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New Booklists — February 2022

Every month, we provide lists of new material in our libraries' collections on this page. You might also be interested in our Staff Recent Picks. Didn't find what you were looking for? Try our Quick Searches.


(157 titles)

The wisdom of crowds

Abercrombie, Joe 2021

The wrong end of the telescope

Alameddine, Rabih 2021

Ask no questions

Allan, Claire, 1976- 2021

We know you remember : a novel

Alsterdal, Tove, 1960- 2021

Her name is Knight

Angoe, Yasmin 2021

Home. Vol. 1

Anta, Julio 2021 Graphic Novel


Baldacci, David 2021

The fall of Babel

Bancroft, Josiah 2021


Bara, Dave 2021


Barrie, Sarah 2021


Baxter, Stephen 2021

Sea Hawke

Bell, Ted 2021

The affair

Boyd, Hilary 2021

The echo chamber

Boyne, John, 1971- 2021

The sorority murder

Brennan, Allison 2021

Nocturnals omnibus. Vol. 1

Brereton, Daniel 2021 Graphic Novel

The playing fields

Cameron, Stella 2021

Murder book : a graphic memoir of a true crime obsession

Campbell, Hilary Fitzgerald 2021 Graphic Novel

Leonora in the morning light

Carter, Michaela, 1967- 2021

What storm, what thunder

Chancy, Myriam J. A., 1970- 2021

Chasing the boogeyman

Chizmar, Richard, 1965- 2021

Dog Island

Claudel, Philippe, 1962- 2021

The untold story

Cogman, Genevieve 2021

Nanny dearest

Collins, Flora 2021

Leviathan falls

Corey, James S. A. 2021

The woman at the front

Cornwall, Lecia 2021

You feel it just below the ribs : a novel

Cranor, Jeffrey, 1975- 2021


De Campi, Alex 2021 Graphic Novel

The red monarch

Ellis, Bella 2021

The sentence : a novel

Erdrich, Louise 2021

Game on : tempting twenty-eight

Evanovich, Janet 2021

Death on the Trans-Siberian Express

Farrington, C. J. 2021


FitzSimmons, Matthew 2021

The Sandman : the deluxe edition. Book three

Gaiman, Neil 2021 Graphic Novel

The Sandman : the deluxe edition. Book two

Gaiman, Neil 2021 Graphic Novel

This broken world

Gannon, Charles E. 2021

The waiting

Gendry-Kim, Keum Suk 2021 Graphic Novel

Where there's a will

Gentill, Sulari 2022

Die. Volume 4, Bleed

Gillen, Kieron 2021 Graphic Novel

Leonard Cohen : on a wire

Girard, Philippe, 1971- 2021 Graphic Novel

Gated prey

Goldberg, Lee, 1962- 2021

These silent woods : a novel

Grant, Kimi Cunningham 2021

The hand of the Sun King

Greathouse, J.T 2021

The judge's list

Grisham, John 2021

The god of lost words

Hackwith, A. J. 2021

The surrogate : a novel

Halleen, Toni 2021

Through the very heart of it : New York, New York

Harel, Emilie 2021 Graphic Novel

The secrets of Ashmore Castle

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia 2021

Shadecraft. Volume one

Henderson, Joe 1979- 2021 Graphic Novel

Once upon a wardrobe

Henry, Patti Callahan 2021

The Treadstone exile

Hood, Joshua 2021

Curse of Salem

Hooper, Kay 2021

A question of guilt

Horst, Jørn Lier, 1970- 2021

The Spanish daughter

Hughes, Lorena 2022


Jacka, Benedict 2021

Forging a nightmare

Jackson, Patricia A. 2021

A valley secret

Jacobs, Anna 2021

A very special Christmas

Jacobs, Anna 2021

Hana Khan carries on

Jalaluddin, Uzma 2021

Winter water

Jansson, Susanne 2021

Daughters of war

Jefferies, Dinah, 1948- 2021

The attack

Jinks, Catherine, 1963- 2021

Geiger [1]

Johns, Geoff, 1973- 2021 Graphic Novel

Alien [1] : bloodlines

Johnson, Phillip Kennedy, 1970- 2021 Graphic Novel

No one else

Johnson, R. Kikuo 2021 Graphic Novel

Marine scouts

Johnston, Chuck 2021

The cottage

Judson, D. Daniel, 1962- 2021

Tales from the cafe : a novel

Kawaguchi, Toshikazu, 1971- 2021

Afraid of the light

Kennedy, Douglas. 2021

Fear case [1]

Kindt, Matt 2021 Graphic Novel

Dohany Street

LeBor, Adam 2021

Jade legacy

Lee, Fonda 2021

The veiled throne

Liu, Ken, 1976- 2021


MacLeod, Alison, 1964- 2021

Ex libris : a comic

Madden, Matt 2021 Graphic Novel

Road to Rosalee

Magro, Mandy 2021

The woman from Uruguay

Mairal, Pedro, 1970- 2021

Past life

Mark, David John, 1977- 2021


Mattson, James Han 2021

The beautiful words

McCausland, Vanessa 2021

Damascus Station : a novel

McCloskey, David 2021

Shadows in time

McElwain, Julie 2021

Ballad for Sophie

Melo, Filipe 2021 Graphic Novel

False guard

Merwan 2021 Graphic Novel


Milburn, Lane 2021 Graphic Novel

Enemy at the gates

Mills, Kyle, 1966- 2021

Berserk : Volume 9 deluxe edition.

