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New Booklists — March 2022

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(146 titles)


Alpsten, Ellen, 1971- 2021

The tsarina's daughter

Alpsten, Ellen, 1971- 2021

Even greater mistakes

Anders, Charlie Jane 2021

Gods and dragons

Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- 2022

The Spanish love deception

Armas, Elena 2021

Cursed luck

Armstrong, Kelley 2021

High jinx

Armstrong, Kelley 2021

Meet me in Bombay

Ashcroft, Jenny, 1980- 2021 Large Print


Bellecourt, Brendan P. 2021

Wild abandon

Bitto, Emily 2021

Clean air : a novel

Blake, Sarah (Poet) 2022

48 hours to kill : a thriller

Bourelle, Andrew 2021

The echo chamber

Boyne, John, 1971- 2021

The actuality

Braddon, Paul 2021

The broken tower

Braffet, Kelly, 1976- 2022

Good rich people

Brazier, Eliza Jane 2022

The chosen twelve

Breakwell, James 2022

The girl she was

Burke, Alafair 2022


Butler, Octavia E 2021

Adulthood rites

Butler, Octavia E. 2021


Butler, Octavia E. 2021

Beautiful little fools

Cantor, Jillian 2022

The liar's knot

Carrick, M. A. 2022

Chai time at Cinnamon Gardens

Chandran, Shankari 2022

The postmistress of Paris : a novel

Clayton, Meg Waite 2021

Jane Austen's lost letters

Cleland, Jane K. 2021

Winter wedding

Court, Dilly 2021

The paper palace

Cowley Heller, Miranda. 2021

Judas 62

Cumming, Charles, 1971- 2021

All the feels

Dade, Olivia 2021

The intimacy experiment

Danan, Rosie 2021

The violence : a novel

Dawson, Delilah S 2022

Anything could happen

Diamond, Lucy, 1970- 2021

The way it is now

Disher, Garry 2021

Cloud cuckoo land : a novel

Doerr, Anthony, 1973- 2021

Under pressure

Driscoll, Sara 2021

Servant mage

Elliott, Kate, 1958- 2022

The sentence : a novel

Erdrich, Louise 2021

The saints of Swallow Hill

Everhart, Donna 2022

Scars with sharp edges

Evetts, Vanessa 2021

Innate magic

Fay, Shannon 2021

Dark tarot

Feehan, Christine 2021

The Drummers

Fields, Tricia. 2021


Franzen, Jonathan 2021

The prodigal sister

Fraser, Darry 2021

No hearts of gold

French, Jackie 2021

Chainsaw Man. 8, Super mess

Fujimoto, Tatsuki 2021 Graphic Novel

Chainsaw Man. 9, Bath

Fujimoto, Tatsuki 2022 Graphic Novel

The promise

Galgut, Damon, 1963- 2021

One step too far : a novel

Gardner, Lisa 2022

The ripping tree

Gemmell, Nikki 2021

The chancellor's secret

Gregory, Susanna, 1958- 2021

Redwood and wildfire

Hairston, Andrea 2022


Hanks, Dan 2021

A very French wedding

Haran, Maeve 2022

The sweetness of water

Harris, Nathan 2021

Reckless girls

Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- 2022

Anthem : a novel

Hawley, Noah 2022

The love hypothesis

Hazelwood, Ali 2021

The puppet masters

Heinlein, Robert A. 1907-1988 2021

False conclusion

Heley, Veronica 2021

People we meet on vacation

Henry, Emily 2021

Silent parade

Higashino, Keigo, 1958- 2021

The interim

Hilbig, Wolfgang, 1941-2007 2021

A memory for murder

Holt, Anne, 1958- 2021

The late train to Gipsy Hill

Johnson, Alan, 1950 May 17- 2021

My Monticello

Johnson, Jocelyn Nicole 2021

The ballerinas : a novel

Kapelke-Dale, Rachel 2021


Kawakami, Mieko, 1976- 2021

Good behaviour

Keane, Molly, 1904-1996 2021

Small things like these

Keegan, Claire 2021

City of the dead

Kellerman, Jonathan 2022

The murder box

Kiernan, Olivia 2021

Beasts of a little land

Kim, Juhea 2022

Shit Cassandra saw : stories

Kirby, Gwen E. 2022

Domesticating dragons

Koboldt, Dan 2021


Koontz, Dean R. 1945- 2022

Lightning in a mirror

Krentz, Jayne Ann 2022

The family

Krupitsky, Naomi 2021

The King of Faerie

Lancaster, A. J. 2021

The people we keep

Larkin, Allie 2021

The origins of Iris

Lewis, Beth, 1986- 2021

Seasonal work : stories

Lippman, Laura, 1959- 2022

The accomplice : a novel

Lutz, Lisa 2022

The brides of Maracoor : a novel

Maguire, Gregory 2021

The Russian wife

Maitland, Barry 2021

Are we having fun yet?

Mangan, Lucy 2021

A fatal night

Martin, Faith 2021

The shadow people

Masterton, Graham 2021


May, Nikki 2022

Murder most fancy

McCourt, Kellie 2022

The sisters Mao

McCrea, Gavin, 1978- 2021

The shearer's wife

McDonald, Fleur 2021

She's a killer

McDougall, Kirsten, 1974- 2021

Where the drowned girls go

McGuire, Seanan 2022

Easter bonnet murder

Meier, Leslie 2022

The city limits : stories

Metcalf, Robert 1979- 2021


Mina, Denise 2021

Shadows over the Spanish sun

Montague, Caroline 2021

Our Lady of the Nile

Mukasonga, Scholastique 2021

My annihilation

Nakamura, Fuminori, 1977- 2022

God of mercy : a novel

Nwọka, Okezie 2021

The freedom of birds

Parkyn, Stephanie 2021

The horsewoman : a novel

Patterson, James, 1947- 2022

The unfamiliar garden

Percy, Benjamin 2022

The Latinist : a novel

Prins, Mark 2022

Down and out in England and Italy

Prunetti, Alberto, 1973- 2021

Devil's table

Rhodes, Kate 2021

The reign of Osiris

Rice, Anne, 1941-2021 2022

Abandoned in death

Robb, J. D., 1950- 2022

Must love books : a novel

Robinson, Shauna 2022

Flowers for the sea

Rocklyn, Zin E. 2021

The starless crown

Rollins, James, 1961- 2022

Cry wolf

Rosenfeldt, Hans, 1964- 2022

The inheritance

Ross, JoAnn 2021

The guncle : a novel

Rowley, Steven, 1971- 2021

Family business

Rozan, S. J. 2021

Real easy

Rutkoski, Marie 2022

The trawlerman

Shaw, William, 1959- 2021

The violin conspiracy

Slocumb, Brendan 2022

Disappearance of a scribe

Stabenow, Dana 2022

Invisible : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2022

Quantum of nightmares

Stross, Charles 2022

The listeners

Tannahill, Jordan 2021

Aljce in therapy land

Tawhai, Alice 2021

Desolation canyon

Tracy, P. J. 2022

Body of stars : a novel

Walter, Laura Maylene 2021

The wolf

Ward, J. R., 1969- 2021

A counterfeit suitor

Wilde, Darcie 2021

The fastest way to fall

Williams, Denise, 1982- 2021

Of kings, queens and colonies

Worthen, Johnny, 1966- 2021

To paradise

Yanagihara, Hanya 2022

The village of eight graves

Yokomizo, Seishi, 1902-1981 2021


(285 titles)

