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Te Reo Kete - Te Reo Kete

Our Te Reo Kete hold books to enjoy with your whānau while you begin your te reo and tikanga Māori journey together. Find out more below!

What's inside?

Each kete consists of:

  • 5 x books to help to you start learning te reo words and grammar
  • 2 x books that introduce you to the concept of tikanga
  • 3 x bilingual picture books
  • 1 x kēmu/card game
  • Information about the WCC app Mahau
  • A tag attached to the bag handle which lists each book title in the kete

How does it work?

  • Te Reo Kete are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • You may borrow one kete at a time for 6 weeks
  • Kete can't be renewed or reserved
  • The kete borrower is responsible for checking out and returning the entire kete, and is fully responsible for its return, as well as any replacement costs for damaged/lost kete items or a whole set

How much does it cost?

  • Te Reo Kete are free to borrow
  • They can be found on the catalogue.
  • $20 charge for a lost/damaged book
  • $60 charge for a lost kete

Where can I find them?

Browse the Catalogue

The catalogue will tell you if a Te Reo Kete is available and at which library it is held. Browse available kete on our catalogue here:

Feedback? Suggest a title?

Have feedback on our Te Reo Kete? Or is there a title you think would work well for this service? Let us know via the form below:

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Further resources

Borrowed a te reo kete and want to explore further resources? Visit the page below to browse our collections:

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