Miura, Kentarō 2021 Graphic Novel


Modan, Rutu 2021 Graphic Novel


Modesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943- 2021

The fortune men

Mohamed, Nadifa, 1981- 2021

Velvet was the night

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia 2021

Visual crime

Moriarty, Jerry 2021 Graphic Novel

Proctor Valley Road [1]

Morrison, Grant 2021 Graphic Novel

Hello, transcriber

Morrissey, Hannah 2021

The shadows of men : a novel

Mukherjee, Abir 2021


Musturi, Tommi, 1975- 2021 Graphic Novel

The cat who saved books : a novel

Natsukawa, Sōsuke, 1978- 2021

A swift and savage tide

Neill, Chloe 2021

Perfect timing : a novel

Nicholls, Owen 2021

Dog park

Oksanen, Sofi, 1977- 2021

Perhaps the stars

Palmer, Ada 2021

The long weekend

Palmer, Fiona 2021


Polzin, Jackie, 1979- 2021

Waiting to begin

Prowse, Amanda 2021

The silent conversation

Ramsay, Caro 2021

The scumbag. Volume two, Moonflower

Remender, Rick 2021 Graphic Novel

The city of mist : stories

Ruiz Zafón, Carlos, 1964-2020 2021

The last checkmate : a novel

Saab, Gabriella 2021

Dracula, son of the dragon

Sable, Mark 2021 Graphic Novel

The mystery of the sorrowful maiden

Saunders, Kate, 1960- 2021

Final table : a novel

Schorr, Dan 2021


Scottoline, Lisa 2021 Large Print

M : son of the century

Scurati, Antonio, 1969- 2021

The strange death of Alex Raymond

Sim, Dave, 1956- 2021 Graphic Novel

Batman : last knight on Earth

Snyder, Scott 2021 Graphic Novel

The short while

Sorese, Jeremy 2021 Graphic Novel

Murder under her skin

Spotswood, Stephen 2021

Flying angels : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2021

The bone shard emperor

Stewart, Andrea 2021

Oh William! : a novel

Strout, Elizabeth 2021


Szal, Jeremy 2021


Tacchia, Miranda 2021 Graphic Novel

End of days : a Pike Logan novel

Taylor, Brad, 1965- 2022

Long shadows

Taylor, Jodi 2021

City of shadows

Thompson, Victoria 2021

Red flowers

Tsuge, Yoshiharu, 1937- 2021 Graphic Novel

The Joker. Volume one

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Graphic Novel

The Department of Truth. Volume 02, The city upon a hill

Tynion, James, IV. 2021 Graphic Novel

Comfort me with apples

Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- 2021

When the war was here

Veletzos, Roxanne 2021

Bitter root. Volume three, Legacy

Walker, David, 1968- 2021 Graphic Novel


Ward, Catriona 2021

The dreaming : waking hours

Wilson, G. Willow, 1982- 2021 Graphic Novel

Criminal mischief

Woods, Stuart 2021

Conan the Barbarian. Vol. 2, Land of the Lotus

Zubkavich, Jim 2021 Graphic Novel


(402 titles)

iPhone for seniors

Spivey, Dwight 2022 004.1675 SPI

Job ready Python

Balti, Haythem 2022 005.133 PYT

The age of AI : and our human future

Kissinger, Henry, 1923- 2021 006.3 KIS

Artificial intelligence

Mueller, John, 1958- 2022 006.3 MUE

Photoshop Elements 2022

Obermeier, Barbara 2022 006.686 OBE

The library : a fragile history

Pettegree, Andrew 2021 027 PET

The transcendentalists and their world

Gross, Robert A., 1945- 2021 141.3 GRO

On consolation : finding solace in dark times

Ignatieff, Michael 2021 152.4 IGN

Varieties of melancholy.

2021 152.4 VAR

The dictionary of obscure sorrows

Koenig, John (Writer) 2021 152.403 KOE

Feeling & knowing : making minds conscious

Damasio, Antonio R. 2021 153 DAM

How to make mistakes on purpose : bring chaos to your order

Rosenwald, Laurie, 1955- 2021 153.35 ROS

Let go

Van Cuylenburg, Hugh 2021 155.24 VAN

Ganbatte! : the Japanese art of always moving forward

Liebermann, Albert, 1968- 2021 158.1 LIE


Auerbach, Annie 2021 158.1082 AUE


Willoughby, Holly, 1981- 2021 158.1082 WIL

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon

Norbury, James 2021 294.34 NOR

The Shikoku Pilgrimage : Japan's sacred trail

Lander, John 2021 294.3435 LAN

A queer dharma : yoga and meditations for liberation

Ballard, Jacoby, 1980- 2021 294.34436 BAL

Audience-ology : how moviegoers shape the films we love

Goetz, Kevin, 1962- 2021 302.2343 GOE

On generational give and take.

2021 305.20993 ON

The greatest feeling in the world

Sattler-Jones, Tim 2021 306.7662092 SAT

My child and other mistakes

Taylor, Ellie 2021 306.8743 TAY

The elements : a widowhood

Lister, Kat 2021 306.883 LIS

Doing the impossible : 3 minutes world silence

Cassini, Mary 2021 327.172 CAS

The rule of laws : a 4,000-year quest to order the world

Pirie, Fernanda, 1964- 2021 340.09 PIR

Error account 3.