iMac for dummies

Chambers, Mark L. 2022 004.165 CHA


Baig, Edward C. 2022 004.1675 BAI


Wempen, Faithe 2022 005.369 OUT

AI 2041 : ten visions for our future

Lee, Kai-Fu 2021 006.3 LEE

Shelf life : journalism 2000-2021

Haigh, Gideon 2021 070.44 HAI

Chasing history : a kid in the newsroom

Bernstein, Carl, 1944- 2022 070.92 BER

Conversations on love

Lunn, Natasha 2021 152.41 LUN

How to be a creative thinker

Azadi, Roya A. 2021 153.35 AZA

The power of fun : how to feel alive again

Price, Catherine, 1978- 2021 155 PRI

The comfort book

Haig, Matt, 1975- 2021 158.1 HAI

Conclave 1559 : the story of a papal election

Hollingsworth, Mary 2021 262.13 HOL

Always on : hope and fear in the social smartphone era

Cellan-Jones, Rory 2021 303.4833 CLE

Creating life on our own terms

Robertson, Angela C 2021 305.26092 ROB

Embracing life on our own terms

Robertson, Angela C. 2021 305.26092 ROB

My body

Ratajkowski, Emily, 1991- 2021 305.42092 RAT

Nuku : stories of 100 indigenous women

Matata-Sipu, Qiane 2021 305.488994 MAT


Kinney, Alison 2021 306.4842 KIN

Mothers, fathers, and others : essays

Hustvedt, Siri 2021 306.8743 HUS

You don't know us Negroes : and other essays

Hurston, Zora Neale 2022 323.1196 HUR

The secret royals : spying and the crown, from Victoria to Diana

Aldrich, Richard J. 1961- 2021 327.1241 ALD

War on peace : the decline of American influence

Farrow, Ronan, 1987- 2021 327.73 FAR

Shutdown : how COVID shook the world's economy

Tooze, Adam, 1967- 2021 330.9052 TOO

Lost in work : escaping capitalism

Horgan, Amelia 2021 331.256 HOR

Kāinga : people, land, belonging

Tapsell, Paul 2021 333.72 TAP

A wild idea

Franklin, Jonathan, 1964- 2021 333.72092 TOM

Power play : Elon Musk, Tesla and the bet of the century

Higgins, Tim (Journalist) 2021 338.76292 HIG

Ajax's sidekick : adventures in conservation

Mosen, Corey 2021 363.70092 MOS

Our final warning : six degrees of climate emergency

Lynas, Mark, 1973- 2021 363.73874 LYN

On being dyslexic

Platt, Sarah 2021 371.9144 PLA

Chronicles of a Cairo bookseller

Wassef, Nadia 2021 381.45002 WAS

New Zealand's wild weather

2021 551.6993 NEW

Roots to seeds : 400 years of Oxford botany

Harris, Stephen A. 2021 580.73 HAR

New Zealand bird paintings

Harris-Ching, Raymond, 1939- 2021 598.0993 HAR

Goshawk Summer : a new forest season unlike any other

Aldred, James (Tree climber) 2021 598.944 ALD

The case for love

Benjamin, A. K 2021 612.82 BEN

The battlecruiser New Zealand : a gift to empire

Wright, Matthew, 1962- 2021 623.825 WRI

Error account 3.

635.9523 SPA

What dogs want : an illustrated guide for truly understanding your dog

Ward, Mat (Dog and cat behaviourist) 2021 636.70887 WAR

Rebel homemaker : food, family, life

Barrymore, Drew 2021 641.5 BAR

Love to cook

Berry, Mary, 1935- 2021 641.5 BER

The modern larder

McKenzie, Michelle, 1983- 2021 641.5 MACK

The world's fittest cookbook

Edgley, Ross 2022 641.563 EDG

The calm kitchen

Salmon, Lorna 2021 641.563 SAL

Homecooked : seasonal recipes for every day

Corry, Lucy 2021 641.564 COR

Med : a cookbook

Roden, Claudia 2021 641.591822 ROD

Herb : a cook's companion

Diacono, Mark 2021 641.657 DIA

A bake for all seasons

2021 641.815 BAK

Make your own beauty products

Yabsley, Charmaine 2021 646.72 YAB

Artquake : the most disruptive works in modern art

Hodge, Susie, 1960- 2021 709.03 HOD

The garden book.

2021 712.6 GAR

Country gardens in Australia

2021 712.60994 COU

Flowers for friends

Atkinson-Dunn, Julia 2021 745.92 ATK

The art of Bob Mackie

Vlastnik, Frank 2021 746.92092 VLA

150 best tiny interior ideas

Zamora Mola, Francesc 2021 747.1 ZAM

Where. We. Work. : home offices

Bogaerts, An, 1980- 2021 747.73 BOG

A new leaf

McCormac, Pip 2021 747.98 MACC

Frida Kahlo : her universe.

2022 759.972 KAH

Android smartphone photography

Hemmings, Mark 2022 775 HEM

Of the hill

Macpherson, Mary, 1952- 2022 779.999314 MACP

Rainbow in the dark : the autobiography

Dio, Ronnie James, 1949-2010 2021 786.9 DIO

Oasis : Knebworth : two nights that will live forever

Furmanovsky, Jill 2021 786.9 OAS , Large Book

The Bach cello suites : a companion

Isserlis, Steven, 1958- 2021 789 BAC

Built for ballett : an autobiography

Benjamin, Leanne, 1964- 2021 792.8092 BEN

H of H playbook

Carson, Anne, 1950- 2021 812 CAR

Collected poems

Bethell, Ursula, 1874-1945 2021 821 BET

Karori Park & other poems

Davidson, John, 1944 May 26- 2021 821 DAV

After hours trading & the flying squad

Holman, Jeffrey Paparoa, 1947- 2021 821 HOL

Just like that : new poems

Ireland, Kevin, 1933- 2021 821 IRE

Requiem for a fruit

O'Neill, Rachel, 1983- 2021 821 ONE

Small bodies of water

Powles, Nina 2021 824 POW

World politics since 1989

Holslag, Jonathan 2021 909.8 HOL

Kinfolk travel : slower ways to see the world

Burns, John Clifford 2021 910.2 BUR

Random maps : the world in over 100 unusual maps

Küstenmacher, Simon 2021 912 KUS

Clanlands almanac : seasonal stories from Scotland

Heughan, Sam, 1980- 2021 914.11 HEU


2021 915.93 THA


2021 915.97 VIE


Sainsbury, Brendan 2021 917.291 SAI

The rough guide to Southwest USA

Ward, Greg 2021 917.9 WAR

Unexpected New Zealand

Janssen, Peter 2021 919.31 JAN

Baby names Australia 2022

Turner, Eleanor 2021 929.4 TUR

New Rome : the empire in the east

Stephenson, Paul 2022 938 STE

Wannsee : the road to the final solution

Longerich, Peter 2021 940.5318 LON

The betrayal of Anne Frank : a cold case investigation

Sullivan, Rosemary, 1947- 2022 940.5318 SUL

In the thick of it : the private diaries of a minister

Duncan, Alan, 1957- 2021 941.086092 DUN

London clay : journeys in the deep city

Chivers, Tom, 1983- 2021 942.1 CHI

Souvenir : London, 1979-1986

Bracewell, Michael, 1958- 2021 942.10857 BRA

Athens : city of wisdom

Clark, Bruce, 1958- 2022 949.512 CLA


Stephens, Mamari 2021 993.04 STE

Over the Gentle Annie : high country life in the Inland Patea

Fowler, Michael, 1964- 2021 993.46 FOW , Large Book

I came all this way to meet you : writing myself home

Attenberg, Jami 2022 Biography B ATT

Empower : conquering the disease of fear

Azim, Tareq 2022 Biography B AZI

The tick of two clocks : a tale of moving on

Bakewell, Joan 2021 Biography B BAK

Caught in the act : a memoir

Jenek, Shane 2021 Biography B JEN

This much is true

Margolyes, Miriam 2021 Biography B MAR

And away...

