4mm 0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25mm
Tiertime UPBox+ Kryten 205mm x 255mm x 205mm 0.4mm 0.1/0.15/0.2/0.25mm
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES Holly 120mm x 120mm x 120mm 0.4mm 0.15/0.2/0.25mm

3D Scanning

If you have a small part, or object, that you need replicated, our Einscan Sp is the perfect machine for the job. It can take high resolution 360 degree scans then turn them into a 3D file that can be printed off in our 3D Printers (standard 3D Print charges apply).


Scan Volume Resolution Shot Accuracy Files types
Shinning 3D Einscan SP 200x200x200mm 1.3 Mega Pixels 0.05mm OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY

Laser Cutting

Genesis G640L
Genesis G640L

Our laser cutter can cut and etch/engrave on a variety of materials, and is able to do some very intricate patterns. We have a supply of 3mm & 5mm Birch faced Poplar plywood for $4 a sheet (600mm x 400mm). You are able to use your own materials — please check with HIVE staff as to what is usable.

For laser cutting, layout and basic design, we use a piece of software called Lightburn. You can also use Tinkercad for basic designing at home. We are also happy for you to bring in your own files that you have designed; file types we accept are .svg, .ai, .pdf, .jpg.


Nickname Bed size Beam size Beam type Resolution
Genesis G640L Trogdor the Burninator 600mm x 400mm 0.1mm 80watt CO2 Up to 1200dpi

Paper, fabric & Vinyl cutting

Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker

A machine that allows you to be creative with most forms of media. The Cricut Maker allows you to cut, draw, and score with accuracy. You can design at home using the free Cricut Design Space app, then login to one of our HIVE tablets or computers to realise your creation. More information can be found on the Cricut Website: www.cricut.com


Sewing machine
Overlocker Have something you have always to sew, or create, but don't have acces to a sewing machine? We are here to help! We have 2 sewing machines and an overlocker that members of the public can come in and use free of charge. We have thread, so all you need to bring is fabric, and your creativity. We also provide knitting needles, crochet hooks, and wool so you can have a crack at knitting and crochet, plus we have a small loom! Click the links below for more info:

Tūhura HIVE Studio

Here at Tūhura HIVE, we have contructed a studio for you to come in and record and edit your musical and video creations. We used the philosophy of 'Your best home setup', so everything you do in the studio you can conceivably do at home. This is something very new for us, and everytime the studio is used we are learning along with you. The studio is free for the first two hours of usage, then is $19p/hr after that. We have listed some of our gear below. Bookings are essential; to book please email us your name, and prefered date and time to: johnsonville.library@wcc.govt.nz.

Studio Gear


  • Software: Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro
  • Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen3
  • Microphones: Rode NT-1a, Shure SM57, Shure SM58, AKG P170
  • Audio Monitors: Mackie CR4BT 4" Multimedia Monitors
  • Synthesizer: Moog Subsequent 25
  • Electric Piano: Kurtzweil
  • Electric Drums: Alesis Nitro Mesh 8-Piece kit
  • Electric Guitar: Squier Bullet Mustang
  • Guitar amp: Marshall CODE50
  • Bass Guitar: ESP LTD B10

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