346.048 LAI

Ultimate train journeys. World

Richards, Tim (Journalist) 2021 385.22 RIC

Fry's ties

Fry, Stephen, 1957- 2021 391.41 FRY

Tattooed history : the story of mokomokai

Paterson, Robert K., 1946- 2021 391.65 PAT

Teach your dog French

Cakebread, Anne 2021 448.34 CAK

Teach your dog Spanish

Cakebread, Anne 2021 468.34 CAK

Simply astronomy

2021 520 SIM

Blue : in search of nature's rarest color

Kupferschmidt, Kai 2021 535.6 KUP

Pump : a natural history of the heart

Schutt, Bill 2021 573.17 SCH

Rohe Kōreporepo : the swamp, the sacred place

Gallagher, Kathleen, 1957- 2021 577.68 GAL

The sea is not made of water : life between the tides

Nicolson, Adam, 1957- 2021 577.699 NIC

Mushroom botanical art

Fukiharu, Toshimitsu 2021 579.6 FUK

For the love of birds

Steytler, Georgina 2021 598.0994 STE , Large Book

Ripples on the river : celebrating the return of the otter

Campbell, Laurie, 1958- 2021 599.7692 CAM

The cure for good intentions : a doctor's story

Harrison, Sophie 2021 610.695 HAR

The unexpected patient

McInnes, Himali 2021 610.696 MACI

The case for love

Benjamin, A. K. 2021 612.82 BEN

The science of nutrition

Lambert, Rhiannon 2021 613.2 LAM

Why meditate? : because it works

Lavender, Jillian 2021 615.852 LAV

The deep places : a memoir of illness and discovery

Douthat, Ross Gregory, 1979- 2021 616.9246 DOU

Back pain : bridging the gap between mind and body

Goonewardena, Kusal 2021 617.564 GOO

Don't sweat it : how to make 'the change' a good one

Pellegrino, Nicky 2022 618.175 PEL

The mother project

Beresiner, Sophie 2021 618.178 BER

Ferguson : a farming revolution

Bolton, Tim 2021 629.2252 BOL

Food from the Mediterranean

2021 641.591822 FOO


Tish, Ben 2021 641.59458 TIS

Foolproof freezer : 60 fuss-free dishes that make the most of your freezer

Woods, Rebecca (Editor of cookbooks) 2021 641.6153 WOO

The biscuit : the history of a very British indulgence

Collingham, E. M. 2021 641.8654 COL

How to sew sustainably : recycling, reusing, and remaking with fabric

Ward, Wendy (Fashion designer) 2021 646.2 WAR

A guide to film and TV cosplay

Swinyard, Holly 2021 646.478 SWI

Breastfeeding uncovered : who really decides how we feed our babies?

Brown, Amy (College teacher) 2021 649.33 BRO

How to understand art

Benton, Janetta Rebold, 1945- 2021 701.1 BEN

How to enjoy art : a guide for everyone

Street, Ben, 1978- 2021 701.1 STR

Creation : art since the beginning

Stonard, John-Paul, 1973- 2021 709 STO

Botanical buildings : plants + architecture

Baehner, Judith 2021 724.7 BAE

A house with a pool

2021 725.74 HOU

Small : house and interiors

Visser, Marjolein 2021 728.37 VIS

The radical potter : the life and times of Josiah Wedgwood

Hunt, Tristram, 1974- 2021 738.092 WED

Sketching for the absolute beginner

Cronin, Peter (Artist) 2022 741.2 CRO

The periodic table of Marvel

Scott, Melanie 2021 741.5973 SCO

Graphis poster annual.

741.67 GRA year 2022 , Large Book

Woman made : great women designers

Hall, Jane (Writer on architecture) 2021 745.4092 HAL

Furoshiki and the Japanese art of gift wrapping

Kakita, Tomoko 2021 745.54 KAK

Free-motion combinations : unlimited quilting designs

Cameli, Christina, 1976- 2021 746.46 CAM

Karl : no regrets

Hourcade, Patrick 2021 746.92092 LAG

Atlas of interior design

Bradbury, Dominic 2021 747 BRA

Victoria Hagan : live now

Hagan, Victoria 2021 747.092 HAG

Collected interiors : rooms that tell a story

Mitchell, Christopher, (Interior designer) 2021 747.092 MIT

Life in a French Country House : Entertaining for All Seasons.

Castellane, Cordelia de 2021 747.0944 CAS

A sea glass journey : ebb and flow

Hall, Teri, 1958- 2021 748.5 HAL

Banksy : completed

Diehl, Carol 2021 751.73092 BAN

Roar! : a collection of mighty women

Longshore, Ashley 2021 759.13 LON , Large Book

Van Gogh and the artists he loved

Naifeh, Steven, 1952- 2021 759.9492 VAN

Kees Bruin : visions of the real

Stringer, John C. 2021 759.993 BRU

Kelcy Taratoa : who am I? episode 001

Feeney, Warren, 1956- 2021 759.993 TAR


Bate, David, 1956- 2021 779 BAT


Leibovitz, Annie, 1949- 2021 779.2092 LEI

Beaumonster : a memoir

Dayton, Jesse, 1966- 2021 786.9 DAY

Led Zeppelin : the biography

Spitz, Bob 2021 786.9 LED

Van Morrison : the ultimate music guide.

2021 786.9 MOR , Large Book

How to be a rock star

Ryder, Shaun, 1962- 2021 786.9 RYD

Bunnyman : a memoir

Sergeant, Will, 1958- 2021 786.9 SER

The first 21 : how I became Nikki Sixx

Sixx, Nikki, 1958- 2021 786.9 SIX

Being Britney : pieces of a modern icon : a biography

Bickerdike, Jennifer Otter 2021 786.9 SPE

Springsteen : glory days 1949-2021

2021 786.9 SPR , Large Book

Ten masterpieces of music

Sachs, Harvey, 1946- 2021 788 SAC

Mozart in motion : his work and his world in pieces

Mackie, Patrick, 1974- 2021 789 MOZ

Nina Simone's gum

Ellis, Warren, 1965- 2021 790.132 ELL

Solid Ivory : memoirs

Ivory, James 2021 791.43023 IVO

Woke up this morning : the definitive oral history of The Sopranos

Imperioli, Michael, 1966- 2021 791.4572 IMP

Madly marvelous : the costumes of the marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Zakowska, Donna, 1954- 2021 791.4572 ZAK

A modern man : the best of George Carlin

Carlin, George, 1937-2008 2021 792.76 CAR

New Zealand cricket almanack.