Mortimer, Bob, 1959- 2021 Biography B MOR

Did ye hear mammy died?

O'Reilly, Séamas 2021 Biography B ORE

My mess is a bit of a life : adventures in anxiety

Pritchett, Georgia 2021 Biography B PRI

Lost & found : a memoir

Schulz, Kathryn 2022 Biography B SCH

Things I should have said

Spears, Jamie Lynn, 1991- 2022 Biography B SPE

Free : coming of age at the end of history

Ypi, Lea, 1979- 2021 Biography B YPI

Playlist : psychothriller

Fitzek, Sebastian, 1971- 2021 Foreign Language 833 FIT German

Marta schläft

Hausmann, Romy, 1981- 2022 Foreign Language 833 HAU German

Perfect day

Hausmann, Romy, 1981- 2022 Foreign Language 833 HAU German

In ewiger Freundschaft : kriminalroman

Neuhaus, Nele 2021 Foreign Language 833 NEU German

Straße nach Nirgendwo : roman

Neuhaus, Nele 2021 Foreign Language 833 NEU German

Zeiten des sturms : roman

Neuhaus, Nele 2022 Foreign Language 833 NEU German

L'inconnue de la Seine : roman

Musso, Guillaume 2021 Foreign Language 843 MUS French

La prophétie des abeilles : roman

Werber, Bernard 2021 Foreign Language 843 WER French

Tuma kiuṃ udāsa ho? : kahāṇī-saṅgrahi

Baḍesaroṃ, Kulabīra 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 BAD Panjabi

Suṇa Surajīta

Baiṃsa, Surajīta 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 BAI Panjabi

Jiunde loka : kahāṇī saṅgrahi

Dhillon, Jaswinder, Jassi 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 DHI Panjabi

Sawaraga dī bhāla : kahāṇī saṅgrahi

Dīpaka, Haradīpa Kaura 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 DIP Panjabi

Ṭhaḍhā lōhā

Garaga, Ke. Aila., 1943- 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 GAR Panjabi

Hara dila dī hundī hai ikka kahāṇī...

2021 Foreign Language 891.423 HAR Panjabi

Prathama paurāṇa : [nara-nāṭakabhāga-1] /

Kālī, Desa Rāja 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 KAL Panjabi

Sān̄jhī kukha

Malik, Amin 2021 Foreign Language 891.423 MAL Panjabi

Maiṃ nahīṃ jānatā

Bhāratīya, Kamaleśa 2021 Foreign Language 891.433 BHA Hindi

Vayaṃ rakshāmaḥ

Caturasena, Acharya, 1891-1960 2021 Foreign Language 891.433 CAT Hindi

Ḍhukanī evaṃ anya kahāniyām̐

Nīra, Nīraja 2021 Foreign Language 891.433 NIR Hindi

Badalate samāja kī kahāniyām̐

Rāhī, Rāmagopāla, 1942- 2021 Foreign Language 891.433 RAH Hindi

Smāilī aura anya pratinidhi kahāniyām̐ : kahānī-saṅgraha

Siṃha, Sunīla, 1952- 2021 Foreign Language 891.433 SIM Hindi


Paṭela, Snehā 2021 Foreign Language 891.473 PAT Gujarat

Prāṇaya prēmaya nam

Alvis, Udēśikā Sandamāli 2021 Foreign Language 891.483 ALV Sinhale

Mēgha varṣā

Gayāni Guṇasēkara, Dilini 2021 Foreign Language 891.483 GAY Sinhale

Hit ăhindina hit

Ilaṅkōn, Surēkā Nilmiṇi 2021 Foreign Language 891.483 ILA Sinhale

Guhā saṭana : măkrā lensgata jṣudra yuddhaya

Kañcanā Amilāni Foreign Language 891.483 KAN Sinhale

Ādarayaṭa ādareyi

Vijēsiṃha, Vimala 2021 Foreign Language 891.483 VIJ Sinhale


ʻAlawī, Ḥasan, (Novelist) 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ALA Arabic

al-Ṭawāḥīn wa-anā : riwāyah

Arnāʼūṭ, ʻAbbās 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ARN Arabic

Lā tatruknī vaḥīdan : riwāyah

ʻĀshūr, Khadījah 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ASH Arabic

ʻInda ḥāffah al-hāwīyah... : majmūʻah "Raghabāt qātilah"

ʻAṭā Allāh, Salmá 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ATA Arabic

Sayyidah al-Fandaq : riwāyah

Atılgan, Yusuf 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ATI Arabic

Mawtun munaẓẓam

Hammām, Aḥmad Majdī 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 HAM Arabic

Ant takfīn

Iryānī, Ṣabā Yaḥyá 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 IRY Arabic

al-Injīl al-manḥūl li-zāniyat al-ma'bad : riwāyah

ʻĪsah, Usāmah 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 ISA Arabic

Yawmīyāt Rūz : riwāyah

Kamālī, Rīm 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 KAM Arabic

ʻAlá ʻatabat al-qadr

Nasab, Riḍā 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 NAS Arabic

al-Khaṭṭ al-abyaḍ min al-layl : riwāyah

Naṣr Allāh, Khālid 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 NAS Arabic

Dhāt al-ridāʼ al-abyaḍ : ḥikāyat ḥulm

Shallāḥī, Majd 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 SHA Arabic

Laghz ikhtiṭaf jawarib al-juthath : riwāyah

Sulaymān, Līyān 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 SUL Arabic

'Arūs al-qamar : ḥikāyat al-ḥulm al-Afrīqī, riwāyah

Ṭarzī, Muḥammad 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 TAR Arabic

Qubbaʻat Bīthūfin : riwāyah

Ṭawīl, Rāmī 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 TAW Arabic

Kāʼin azraq, aw... rubbamā : qiṣaṣ

ʻUmaymī, Sulṭān ʻAlī ibn Bakhīt, 1974- 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 UMA Arabic

al-Barrānī : riwāyah

Wuld Isalmu, Aḥmad 2021 Foreign Language 892.73 WUL Arabic


Pārati, Kē 2021 Foreign Language 894.8113 PAR Tamil

Cantirakāntā : tuppar̲iyum nāval

Raṅkarājū, Je. Ār 2021 Foreign Language 894.8113 RAN Tamil

Shen huo ri ben

Hu, Yingzi 2021 Foreign Language 895.13 HU Chinese

Kai duan

Qi, Daojun 2021 Foreign Language 895.13 QI Chinese

Wu ye jiang lin qian di da = A central European odyssey

Liu, Zichao 2021 Foreign Language 914 LIU Chinese


Foreign Language Magazine 01 January 2022 n 2130


(28 titles)

After we fell

Motion picture (DVD)

Agatha and the midnight murders

Motion picture (DVD)

Angela Black.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Brooklyn nine-nine. Season eight.

