Sports Stories: Books from Te Pataka

This blog collects stories and writings of New Zealand sports people, from sportsmen on the field to TVNZ’s sports journalists, from dark horses to well-known champions. This blog also provides unique perspective to some significant sports people and events in New Zealand. Whether you are interested in rugby, cricket, rowing, soccer or Olympics, you will find something interesting to read.

A tingling catch : a century of New Zealand cricket poems, 1864-2009
“Edited by cricket follower Mark Pirie and foreword (and a poem) by well-known cricket historian, former national selector and former president of NZ Cricket, Don Neely. From Samuel Butler’s classic description of the visiting All-England XI in 1864 to Arnold Wall’s widely known First World War piece, ‘A Time Will Come’, to the ‘underarm incident’ of 1981 and more recent cricket poems. This book is sure to appeal to cricket lovers and poetry readers.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

The Awa book of New Zealand sports writing
“Triumphs, disasters, magic moments, and controversies abound in this collection of writing by top New Zealand sportswriters, including Edmund Hillary’s conquest of Everest, Jack Lovelock’s famous 1,500-meter victory in the shadow of Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and Jean Batten’s daring, first solo flight from England to New Zealand. Politics and sports come together in a gripping account of the protests, arrests, and controversy surrounding the South African rugby team’s 1981 tour of New Zealand.” (Adapted from

A life in sport / Telfer, Brendan
” New Zealand’s best known sports broadcaster Brendan Telfer looks back on his career and deals with the Olympic Games, test rugby, international athletics, apartheid in sport, and radio and television broadcasting since 1974. In this book he covers many controversial topics and provides a personal account of working in the field. Stories include the Goodwill Games, TVNZ insider’s view, and comments about Peter Snell, Murry Halberg, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Carl Lewis, Bob Charles, Alan Jones and more.” (Adapted from the Catalogue) Continue reading “Sports Stories: Books from Te Pataka”

Adventurous Huts of NZ: books from Te Pataka

This blog explores huts in the high mountains, dramatic Fiordland or icy Antarctica. Some huts are located on this country’s beautiful landscape and make an internationally distinctive statement and icon, some are functional for local farming and mining, while others mark scientific importance across the ages.

A tramper’s journey : stories from the back country of New Zealand / Pickering, Mark
“A celebration of the culture and spirit of tramping in New Zealand. Mark Pickering takes both a serious and humorous look at tramping from a personal perspective. This is one of the few books on tramping which attempts to explain the appeal of an activity which can be strenuous, uncomfortable and often dangerous, but brings its own unique rewards as a result of the effort.” (Catalogue)

Huts : untold stories from back-country New Zealand / Pickering, Mark
“If huts could talk they could tell the whole history of the back country. Of Scottish shepherds who arrived in the high country with the fresh, vivid memories of the Highland Clearances. Of the flush and fury of goldminers and water-racemen in Central Otago. Of the patient and poorly paid jobs of boundary keepers, musterers and roadmen, who lived in tiny huts in the shadow of huge landscapes. Some of the 1500 huts in New Zealand tells the social and mountain history.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

The daily journal of an Antarctic explorer, 1956-1958 / Warren, Guyon
“Guyon Warren was one of a small group of men who spent 15 consecutive months in the Antarctic in the late 1950s. Warren was a member and geologist of Sir Edmund Hillary’s team travelling from South Pole to the Ross Sea. With his exploration on the ice he helped established Scott Base, right from the construction of the first hut. In this book he rewards you with insights into the day-to-day conditions experienced by himself and his colleagues in the Antarctic.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

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Audition: Our March eBook Club pick!

Image of Audition a tablet with a background that is a photograph of space.

eBook Club pick: Audition by Pip Adam

Read the book that everyone wants to read.

For free and without any waiting.

Welcome to the WCL eBook Club, where each month we highlight a popular eBook in our digital collection and give access to an unlimited number of downloads on Libby. That means no waiting in long reserves queues – you’ll get instant access to our monthly popular pick!

From 1 to 14 March our eBook Club title is the publishing sensation everyone is talking about – Audition by Wellington’s very own Pip Adam.

Author image by Victoria Birkinshaw

Pip Adam is the author of four novels: AuditionNothing to See, which was shortlisted for the Acorn Prize for Fiction, The New Animals, which won the Acorn Foundation Prize for Fiction, and I’m Working on a Building. Her short story collection Everything We Hoped For won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction.

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February’s New Music for Te Awe Part 2

You can check out our first round up of new music for February here.