796.358 NEW year 2021

100 poets : a little anthology

Carey, John, 1934- 2021 808.81 CAR

Against silence

Bidart, Frank, 1939- 2021 811 BID

Some things I still can't tell you : poems

Collins, Misha 2021 811 COL

Black girl, call home

Mans, Jasmine 2021 811 MAN

Call us what we carry : poems

Gorman, Amanda, 1998- 2021 811.08 GOR

Tony Hillerman : a life

Morris, James McGrath 2021 813 HIL

Dark tourist : essays

Sirisena, Hasanthika 2021 814 SIR

All the names given

Antrobus, Raymond 2021 821 ANT

Carve the runes : selected poems

Brown, George Mackay 2021 821 BRO

The extasie

Gallas, John, 1950- 2021 821 GAL

The gift of everything

Leav, Lang 2021 821 LEA

Making darkness light : a life of John Milton

Moshenska, Joe, 1983- 2021 821 MIL


Muldoon, Paul 2021 821 MUL

My grandfather is a canoe

Tafuna'i, Faumuina Felolini Maria 2021 821 TAF

Plays one

Wade, Laura 2021 822 WAD

More rules for life : a special volume for enthusiasts

Flanagan, Kitty, 1968- 2021 827 FLA

We travelled : essays and poems

Hare, David, 1947- 2021 828 HAR

The Greeks : a global history

Beaton, Roderick 2021 909 BEA

Destination pride

Collins, Andrew 2021 910.202 COL

The highlands

Murton, Paul 2021 914.115 MUR

London's secret square mile

Long, David, 1961- 2021 914.21 LON


Di Duca, Marc 2021 914.3 DID


Averbuck, Alexis, 1972- 2021 914.4 AVE , + map


Atkinson, Brett 2021 914.5 ATK

Ciao bella! : six take Italy

Langbroek, Kate 2021 914.5 LAN

Naples, Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast

Bonetto, Cristian 2021 914.57 BON


Clark, Gregor (Travel writer) 2021 914.6 CLA


Clark, Gregor (Travel writer) 2021 914.69 CLA


Harper, Daimian 2021 915.1 HAR

Hong Kong

Parkes, Lorna 2021 915.125 PAR


Harper, Damian 2021 915.19 HAR


O'Malley, Thomas (Lifestyle writer) 2021 915.19 OMA


Milner, Rebecca 2021 915.2 REB


Milner, Rebecca 2021 915.2135 MIL

Another Bangkok : reflections on the city

Kerr, Alex, 1952- 2021 915.93 KER

Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Richmond, Simon 2021 915.95 RIC


Ray, Nick (Travel writer) 2021 915.96 RAY


Harding, Paul 2021 915.99 HAR


Lee, Jessica 2021 916.2 LEE

South Africa

Briggs, Philip 2021 916.8 BRI


Armstrong, Kate (Travel writer) 2021 917.2 ARM , + map

The rough guide to the USA

Edwards, Maria (Travel writer) 2021 917.3 EDW


2021 917.59 FLO


Sainsbury, Brendan 2021 918.5 SAI

New Zealand

Desplaces, Jamie Christian 2021 919.3 DES

Ultimate weekends Australia

Shaw, Emma 2021 919.4 SHA

South Australia & Northern Territory.