Television program (DVD)

Charmed. Season two.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Dear Evan Hansen

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

How to deter a robber

Motion picture (DVD)

I am mortal

Motion picture (DVD)

Into the West : the mini-series.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Last night in Soho

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Only the animals.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Raphael : the young prodigy.

Documentary (DVD)

Ride the eagle.

Motion picture (DVD)

Silent night

Motion picture (DVD)

The county

Motion picture (DVD)

The hating game.

Motion picture (DVD)

The luminaries. Season 1.

Television program (DVD)

The many saints of Newark

Motion picture (DVD)

Venom. Let there be Carnage

Motion picture (Bluray)

Venom. Let there be Carnage

Motion picture (DVD)

Venom. Let there be Carnage [4K Ultra]

Motion picture (Bluray)


(30 titles)

Dragon new warm mountain I believe in you.

Big Thief 2022 CD Popular

Ants from up there

Black Country, New Road 2022 CD Popular


Black Flower 2022 CD Jazz


Cat Power, 1972- 2022 CD Popular


Communards 2021 CD Popular

The boy named If

Costello, Elvis, 1954- 2022 CD Popular

Shades and echoes.

Forenzics 2021 CD New Zealand

Good and green again.

Fussell, Jake Xerxes, 1981- 2022 CD American folk

Dodging dues.

Garcia Peoples 2022 CD Popular

Travelling without moving.

Jamiroquai 2021 Vinyl Soul/R&B

Fall in love not in line.

Kids on a Crime Spree 2021 CD Popular


Le Bon, Cate, 1983- 2021 CD Popular

De pelicula

Limiñanas 2021 CD Popular

Ash and bone.

Long, David, 1959- 2022 CD Wellington

Bright November morning

McGlashan, Don, 1959- 2021 CD New Zealand M

Laurel hell.

Mitski, 1990- 2022 CD Popular

Live at San Fran.

Pencarrow (Musical group) 2021 CD Wellington

No medium.

Rosali 2021 CD Popular


Segall, Ty, 1987- 2021 CD Popular

Lucifer on the sofa.

Spoon 2021 CD Popular

Shadow plays.

Taborn, Craig, 1970- 2021 CD Jazz

Goodbye to love.

Thompson, Claudia 2021 CD Jazz

This quiet room.

Vietnam (Musical group) 2021 CD Wellington

This quiet room.

Vietnam (Musical group) 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

An orchestrated songbook

Weller, Paul, 1958- 2021 CD Popular

Ghost stories

Whitmore Sisters 2022 CD Country

The quest.

Yes 2021 CD Popular


(190 titles)

Amira & Hamza : the war to save the worlds

Ahmed, Samira (Fiction writer) 2021 Chapter Book

Global baby playtime

Ajmera, Maya 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Out of wonder : celebrating poets and poetry

Alexander, Kwame 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Save the joeys!

Amba, Samone 2021 Chapter Book

The boy and the sea

Andros, Camille 2021 Picture Book

Clovis keeps his cool

Aronson, Katelyn 2021 Picture Book

A bigger digger

Avison, Brett 2021 Picture Book


Bacon, Lee 2021 Chapter Book

Cricket crazy

Bailey, Vivienne 2021 Chapter Book

Khokā = Khokha

Basu, Moupia 2021 Non-fiction / Language

How not to be a vampire slayer

Birchall, Katy 2021 Chapter Book

The midnight thief

Bishop, Sylvia 2021 Chapter Book

Piranhas don't eat bananas

Blabey, Aaron 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

To the rescue

Black, Jess 2022 Chapter Book

Aqua's splash

Bliss, Emily 2021 Chapter Book

Mist's maze

Bliss, Emily 2021 Chapter Book


Boyer, Crispin 2022 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Brandle, Marie, 1989- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The Usborne illustrated alphabet

Brooks, Felicity 2021 Picture Book

Can't do it

Buchet, Nelly 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Can't sleep

Buchet, Nelly 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Goodbye, Mr. Terupt

Buyea, Rob 2021 Chapter Book

The week at World's End

Carroll, Emma, 1970- 2021 Chapter Book


Cashmore, Claire 2021 Picture Book

What happened to you?

Catchpole, James 2021 Picture Book

Super science encyclopedia

Challoner, Jack 2021 Non-fiction / Science

My day with the panye

Charles, Tami 2021 Picture Book

The story of afro hair : 5,000 years of history, fashion and styles

Chimbiri, K. N. 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Ten on a twig

Cole, Lo 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Duyan pababa sa bayan

Constantino, Mary Gigi 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Llamas in pyjamas

Cosgrove, Matt 2021 Picture Book


Costain, Meredith 2022 Chapter Book

The Endangereds

Cousteau, Philippe, 1980- 2021 Chapter Book

Fly high, Lolo

Daly, Niki 2021 Chapter Book

Mr. Watson's chickens

Dapier, Jarrett 2021 Picture Book

Secrets & spells

Darlison, Aleesah 2021 Chapter Book

The haven trials

Davies, Suyi 2022 Chapter Book

The crayons' book of colours

Daywalt, Drew 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The Christmas pine

Donaldson, Julia 2021 Picture Book

The school between Winter and Fairyland

Fawcett, Heather 2021 Chapter Book

Just be cool, Jenna Sakai

Florence, Debbi Michiko 2021 Chapter Book

Jane Foster's let's grow!

Foster, Jane, 1970- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Jane Foster's Let's play!

Foster, Jane, 1970- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Rules for vampires

Foulkes, Alex 2021 Chapter Book

Dragon skin

Foxlee, Karen, 1971- 2021 Chapter Book

Earth's incredible oceans

French, Jess 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The world book : explore the facts, stats and flags of every country

Fullman, Joe 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The Aurelia curse

Funke, Cornelia, 1958- 2021 Chapter Book

Amazing earth

Ganeri, Anita, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

At the pool

Garland, Sally Anne 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Maaanghang na salita

Garlitos, Rhandee 2021 Non-fiction / Language

The little wooden robot and the log princess

Gauld, Tom 2021 Picture Book

Take back the block

Giles, Chrystal D. 2021 Chapter Book

The haunted woods

Glass, Calliope 2021 Chapter Book

The boy and the Moonimal

Gliori, Debi 2021 Picture Book

How to be a maths genius

Goldsmith, Mike 2022 Non-fiction / Science

The midnight club

Goth, Shane 2021 Picture Book


Grabenstein, J. J. 2021 Chapter Book

The hidden cottage

Green, Poppy 2021 Chapter Book

The fairies and the cloakmaker

Gurney, Chris, 1956- 2021 Picture Book


Habib, Grace 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)


Habib, Grace 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)


Habib, Grace 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)


Habib, Grace 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)

The puffin portal

Hardy, Vashti 2021 Chapter Book

What do you see?