Silver / Say She She
Mark Says: This sophomore album from New York trio Say She She ended up on some of the Best of 2023 roundups. Three classically trained vocalists create dreamy disco-soul, channelling early 80s NY, with a core band behind them providing an ever grooving funky backbeat. Smooth silky vocals float in and out of the fun, frothy beats, each track taking it’s time to peak, and revel in all the elements at play. At 16 tracks (all close to the 4 minute mark) it’s perhaps overlong, but still takes you on a relaxing journey.
Neil Says: The sophomore album from Say She She is a soulful, disco focused outing that has echoes of the disco gods Chic. However, this album is much more than a homage, it pushes the boundaries of both these popular forms, without losing sight of what makes the genres so successful in the first place. There are even a few moments of very dreamy lite-psychedelia thrown into the mix. The feather smooth tight interlocking vocals are fantastic, and this modern twist on the soulful funky disco vibe is sure to win lots of fans.

Rainbow revisited / Ntuli, Thandi
Mark Says: A collaborative studio album by South African pianist-singer Thandi Ntuli and American ‘Ambient Jazz’ composer/producer Carlos Niño (producer of André 3000’s debut solo album New Blue Sun) deconstructs more Jazz orthadoxy via the inherent improvisation a the heart of African music. Essentially a solo piano-and-voice session, recorded in 2019 in one Venice Beach afternoon at the studio of LA multi-instrumentalist Niño. A minimalist affair, with some minor overdubbing & post-production, it’s fluid delicate runs explore the nature of freedom and the beauty of the natural world with feelings of hope, loss and serenity. A very intimate, vibey type album; you have to be in the right mood and place for. Made the Guardian’s Top 10 Global Albums of The Year, and ended up on Mojo’s top 10 Jazz albums of 2023.

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Library of Dune

This week sees the release of the much-anticipated Dune: Part Two. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film will complete his adaption of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel. Like the first part, this is a movie that will definitely be best experienced on the big screen!

To mark the occasion, I took a look at what we have in the way of adaptions of Dune and other related media.

After a lengthy development that initially began in 2008, Denis Villeneuve’s take on Dune arrived on screens in 2021, having been delayed by the COVID pandemic. Starring Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Issac, Stellan Skarsgard and Dave Bautista, it was greeted with critical acclaim and commercial success.




  Frank Herbert’s Dune
A four-and-a-half-hour miniseries produced by the Sci-Fi Channel and broadcast in 2000. This version was directed by John Harrison and starred Alex Newman, William Hurt and Saskia Reeves. This link refers to the DVD , but both this title and its follow-up Children of Dune can also be viewed using Kanopy.




Dune : a place beyond your dreams : a movie beyond your imagination
The first version to make it to screens was released in 1984. It was directed by David Lynch and starred Kyle McLachlan, Max von Sydow, Patrick Stewart and Sting. Although not a success at the time it has nevertheless endured as a cult favourite.




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A Little Bit of Everything to Eat: new cook books

Here are some of the latest cook books that have arrived. Each book is uniquely different to suit a large variety of meal ideas.  From pairing cheese with wine, making preserves, quick vegan meals, first time baker and more… there’s something for everyone.

One pan chicken : 70 all-in-one chicken recipes for simple meals, every day / Thomson, Claire
“Providing solutions for if you’re cooking in the oven, on the stovetop, or need to use up leftovers, best-selling author and professional chef Claire Thomson offers up her best 70 recipes with chicken as star of the show, revealing just how simple it is to create delicious one-pan meals that all of the family will love. Whether you’re using a casserole dish, roasting pan, sheet pan, skillet, or stockpot, you’ll find delicious and inventive recipes using all your favorite and most popular cuts.” (Catalogue)

The little book of marmalade / Deedes, Lucy
“Marmalade had been around for hundreds of years – as a Portuguese sweetmeat, an after-dinner digestif, an aphrodisiac – before it turned into the most famous breakfast ingredient ever. It has been a household staple for over 200 years. Some like a clear jelly marmalade, with just a few wafers of peel; some a firm orange mixture with no extras. Some refuse to touch it unless it’s a dark paste, boiled down almost to toffee with a passing suggestion of booze about it. Whichever way you like yours, there’s the perfect recipe in The Little Book of Marmalade for you.” (Catalogue)

The best things in life are cheese : how to buy it, store it, cook with it and wow your guests with it / Studd, Ellie
“Cheese experts Ellie and Sam Studd unlock the world of cheese and share all the practical info you’ll need to up your game: how to buy and store cheese, how to pair cheese with drinks, crackers or fruit and how to put together the ultimate cheese board. Learn about the different categories of cheese – from blues and washed rinds to fresh cheeses such as mozzarella – and discover Ellie and Sam’s top picks for both Aussie and international varieties of each. Get ready to fall (even more!) in love with cheese and arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to select, store, serve, taste and cook with cheese like a true pro.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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