Ham, Anthony 2021 919.42 HAM

Adrift in Melbourne : seven walks with

Annear, Robyn 2021 919.451 ANN


Rawlings-Way, Charles 2021 919.46 RAW

Nero : the man behind the myth

Opper, Thorsten 2021 937.07092 NER , Large Book

Muslims and the making of modern Europe

Greble, Emily, 1978- 2021 940.088297 GRE

The bright ages : a new history of medieval Europe

Gabriele, Matthew 2021 940.1 GAB

Escaping Hitler's bunker : the fate of the Third Reich's leaders

Boer, Sjoerd J. de, 1972- 2021 940.54213 BOE

The stink : and other WW2 stories of a Wellington soldier

Adams, Carolyn, 1948- 2021 940.5423 ADA

Lightning down : a World War II story of survival

Clavin, Thomas 2021 940.547243 CLA

The last king of America : the misunderstood reign of George III

Roberts, Andrew, 1963- 2021 941.073092 GEO

Neville Chamberlain : the passionate radical

Reid, Walter, 1944- 2021 941.084092 CHA

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine : founding an empire

Lewis, Matthew (British historian) 2021 942.031 LEW

Real Oxford

McGuinness, Patrick 2021 942.574 MACG


2021 944.361 PAR

Lost paradise : the story of Granada

Drayson, Elizabeth 2021 946.82 DRA

Antwerp : the glory years

Pye, Michael, 1946- 2021 949.3 PYE

Mud sweeter than honey : voices of communist Albania

Rejmer, Małgorzata 2021 949.65 REJ

War in the Pacific. Storm approaching 1931-1941

Harmsen, Peter (Journalist) 2021 950.41 HAR

Wild grass : China's revolution from below

Johnson, Ian, 1962 July 27- 2021 951.06 JOH

Lives between the lines : a journey in search of the lost Levant

Vatikiotis, Michael R. J., 1957- 2021 956 VAT

Volunteers : growing up in the forever war

Alexander, Jerad W., 1980- 2021 956.70443 ALE

Twelve tribes : promise and peril in the new Israel

Michaeli, Ethan 2021 956.9405 MIC

Whispers of hope : a family memoir of Myanmar

Mabey, Christopher, 1951- 2021 959.105 MAB

An Afro-Indigenous history of the United States

Mays, Kyle T., 1987- 2021 973.0496 MAY

The shattering : America in the 1960s

Boyle, Kevin, 1960- 2021 973.92 BOY

Wildland : the making of America's fury

Osnos, Evan, 1976- 2021 973.93 OSN

On that day : the definitive timeline of 911 /

Arkin, William M. 2021 973.931 ARK

The streets of Tawa

Murray, Bruce, 1940- 2021 993.63 MUR

William Blake vs the world

Higgs, John 2021 Biography B BLA

Odd boy out

Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- 2021 Biography B BRA

All about me! : my remarkable life in show business

Brooks, Mel. 2021 Biography B BRO

Concepcion : an immigrant family's fortunes

Samaha, Albert 2021 Biography B CON

Going there

Couric, Katie, 1957- 2021 Biography B COU

House fires

Franta, Connor, 1992- 2021 Biography B FRA

Coming clean : a true story of love, addiction and recovery

Fraser, Liz, 1974- 2021 Biography B FRA

Spider woman : a life

Hale, Brenda 2021 Biography B HAL

The secret diary of a British Muslim aged 13 34 /

Ilyas, Tez 2021 Biography B ILY

Four funerals, no marriage : a memoir

Keren, Mike 2021 Biography B KER

Prince Philip 1921-2021 : a celebration

Clarke, Deborah (Curator) 2021 Biography B PHI

Unprotected : a memoir

Porter, Billy 2021 Biography B POR

Heiresses : the lives of the million dollar babies

Thompson, Laura, 1964- 2021 Biography Bc THO

Tongchuan gen zong kuang sha ren shi jian

Shimizu, Kiyoshi, 1958- 2021 Foreign Language 364.1523 SHI Chines

Gou tong de fang fa = Link up

Tuo, Buhua 2021 Foreign Language 658.45 TUO Chinese

Moi͡a temnai͡a Vanessa

Russell, Kate Elizabeth 2021 Foreign Language 813 RUS Russian

Liebes kind

Hausmann, Romy, 1981- 2021 Foreign Language 833 HAU German

Bezumstvo Mazarini

Bussi, Michel, 1965- 2021 Foreign Language 843 BUS Russian

Et toujours les Forêts : roman

Collette, Sandrine, 1970- 2021 Foreign Language 843 COL French

La plus secrète mémoire des hommes : roman

Mbougar Sarr, Mohamed, 1990- 2021 Foreign Language 843 MBO French

Chasy akademika Sikorskogo : roman

Aleksandrova, N. 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 ALE Russian

Ladanka Zhanny d'Ark

Aleksandrova, N. 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 ALE Russian

Ozernye strasti : roman

Ali͡ushina, Tatʹi͡ana 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 ALI Russian

Ivan Groznyĭ na Malʹdivakh : roman

Dont͡sova, Darʹi͡a 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 DON Russian

Вещие сны Храпунцель : роман

Dont͡sova, Darʹi͡a 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 DON Russian

Zlye deti

Gruni͡ushkin, Dmitriĭ Sergeevich 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 GRU Russian


Gurina, I͡Ulii͡a 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 GUR Russian

Ne razleĭ voda

Mironina, Natalii͡a 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 MIR Russian

Vrata Vremeni : roman

Shtorm, Mikhail 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 SHT Russian

Blizkie vragi : roman

Sobolevskai͡a, Natalʹi͡a 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 SOB Russian

Vzaperti : roman

Svechin, Nikolaĭ 2021 Foreign Language 891.73 SVE Russian

Wei chen

Chen, Nianxi 2021 Foreign Language 895.13 CHE Chinese

Hai bian de fang jian

Huang, Liqun. 2021 Foreign Language 895.13 HUA Chinese

Zui an gu shi : ru zhui shen yuan. Volume 1

Li, Miao 2021 Foreign Language 895.13 LI Chinese

Sono baketsu dewa mizu ga kumenai

Asukai, Chisa 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 ASU Japanese


Hamanaka, Aki, 1976- 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 HAM Chinese

Daburyū kenkei no higeki

Hamanaka, Aki, 1976- 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 HAM Japanese

Hakuchō to kōmori

Higashino, Keigo, 1958- 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 HIG Japanese

Yozora ni oyogu chokorētoguramī

Machida, Sonoko 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 MAC Japanese

Kinō ga nakereba ashita mo nai

Miyabe, Miyuki 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 MIY Japanese


Nishi, Kanako 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 NIS Japanese

JR Takadanobaba-eki Toyamaguchi

Yū, Miri, 1968- 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 YU Japanese

Odoru kanojo no shiruetto

Yuzuki, Asako 2021 Foreign Language 895.63 YUZ Japanese

O vsekh sozdanii͡akh -- prekrasnykh i razumnykh

Herriot, James 2021 Foreign Language B HER Russian


(27 titles)


Motion picture (DVD)

Big deal.

Documentary (DVD)


Television program (DVD)

Blue bayou

Motion picture (DVD)

Body brokers

Motion picture (DVD)

Broken trail : the complete mini series.

Television program (DVD)

Fanny Lye deliver'd.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Gunpowder milkshake

Motion picture (DVD)

Halloween kills

Motion picture (DVD)

Life in colour

Documentary (DVD)

Mare of Easttown

Television program (DVD)

Midsomer murders. Season 22, Part 1

Television program (DVD)

No man of God

Motion picture (DVD)

No time to die

Motion picture (Bluray)

No time to die

Motion picture (DVD)

Occupation. Rainfall.

Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (DVD)

Pompeii : sin city.

Documentary (DVD)

The assassination bureau

Motion picture (Bluray)

The comeback trail

Motion picture (DVD)

The match

Motion picture (DVD)

The mole agent.

Documentary (DVD)

The Nevers. Season 1, Part 1.

Television program (DVD)


(84 titles)


Aeon Station 2021 CD Popular

Vulture prince.