Harvey, Sarah N., 1950- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The children's illustrated Bible

Hastings, Selina 2021 Non-fiction / Religion

The city

Heidicker, Christian McKay 2021 Chapter Book

Ladybird ladybird what can you see?

Hepworth, Amelia 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

How to find what you're not looking for

Hiranandani, Veera 2021 Chapter Book

Jacob's school play : starring he, she, and they

Hoffman, Ian, 1962- 2021 Picture Book

Where's George's dinosaur : a lift-the-flap book

Holowaty, Lauren 2022 Picture Book (Board Book)

A pūkeko in a ponga tree

Ihaka, Kingi M. 2021 Picture Book

The rhyming pirate

Jones, Glenn (Artist) 2021 Picture Book

Annabel Karmel's fun, fast & easy children's cookbook

Karmel, Annabel 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Runajhuna aura Ṭinnu : bāla kahāniyām̐

Kauśika, Śīla, 1957- 2021 Non-fiction / Language


Kemp, Anna 2021 Picture Book

The last fallen star

Kim, Graci 2021 Chapter Book

Olive Oh gets creative

Kim, Tina (Children's author) 2021 Chapter Book

Wiggle, walk, wash! : baby's first animals

Kruszynski, Elliot 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Pokémon : Sun & Moon. Volume 12

Kusaka, Hidenori 2022 Comic

The song of Lewis Carmichael

Laguna, Sofie 2021 Chapter Book

The collectors

Lawrence, Lorien 2021 Chapter Book

The very noisy baby : lift-the-flap fun!

Lester, Alison 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Rise of the world eater

Littler, Jamie 2021 Chapter Book

Eureka! : a big book of discoveries

Litton, Jonathan 2021 Non-fiction / Science

My book of dinosaurs and prehistoric life

Lomax, Dean R. 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The most fun

MacLachlan, Patricia 2021 Chapter Book

The big bath house

Maclear, Kyo, 1970- 2021 Picture Book


MacQuitty, Miranda 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Escape the rooms

Mangan, Stephen 2021 Chapter Book

The story of paintings : a history of art for children

Manning, Mick 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Kissā camacama parī aura guṛiyāghara kā

Manu, Prakāśa, 1950- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Dragon girls : Mei the ruby treasure dragon

Mara, Maddy 2021 Chapter Book

The girl in wooden armour

Mason, Conrad 2021 Chapter Book

The ultimate book of dinosaurs

Mattarelli, Diego 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Wild child : a journey through nature

McAnulty, Dara 2021 Non-fiction / Science

How to be a human

McCombie, Karen 2021 Chapter Book

Judy Moody in a Monday mood

McDonald, Megan 2021 Chapter Book

I broke the internet

McNab, Andy, 1959- 2021 Chapter Book

Soraya the skiing fairy

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Journey to the center of that thing

Messinger, Jonathan 2021 Chapter Book

All about monsters

Miller, David Carey, 1941-2016 2021 Non-fiction / General Stuff

Tripwrecked! : tempest terror

Montgomery, Ross. 2021 Chapter Book

Hidden in space : search and find

Nille, Peggy, 1972- 2021 Chapter Book


O'Hara, Natalia 2021 Chapter Book

Magic candies

Paek, Hŭi-na 2021 Picture Book

Katt loves Dogg

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 Audiobook on CD

How to train your dad

Paulsen, Gary 2021 Chapter Book

Little horror

Peak, Daniel 2021 Chapter Book

Silas and the marvellous misfits

Percival, Tom, 1977- 2021 Chapter Book

Listified! : Britannica's 300 lists that will blow your mind

Pettie, Andrew 2021 Non-fiction / General Stuff

The new baby

Poshoglian, Yvette 2022 Chapter Book

Baccoṃ kī śreshṭha kahāniyām̐

Premacanda, 1881-1936 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Family tree

Pyke, Josh 2022 Picture Book

The used-to-be best friend

Quigley, Dawn 2021 Chapter Book

Antigua de Fortune of the high seas

Rainbow, Anna 2021 Chapter Book

Manta ray dreams

Rajeh, Nadine 2021 Picture Book

What's the weather?

Ralston, Fraser 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Einstein the penguin

Rangeley, Iona 2021 Chapter Book

Jāduī bāla kahāniyām̐

Ray, Satyajit, 1921-1992 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Sali ako!

Reyes, Alyssa 2021 Non-fiction / Language

My little book of big freedoms : the Human Rights Act in pictures

Riddell, Chris 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Billie's best!. Volume 3

Rippin, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

Night time

Robson, Kirsteen 2021 Chapter Book

Eliza Vanda's button box

Rodda, Emily 2021 Chapter Book

Juan Hormiga

Roldán, Gustavo 2021 Picture Book

I am hungry

Rosen, Michael J., 1954- 2022 Picture Book

Harry Potter y las reliquias de la muerte

Rowling, J. K. 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Nature's wildlife weapons

Ryan, James 2022 Non-fiction / Science

Pablo Picasso

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Nelson Mandela

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Sayaw ni Dayaw

Sayuno, Cheeno Marlo 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Daniel's first day of school

Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel 2022 Picture Book


Shireen, Nadia 2021 Chapter Book

The forbidden lock

Shurtliff, Liesl 2021 Chapter Book

Flowers & flowers & flowers

Sinclair, Harry, 1959- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Horses & ponies

Stamps, Caroline 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The soccer encyclopedia

Stead, Emily 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Amos McGee misses the bus

Stead, Philip Christian 2021 Picture Book

Saving Mr Hoot

Stephens, Helen, 1972- 2021 Picture Book

What a wonderful world

Stewart-Sharpe, Leisa 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

The legend of the maze

Stilton, Thea 2021 Chapter Book

Camp daze

Stine, R. L. 2021 Chapter Book

Dādā-dādī kī kahāniyoṃ kā piṭārā

Sudhā Mūrti 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Comet's big win

Sunshine, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

The pug who wanted to be a star

Swift, Bella 2021 Chapter Book

Mel fell

Tabor, Corey R. 2021 Picture Book

A walk in the words

Talbott, Hudson 2021 Picture Book

The bird atlas

Taylor, Barbara, 1954- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Monster! Hungry! Phone!

Taylor, Sean, 1965- 2022 Picture Book

Paalam, Puti

Tejido, Jomike 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Winnie's best friend

Thomas, Valérie 2021 Picture Book

What to do when the news scares you : a kid's guide to understanding current events

Toner, Jacqueline B 2021 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Gracie and the grumpy pony

Tuffin, Olivia 2021 Chapter Book

Ua ou sauni mo le aoga

Tutagalevao, Abel Junior 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Tatou sauni mo le aoga

Tutagalevao, Abel Junior 2021 Non-fiction / Language

'Oku ou mateuteu ki he ako

Tutagalevao, Abel Junior 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Omai ke tauteute ke o he aoga

Tutagalevao, Abel Junior 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Te tāpapa nei nōte aere i te Āpii

Tutagalevao, Abel Junior 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Rescuing Rosie

Ure, Jean 2021 Chapter Book

Mam̐ kaha eka kahānī

Vaida, Janaka, 1940- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Love from Joy

Valentine, Jenny 2021 Chapter Book

Gangsta granny strikes again

Walliams, David, 1971- 2021 Chapter Book

The many meanings of Meilan

Wang, Andrea 2021 Chapter Book

The false rose

Wegelius, Jakob 2021 Chapter Book

Someone builds the dream

Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- 2021 Picture Book

Grandad's camper

Woodgate, Harry 2021 Picture Book

The magic of sleep

Woodgate, Vicky 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

How to be a genius

Woodward, John, 1954- 2022 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Tuvalu toku atufenua pele

2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Ko au ko e tama Niue

2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Ancient wonders.

2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Philip's atlas of New Zealand and the world.

2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Guinness world records 2022.

2021 Non-fiction / General Stuff

Ko Hoku Fonua´

2021 Non-fiction / Our Society


(35 titles)

Jujutsu kaisen. 11, The Shibuya incident gate open

Akutami, Gege, 1992- 2021 Comic

Disarmed : an original novel

Brennan, Sarah Rees 2021 Fiction

Hunting by stars

Dimaline, Cherie, 1975- 2021 Fiction

Haikyu!! Volume 45, Challengers

Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- 2021 Comic

If this gets out

Gonzales, S., 1992- 2021 Fiction

The red palace

Hur, June 2022 Fiction

The marvelous

Kann, Claire 2021 Fiction

The big reveal

Larsen, Jen, 1973- 2021 Fiction

When you get the chance

Lord, Emma 2022 Young Adult fiction

Time will tell

Lyga, Barry 2021 Fiction

The girls are never gone

Marsh, Sarah Glenn 2021 Fiction

The mirror season

McLemore, Anna-Marie 2021 Fiction


Meyer, Marissa 2021 Fiction

Vox machina : kith & kin

Nijkamp, Marieke 2021 Fiction

At the end of everything

Nijkamp, Marieke 2022 Fiction

Akata woman

Okorafor, Nnedi 2022 Fiction

Into the dying light

Pool, Katy Rose 2021 Fiction

The ivory key

Raman, Akshaya 2022 Fiction

The bones of ruin

Raughley, Sarah 2021 Fiction

Ain't burned all the bright

Reynolds, Jason 2022 Fiction

Anatomy : a love story

Schwartz, Dana 2022 Fiction

These deadly games

Urban, Diana 2022 Fiction

My vegan year

Webster, Niki 2021 Non-fiction

Briar girls

Wells, Rebecca Kim 2021 Fiction

The Excalibur curse

White, Kiersten 2021 Fiction

City of shattered light

Winn, Claire 2021 Fiction

The last legacy : a novel

Young, Adrienne, 1985- 2021 Fiction


(485 titles)

The Italian girl

Abriel, Anita 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The Italian girl

Abriel, Anita 2022 eBook Overdrive

Children of virtue and vengeance

Adeyemi, Tomi 2019 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Ms. Marvel [1] : destined

Ahmed, Saladin 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Ms. Marvel [2] : stormranger

Ahmed, Saladin 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Miles Morales [4] : ultimatum

Ahmed, Saladin 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Miles Morales. Vol. 5, The clone saga

Ahmed, Saladin 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

1000 years of joys and sorrows

Ai, Weiwei 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

1000 years of joys and sorrows : a memoir

Ai, Weiwei 2021 eBook Overdrive

Clothes, clothes, clothes, music, music, music, boys, boys, boys

Albertine, Viv, 1954- 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

Metric pattern cutting for women's wear

Aldrich, Winifred 2015 eBook Overdrive

The align method

Alexander, Aaron 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

The dark heart of Florence

Alexander, Tasha, 1969- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Decision time : how to make the choices your life depends on

Alison, Laurence 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Soup broth bread

Allen, Rachel, 1971- 2021 eBook Overdrive


Allende, Isabel 2022 eBook Overdrive

Let's make dumplings! : a comic book cookbook

Amano, Hugh 2021 eBook Overdrive


Andersen, Sarah 2021 eBook Overdrive


Anderson, Lin 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

The word for woman is wilderness : a novel

Andrews, Abi, 1991- 2018 eBook Overdrive

The leviathan

Andrews, Rosie 2022 eBook Overdrive

Game on : the unstoppable rise of women's sport

Anstiss, Sue 2022 eBook Overdrive

All about Ella

Appleyard, Meredith 2021 eBook Overdrive

The convent's secret

Archer, C. J 2018 eAudiobook Overdrive

Hell's bell : a Lizzie Grace novel

Arthur, Keri 2018 eBook Overdrive

Blackbird crowned

Arthur, Keri 2021 eBook Overdrive

Domestic animals

Ashe, Gregory, active 2005 2022 eBook Overdrive

Death at the crystal palace

Ashley, Jennifer 2021 eBook Overdrive

Clifford the big red dog : the movie graphic novel

Ball, Georgia 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Words of comfort : how to find hope

Ballagh, Rebekah 2022 eBook Overdrive

Other countries

Bannister, Jo 2017 eBook Overdrive

Décor galore : the essential guide to styling your home

Barra, Laura de. 2021 eBook Overdrive

A little of what you fancy

Bates, H. E. 1905-1974 2016 eAudiobook Overdrive

Aaron Slater, illustrator

Beaty, Andrea 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Dance Class : the new girl

Béka 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Sea Hawke

Bell, Ted 2021 eBook Overdrive

Skin of the night

Bennett, C. K. 2021 eBook Overdrive

When things are alive they hum

Bent, Hannah 2021 eBook Borrowbox

Love to cook

Berry, Mary, 1935- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The sinner and the saint

Birmingham, Kevin 2021 eBook Overdrive


Blackman, Malorie 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The fire thief

Bokur, Debra 2020 eBook Overdrive

The bone field

Bokur, Debra 2021 eBook Overdrive

The last kids on Earth

Brallier, Max, 1983- 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Aisling and the city

Breen, Sarah. 2021 eBook Overdrive

Humankind : a hopeful history

Bregman, Rutger, 1988- 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

The clutter corpse

Brett, Simon 2020 eBook Overdrive

The shooting in the shop

Brett, Simon. 2020 eBook Borrowbox

Places I've taken my body : essays

Brown, Molly McCully, 1991- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Vinyl moon

Browne, Mahogany L. 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

The assassins of Thasalon

Bujold, Lois McMaster 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The girl she was

Burke, Alafair 2022 eBook Overdrive

A killer Christmas wish

Cahoon, Lynn 2021 eBook Overdrive


Callihan, Kristen 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Carved in stone

Camden, Elizabeth 2021 eBook Overdrive

Iron Man [1] : big iron

Cantwell, Christopher 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Jack Frost

Capri, Diane 2021 eBook Overdrive


Card, Orson Scott 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

A wrench in the works

Carlisle, Kate, 1951- 2018 eBook Overdrive

The couple on Maple Drive

Carrington, Sam 2021 eBook Overdrive

The couple on Maple Drive

Carrington, Sam 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The killing kind

Casey, Jane 2021 eBook Overdrive

Doctor Strange. 1, God of magic

Cates, Donny 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The lace weaver

Chater, Lauren 2018 eAudiobook Overdrive

I am golden

Chen, Eva, 1980- 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

The impossible city : a Hong Kong memoir

Cheung, Karen, 1993- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Polly Pecorino