Aftab, Arooj, 1985- 2021 Vinyl World

Ocean to ocean.

Amos, Tori, 1963- 2021 CD Popular

As days get dark.

Arab Strap 2021 CD Popular


Band (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular


Bartoli, Cecilia 2021 CD Singers

Gold lamé.

Bathgate, Alec 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

The indifferent velvet void.

Bathgate, Alec 2021 Vinyl New Zealand


Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990 2021 CD Musicals


Big Brave 2021 CD Metal

El camino

Black Keys 2021 CD Popular

Homeward bound.

Blake, Johnathan, 1976- 2021 CD Jazz

First flight to Tokyo : the lost 1961 recordings

Blakey, Art, 1919-1990 2021 CD Jazz

One year.

Blunstone, Colin, 1945- 2021 CD Popular

The stars beneath my feet (2004-2021).

Blunt, James, 1977- 2021 CD Popular


Bowie, David 2021 CD Popular

3 sonatas

Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897 2021 CD Other instruments

Ballades ; Piano Sonata No.3 ; Chaconne

Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897 2021 CD Piano

The 9 symphonies

Bruckner, Anton, 1824-1896 2021 CD Symphonies


Bug (Musician) 2021 CD Electronica

Trio sonatas, op. 2

Buxtehude, Dietrich, 1637-1707 2021 CD Trios

Live in Brighton 1975.

Can 2021 CD Experimental

Un violon a Paris

Capuçon, Renaud 2021 CD Violin

Live at Blues Alley.

Cassidy, Eva, 1963-1996 2021 CD Popular


Chen, Tony Yan Tong 2021 CD Piano

@0 mix by Coldcut x Mixmaster Morris.

Coldcut 2021 CD Electronica

Bloodmoon. I.

Converge 2021 CD Metal

Infinite granite.

Deafheaven 2021 CD Popular


DJ Seinfeld 2021 CD Electronica

Planet Her.

Doja Cat, 1995- 2021 CD Popular

Flying dream 1.

Elbow 2021 CD Popular

Seventeen going under.

Fender, Sam, 1994- 2021 CD Popular

Flat white moon.

Field Music 2021 CD Popular


Funke, Maxine 2021 Vinyl New Zealand


Geese (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Next is now.

Goldman, Vivien, 1952- 2021 CD Popular

BBC sessions.

Green Day 2021 CD Punk

If words were flowers.

Harding, Curtis, 1979- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Fleuves de l’âme.

Hedfi, Houeida 2021 CD Tunisia

Ritual divination.

Here Lies Man 2021 CD Popular

Open door policy

Hold Steady 2021 CD Popular

Music for psychedelic therapy.

Hopkins, Jon, 1979- 2021 CD New age


Ingram, Christone "Kingfish", 1999- 2021 CD Blues

The solution is restless

Joan As Police Woman, 1970- 2021 CD Popular

Private space

Jones, Durand 2021 CD Soul/R&B


King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard 2021 CD Popular

L.A.B. V.

L. A. B 2021 CD New Zealand

Lonely Guest.

Lonely Guest 2021 CD Popular


Lumineers 2022 CD Popular

The Waylon sessions.

McNally, Shannon, 1973- 2021 CD Country M

String quartets

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix 2021 CD Quartets

Mitridate, re di ponto

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 2021 CD Operas

Symphonies 38 & 39

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 2021 CD Symphonies

Nevermind : 30th anniversary edition.

Nirvana (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Knebworth 1996 [bonus DVD].

Oasis 2021 CD Popular


Parker, Jeff, 1967- 2021 CD Jazz

Tabula rasa

Pärt, Arvo 2021 CD Orchestral

Fir wave.

Peel, Hannah, 1985- 2021 CD Electronica

Welcome break.

Pip Blom 2021 CD Popular

Elvis back in Nashville.

Presley, Elvis, 1935-1977 2021 CD Popular

Achante et Céphise

Rameau, Jean-Philippe, 1683-1764 2021 CD Operas

Iowa dream.

Russell, Arthur, 1951-1992 2021 CD Popular


Sheeran, Ed, 1991- 2021 CD Popular

Space 1.8.

Sinephro, Nala, 1996- 2021 CD Jazz


Snail Mail, 1999- 2021 CD Popular

Honest Labour.

Space Afrika 2021 CD Electronica

Tell me what you miss the most.

Tasha 2021 CD American folk

Symphony N⁰ 6 'Pathétique' ; Romeo & Juliet

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893 2021 CD Symphonies


Texas (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Hopelessly in love.

Thompson, Carroll, 1960- 2021 CD Reggae

At my piano.

Wilson, Brian, 1942- 2021 CD Popular


Young, Neil, 1945- 2021 CD Popular


2021 CD Bands


2021 CD Cello

Four visions of France

2021 CD Concertos/Cello


2021 CD Singers


2021 CD Singers


(126 titles)

When I'm big

Bailey, Ella 2021 Picture Book

Aaron Slater, illustrator

Beaty, Andrea 2021 Picture Book

That's no dino! : or is it? : what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur

Becker, Helaine 2021 Non-fiction / Science

I am Dog!