Chichester Clark, Emma 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Hot and sour suspects

Chien, Vivien 2022 eBook Overdrive

Better off dead

Child, Lee 2021 eBook Overdrive

Diddly Squat : a year on the farm

Clarkson, Jeremy 2021 eBook Overdrive

Diddly Squat : a year on the farm

Clarkson, Jeremy 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The man in the bunker

Clements, Rory 2022 eBook Overdrive

The man in the bunker

Clements, Rory 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Wisteria cottage

Coates, Robert M. 1897-1973 2020 eBook Overdrive

A stranger's game

Coble, Colleen 2022 eBook Overdrive

My fine fellow

Cohen, Jennieke 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Bright ruined things

Cohoe, Samantha 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

The competition

Collette, Katherine, 1981- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Whale day : and other poems

Collins, Billy 2021 eBook Overdrive

Don't laugh, it will only encourage her

Cooper, Daisy May 2021 eBook Overdrive

The cane

Cuskelly, Maryrose 2022 eBook Overdrive

The how : notes on the great work of meeting yourself

Daley-Ward, Yrsa 2021 eBook Overdrive

Coming up for air

Daley, Tom, 1994- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Three hours

Dark, Dannika 2015 eAudiobook Overdrive

Lazy baking :

Dennison, Jessica Elliott 2021 eBook Borrowbox

Sunny G's series of rash decisions

Dhillon, Navdeep Singh 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Empires of bronze

Doherty, Gordon, 1978- 2019 eBook Overdrive


Đokić, Jelena 2018 eAudiobook Overdrive

The kindred

Dow, Alechia 2022 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Life without children : stories

Doyle, Roddy, 1958- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Just roll with it

Durfey-Lavoie, Lee 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The Purveli

Duvall, Dianne 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Collateral damage

Eason, Lynette 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

Gallows court

Edwards, Martin, 1955- 2018 eBook Overdrive

The every

Eggers, Dave 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The every

Eggers, Dave 2021 eBook Overdrive

Murder at the National Gallery

Eldridge, Jim, 1944- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Wings of ebony

Elle, J. 2021 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Good-bye Stacey, good-bye

Epstein, Gabriela 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Witches of Brooklyn what the hex?! 2 :

Escabasse, Sophie 2021 eBook Overdrive


Evaristo, Bernardine, 1959- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Manifesto : on never giving up

Evaristo, Bernardine, 1959- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Huda f are you?

Fahmy, Huda 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Karen's school picture

Farina, Katy 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Bosh! on a budget

Firth, Henry 2021 eBook Overdrive

Raising resilient children with a borderline or narcissistic parent

Fjelstad, Margalis, 1945- 2020 eBook Overdrive

Adventures in opting out : a field guide to leading an intentional life

Flanders, Cait, 1985- 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

State of grace

Force, Marie 2021 eBook Overdrive

The hush

Foster, Sara, 1976- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The world according to colour : a cultural history

Fox, James, 1982- 2021 eBook Overdrive

If I should die

Frank, Matthew (Detective fiction writer) 2014 eBook Overdrive

Fry's ties

Fry, Stephen, 1957- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The graveyard book

Gaiman, Neil 2010 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Max meow : cat crusader

Gallagher, John, 1967- 2020 Children eBook Overdrive

One step too far

Gardner, Lisa. 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

The ruin of all witches : life and death in the new world

Gaskill, Malcolm 2021 eBook Overdrive


Gibson, William, 1948- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Reserved for murder

Gilbert, Victoria 2021 eBook Overdrive

Star Wars : Doctor Aphra [1] : Aphra

Gillen, Kieron 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Star Wars : Doctor Aphra [2] : Doctor Aphra and the enormous profit

Gillen, Kieron 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Star Wars : Doctor Aphra [3] : remastered

Gillen, Kieron 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Shirley & Jamila's big fall

Goerz, Gillian 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The night swim

Goldin, Megan 2020 eBook Overdrive

The book of hope : a survival guide for trying times

Goodall, Jane, 1934- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Last looks

Gould, Howard Michael 2018 eAudiobook Overdrive

Ghosted in L.A. Volume 1

Grace, Sina 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Ghosted in L.A. Volume 2

Grace, Sina 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The Christie affair

Gramont, Nina de 2022 eBook Overdrive


Greene, Jarad 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The lady with the gun asks the questions

Greenwood, Kerry 2021 eBook Overdrive

The other queen

Gregory, Philippa 2011 eBook Overdrive

Once upon a cabin

Griffin, Patience 2021 eBook Overdrive

Never give up

Grylls, Bear 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Never give up

Grylls, Bear 2021 eBook Overdrive

Guilty pleasures

Guhrke, Laura Lee 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

Mr. Corbett is in orbit!

Gutman, Dan 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Get a grip! We're on a trip!

Gutman, Dan 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

Bad dreams and other stories

Hadley, Tessa 2017 eAudiobook Overdrive

The Princess in Black and the mermaid princess

Hale, Shannon 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Millionaire expat : how to build wealth living overseas

Hallam, Andrew (Teacher) 2017 eBook Overdrive

The Twyford code

Hallett, Janice 2022 eBook Overdrive

The Twyford code

Hallett, Janice 2022 eBook Borrowbox

The corpse flower

Hancock, Anne Mette, 1979- 2021 eBook Borrowbox

Herbie Hancock : possibilities

Hancock, Herbie, 1940- 2014 eAudiobook Overdrive

Labyrinth of lies

Hannon, Irene. 2021 eBook Overdrive

A very French wedding

Haran, Maeve 2021 eBook Overdrive

Stolen focus : why you can't pay attention

Hari, Johann 2022 eBook Overdrive

Befriend your brain :

Harper, Faith G. 2022 eBook Borrowbox

Tie-dye 101

Harris, Sulfiati. 2021 eBook Overdrive

Out of sight

Harvey, Jacqueline. 2019 Children eBook Overdrive

Polaroid nights

Harwood, Lizzie 2021 eBook Overdrive

Sweat : a history of exercise

Hayes, Bill, 1961- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Reveal : Robbie Williams

Heath, Chris 2017 eBook Overdrive

Scoundrel of my heart

Heath, Lorraine 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Sunset over Brightwater Bay

Hepburn, Holly 2020 eBook Overdrive

Dune : House Atreides. Volume two

Herbert, Brian 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Toll-gate

Heyer, Georgette. 2014 eAudiobook Borrowbox

The nonesuch

Heyer, Georgette. 2014 eAudiobook Borrowbox

A change of circumstance

Hill, Susan, 1942- 2021 eBook Overdrive


Hillerman, Anne, 1949- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Revenant winds

Hogan, Mitchell 2017 eBook Overdrive

Mama's belly

Hosford, Kate 2018 Children eBook Overdrive

The crossroads at midnight

Howard, Abby, (Comic artist) 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Murder most fair

Huber, Anna Lee 2021 eBook Borrowbox

Nadiya's fast flavours

Hussain, Nadiya 2021 eBook Overdrive

Canticle Creek

Hyland, Adrian 2021 eBook Overdrive

Cruella : black, white, ad red

Ichie, Hach 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive


Ihimaera, Witi, 1944- 1998 eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo: bed & breakfast for spirits, volume 1