Bently, Peter, 1960- 2021 Picture Book

Catwad : you're making me six

Benton, Jim 2021 Comic

Hello, Mr Tiger! : a lift-the-flap book

Boughton, Sam 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Lucy in the sky

Brinkman, Kiara 2021 Comic

Batman and Robin and Howard

Brown, Jeffrey, 1975- 2021 Comic

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Halloween trick or treat

Carle, Eric 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


Cashmore, Claire 2021 Picture Book

Future worlds : a guide to the planet of tomorrow

Claybourne, Anna 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The long-lost secret diary of the world's worst viking

Collins, Tim, 1975- 2021 Chapter Book

The long-lost secret diary of the world's worst engineers

Collins, Tim, 1975- 2021 Chapter Book

Lift and look : bees

Cottingham, Tracy 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The Wiggles explore a construction site

Crupi, Jaclyn 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The Wiggles explore a hospital

Crupi, Jaclyn 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Rescuing Titanic

Delargy, Flora 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The naughtiest girl keeps a secret

Digby, Anne, 1935- 2021 Chapter Book

The naughtiest girl saves the day

Digby, Anne, 1935- 2021 Chapter Book

The naughtiest girl wants to win

Digby, Anne, 1935- 2021 Chapter Book

The naughtiest girl marches on

Digby, Anne, 1935- 2021 Chapter Book

The dragon's gold

English, Alex 2021 Chapter Book

With great power : the marvelous Stan Lee : an unauthorized biography

Eriksen, Annie Hunter 2021 Non-fiction / Biography


Fernández, Kelly 2021 Comic

Crowbar : the smartest bird in the world

George, Jean Craighead, 1919-2012 2021 Chapter Book

The King's medal

Gill, Maria, 1961- 2021 Chapter Book


Gish, Melissa 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Kondo & Kezumi visit Giant Island

Goodner, David 2021 Chapter Book

143-storey treehouse

Griffiths, Andy, 1961- 2021 Audiobook on CD

Cold War correspondent

Hale, Nathan, 1976- 2021 Comic

Amethyst, princess of Gemworld

Hale, Shannon 2021 Comic

Kitty and the starlight song

Harrison, Paula 2021 Chapter Book

Hokusai : he saw the world in a wave

Hodge, Susie, 1960- 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Walking for water : how one boy stood up for gender equality

Hughes, Susan, 1960- 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Shadows on the mountain

Hunter, Erin 2021 Chapter Book


Jenner, Elizabeth 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Olive Oh saves Saturday

Kim, Tina (Children's author) 2021 Chapter Book

Big shot

Kinney, Jeff 2021 Audiobook on CD

200 spells for the young witch & wizard

Knickerbocker, Kilkenny 2021 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Sharing a smile

Kramar, Nicki 2021 Picture Book

Wiggle, walk, wash! : baby's first animals

Kruszynski, Elliot 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Hop aboard! : baby's first vehicles

Kruszynski, Elliot 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Dear little one

Laden, Nina 2021 Picture Book

The pirate mums

Lancet-Grant, Jodie 2021 Picture Book

Orcs! [1]

Larsen, Christine (Illustrator) 2021 Comic

Murder on the Safari Star

Leonard, M. G. 2021 Chapter Book


Llorca, Francisco 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Game of scones

Luper, Eric 2021 Chapter Book

Karen's little sister

Martin, Ann M., 1955- 2021 Chapter Book

Ocean habitats

Martin, Claudia 2021 Non-fiction / Science

A bedtime full of stories

McAllister, Angela 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Lucy Newton : cat trouble

McArthur, Phoebe 2021 Chapter Book

Judy Moody and friends collection

McDonald, Megan 2021 Audiobook on CD

Inspector Penguin Investigates

McLaughlin, Eoin. 2021 Picture Book

Hugless Douglas goes camping

Melling, David 2021 Picture Book

Ruffles and the red, red coat

Melling, David 2021 Picture Book

Plagues and pandemics

Messner, Kate 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Night owl

Mlynowski, Sarah 2021 Chapter Book

North and south

Morris, Sandra, 1952- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

How to grow a unicorn

Morrisroe, Rachel 2021 Picture Book

Hazard rules

Mugford, Simon 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Neymar rules

Mugford, Simon 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

A home under the stars

Musser, Andy Chou 2021 Picture Book

This book is cruelty free : animals and us

Newbery, Linda 2021 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Candidly Cline

Ormsbee, Katie 2021 Chapter Book

Katt loves Dogg

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 Chapter Book

Sweater weather

Phelan, Matt 2021 Picture Book

The same but different

Potter, Molly 2021 Picture Book

Extra weird creatures

Powers, Mark (Children's story writer) 2021 Chapter Book

Inferno New Year

Quinn, Jordan 2021 Comic

I am angry

Rosen, Michael, 1946- 2021 Picture Book

Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban

Rowling, J. K. 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Gladys the magic chicken

Rubin, Adam, 1983- 2021 Picture Book

Rest your body

Rustad, Martha E. H. 1975- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Children of the fox

Sands, Kevin 2021 Chapter Book

Funland frights

Sazaklis, John 2021 Chapter Book

Ski trip terror

Sazaklis, John 2021 Chapter Book

Know your senses

Schuh, Mari C., 1975- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Web of Spider-Man

Shinick, Kevin, 1969- 2021 Comic

The memory thieves

Simpson, Darren 2021 Chapter Book

The creature of Habit

Smith, Jennifer E., 1980- 2021 Picture Book

Wave riders

St. John, Lauren, 1966- 2021 Chapter Book

The story of Matthew Buzzington

Stanton, Andy 2021 Chapter Book

Prank ninjas ; and, Next level

Stanton, Matt (Illustrator) 2021 Audiobook on CD

The big book of engines

Stead, Emily 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Superman and the big bounty

Steele, Michael Anthony 2021 Chapter Book

The book that did not want to be read

Sundin, David 2021 Picture Book

Batgirl and the queen of green

Sutton, Laurie S. 2021 Chapter Book


Swender, Jennifer 2021 Chapter Book

Britannica first big book of why

Symes, Sally 2021 Non-fiction / General Stuff

The me I choose to be

Tarpley, Natasha 2021 Picture Book

Stealing home

Torres, J., 1969- 2021 Comic

XO, Exoplanet

Underwood, Deborah 2021 Children PIcture Book UND

I am courage : a book of resilience

Verde, Susan 2021 Picture Book

Marshmallow Pie the cat superstar on stage

Vulliamy, Clara 2021 Chapter Book


Ward, Sarah (Illustrator) 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


Ward, Sarah, (Illustrator) 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Pinkie promises

Warren, Elizabeth 2021 Picture Book

Land of lost things

Weldon, Cat 2021 Chapter Book

Dragons are the worst!