Ioka, Waco 2019 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo : bed & breakfast for spirits. 2

Ioka, Waco 2019 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo : bed & breakfast for spirits. 3

Ioka, Waco 2019 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo : bed & breakfast for spirits. 4

Ioka, Waco 2019 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo : bed & breakfast for spirits. 5

Ioka, Waco 2019 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Kakuriyo : bed & breakfast for spirits. 7

Ioka, Waco 2022 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Hardcastle's collector

Ison, Graham 2016 eBook Overdrive

Murder past due

James, Miranda 2019 eBook Overdrive

Marriage made in shame

James, Sophia 2015 eBook Overdrive

On a night like this

Kelk, Lindsey 2021 eBook Overdrive

Age proof :

Kenny, Rose Anne 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Again, Rachel

Keyes, Marian. 2022 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Minor mage

Kingfisher, T 2019 Children eBook Overdrive

The nineties : a book

Klosterman, Chuck, 1972- 2022 eBook Overdrive

Data visualization with Excel dashboards and reports

Kusleika, Dick 2021 eBook Overdrive


Kutscher, Volker, 1962- 2018 eBook Overdrive

Dinosaurs before dark

Laird, Jenny, 1969- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The countess's groom

Larkin, Emily, 1970- 2016 eBook Overdrive

The spinster's secret

Larkin, Emily, 1970- 2016 eBook Overdrive

Salt magic

Larson, Hope 2021 eBook Overdrive

All my friends

Larson, Hope 2022 Children eBook Overdrive

The lords of easy money: how the Federal Reserve broke the American economy

Leonard, Christopher, 1975- 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Soul in the machine

Lepp, Royden, 1980- 2018 Children eBook Overdrive

HRT : husband replacement therapy

Lette, Kathy, 1958- 2020 eBook Overdrive

The rig

Levy, Roger, 1955- 2018 eBook Overdrive

Bad witch burning

Lewis, Jessica, 1994- 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Set me free

LeZotte, Ann Clare 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Only when it's us

Liese, Chloe 2020 eBook Overdrive

Metamorphosis : selected stories

Lively, Penelope, 1933- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Nine months to redeem him

Lucas, Jennie 2015 eBook Overdrive

House of sky and breath

Maas, Sarah J. 2022 eBook Overdrive

The missing and the dead

MacBride, Stuart 2015 eAudiobook Overdrive

Helen Kelly : her life

Macfie, Rebecca 2022 eBook Overdrive

Cheers to the duke

MacKenzie, Sally 2021 eBook Overdrive

This woven kingdom

Mafi, Tahereh 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Tracing your roots : a BBC family history show

Magnusson, Sally 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Rocco and the snow angel

Magson, Adrian 2020 eBook Overdrive

Emma dreams of stars: inside the gourmet guide

Maisonneuve, Emmanuelle, 1976- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The fifth vital

Majlak, Mike 2020 eBook Overdrive

Homicide and halo-halo

Manansala, Mia P. 2022 eBook Overdrive

Homicide and halo-halo

Manansala, Mia P. 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

House of war

Mariani, Scott 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

Rules for vanishing

Marshall, Kate Alice 2020 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

15-minute better back

Martin, Suzanne 2022 eBook Overdrive

15-minute stretch

Martin, Suzanne 2022 eBook Overdrive

Almost a whisper

Masters, Priscilla 2022 eBook Overdrive

Begging to die

Masterton, Graham 2018 eBook Overdrive

Kaiju no. 8, volume 1

Matsumoto, Naoya 2021 eBook Overdrive

Another kind

May, Cait 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The wildest race ever : the sotry of the 1904 Olympic marathon

McCarthy, Meghan. 2016 Children eBook Overdrive

Murder most fancy

McCourt, Kellie 2022 eBook Overdrive

Something to hide

McDonald, Fleur 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Mind is the ride

McDonald, Jet. 2019 eBook Overdrive

30 queer lives : conversations with LGBTQIA+

McEvoy, Matt, 1978- 2022 eBook Overdrive

30 queer lives :

McEvoy, Matt. 2022 eBook Borrowbox

Ghost-Spider. Volume 1, Dog days are over

McGuire, Seanan 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Where the drowned girls go

McGuire, Seanan 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

Where the drowned girls go

McGuire, Seanan 2022 eBook Overdrive

The girl from Bletchley Park

McGurl, Kathleen 2022 eAudiobook Overdrive

The heretic

McIlvanney, Liam 2022 eBook Overdrive

Marcie Gill and the caravan park cat

McInerney, Monica 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Dragon fury

McMann, Lisa 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Map of flames

McMann, Lisa 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Outback midwife

McRae, Beth 2015 eBook Overdrive

Double helix

Merriman, Eileen (Haematologist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

The song of Achilles

Miller, Madeline 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

In control : dangerous relationships and how they end in murder

Monckton Smith, Jane 2021 eBook Overdrive

The monarchs

Morgan, Kass 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Em & me

Morrey, Beth 2022 eBook Overdrive

Drones, dams & destruction

Muchamore, Robert. 2022 Young Adult eAudiobook Borrowbox

The shadows of men : a novel

Mukherjee, Abir 2021 eBook Overdrive

The recruiter

Mukte, Alexander 2021 eBook Overdrive

Shipweck Island

Murray, Struan 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Dan unmasked

Negron, Chris 2020 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

I'm allergic to pets

Nelson, Maria 2018 Children eBook Overdrive

The whistling

Netley, Rebecca 2021 eBook Overdrive

The blazing world

Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674 2021 eBook Overdrive

Preparing for the perimenopause and menopause

Newson, Louise 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Zen and the art of saving the planet

Nhất Hạnh, Thích 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Zen and the art of saving the planet

Nhất Hạnh, Thích 2021 eBook Overdrive

The captive kingdom

Nielsen, Jennifer A 2020 Children eBook Overdrive

Cream and punishment

Nix, Susannah 2022 eBook Overdrive

Dressed by Iris

O'Connor, Mary-Anne 2022 eBook Overdrive

Never Mind the B#ll*cks, Here's the Science :

O'Neill, Luke A. J 2021 eBook Borrowbox

The supernatural society

Ogle, Rex 2022 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

Simple but not easy : a practitioner's guide to the art of investing

Oldfield, Richard, 1955- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Dream work

Oliver, Mary, 1935-2019. 2014 eBook Overdrive

Scar tissue : every battle leaves its mark

Ollerton, Ollie 2020 eBook Overdrive

Pure flame : a legacy

Orange, Michelle 2021 eBook Overdrive

Star Wars : Darth Vader. 1, Dark heart of the Sith

Pak, Greg 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

No forever like Nantucket

Palmer, Grace 2021 eBook Overdrive

The freedom of birds

Parkyn, Stephanie 2021 eBook Overdrive

The freedom of birds

Parkyn, Stephanie. 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

The widow's secret

Pascoe, Rose 2020 eBook Overdrive

Fear no evil

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The horsewoman

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Garlic & the vampire

Paulsen, Bree 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Don't sweat it : how to make 'the change' a good one

Pellegrino, Nicky 2022 eBook Overdrive

The smurfs and the bratty kid

Peyo 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

On getting better

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Wrongful death

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