Willan, Alex 2021 Picture Book

Opposites abstract

Willems, Mo 2021 Picture Book


Wissinger, Mary 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Protons and neutrons

Wissinger, Mary 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Three little Vikings

Woollvin, Bethan 2021 Picture Book

1234 cake!

Wright, Caroline 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Tangled up in luck

Wyatt, Merrill 2021 Chapter Book

Everybody in the red brick building

Wynter, Anne 2021 Picture Book

Dad bakes

Yamasaki, Katie 2021 Picture Book


Yoon, Helen 2021 Picture Book

Alice's food A to Z

Zaslavsky, Alice 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Dreadtime stories

Zombie, Zack (Fictitious character) 2021 Chapter Book

Explanatorium of history

2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History


2021 Non-fiction / Science

Pets : see how they grow.

2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Pop songs for kids.

2021 Non-fiction / The Arts


(80 titles)

The righteous

Ahdieh, Renée 2021 Fiction


Ahokoivu, Mari, 1984- 2021 Comic

Here's to us

Albertalli, Becky 2021 Fiction

Children of the atom. Vol. 1

Ayala, Vita 2021 Comic


Bennett, M. A., 1972- 2021 Fiction

Iron Man [2] : books of Korvac II : overclock

Cantwell, Christopher 2021 Comic

Empress & Aniya

Carty-Williams, Candice, 1989- 2021 Fiction

Creatures of the night

Collins, Grace (Fantasy writer) 2021 Fiction

Little universes

Demetrios, Heather 2021 Fiction

The boyband murder mystery

Eldred, Ava 2021 Fiction

Spy x family. 4

Endō, Tatsuya, 1980- 2021 Comic

All of us villains

Foody, Amanda 2021 Fiction

Cheer up! : love and pompoms

Frasier, Crystal 2021 Comic

Marvel meow

Fuji, Nao 2021 Comic

Haikyu!! 44, The greatest opponent

Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- 2021 Comic

My hero academia : vigilantes. Volume 11

Furuhashi, Hideyuki, 1971- 2021 Comic

You'd be home now

Glasgow, Kathleen, 1969- 2021 Fiction


Greene, Jarad 2021 Comic

Sound of everything

Henry, Rebecca 2021 Fiction

X-Corp. Vol. 1

Howard, Tini 2021 Comic

Reign of X. Volume 5

Howard, Tini 2021 Comic

The Jasmine Project

Ireland, Meredith 2021 Fiction

Beastars. Volume 13

Itagaki, Paru, 1993- 2021 Comic

Beastars. Volume 14

Itagaki, Paru, 1993- 2021 Comic

Beastars. Volume 15

Itagaki, Paru, 1993- 2021 Comic

Far sector

Jemisin, N. K 2021 Comic

Superman : the one who fell

Johnson, Phillip Kennedy, 1970- 2021 Comic

The pick-up

Kenneally, Miranda 2021 Fiction

Poison Ivy : thorns

Keplinger, Kody 2021 Comic

The five clues

Kessel, Anthony 2021 Fiction

Justice League : endless winter

Lanning, Andy 2021 Comic

Splinters of sunshine

Lawrence, Patrice 2021 Fiction

Whistle : a new Gotham City hero

Lockhart, E 2021 Comic

You'll be the death of me

McManus, Karen M. 2021 Fiction

Girls of fate and fury

Ngan, Natasha 2021 Fiction

X-Men legends. Vol. 1, The missing links

Nicieza, Fabian 2021 Comic

Komi can't communicate. Volume 13

Oda, Tomohito, 1991- 2021 Comic

Komi can't communicate. Vol. 14

Oda, Tomohito, 1991- 2021 Comic

Nineteen eighty-four

Orwell, George, 1903-1950 2021 Fiction

City of the Dead

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 Fiction

Official Fortnite : the chronicle 2022

Pettman, Kevin 2021 Non-fiction

The Grimrose girls

Pohl, Laura. 2021 Fiction

Dreams lie beneath

Ross, Rebecca 2021 Fiction

Runaways [6] : come away with me

Rowell, Rainbow 2021 Comic

Aristotle and Dante dive into the waters of the world

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire 2021 Fiction


Sallah, Alissa 2021 Comic


Sanderson, Brandon 2021 Fiction

The other Merlin

Schneider, Robyn. 2021 Fiction

Before we were blue

Schwartz, E. J 2021 Fiction

The impure. Vol. 1

Singh, Ralf 2021 Comic

The king of Koraha

Snyder, Maria V. 2021 Fiction

Star Wars : war of the bounty hunters

Soule, Charles 2021 Comic

Sinister war

Spencer, Nick 2021 Comic

The coldest touch

Sterling, Isabel 2021 Fiction

I am not Starfire

Tamaki, Mariko 2021 Comic

The immortal Hulk : great power

Taylor, Tom, 1978- 2021 Comic

Black Widow [2] : I am the Black Widow

Thompson, Kelly, 1976- 2021 Comic

Black butler. 30

Toboso, Yana, 1984- 2021 Comic

Dragon Ball super. 13, Battles abound

Toriyama, Akira, 1955- 2021 Comic

Wynd. Book one, The flight of the prince

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Comic

The Violent season

Walters, Sara, 1990- 2021 Fiction

Lumberjanes [18] : horticultural horizons

Watters, Shannon 2021 Comic

Lumberjanes [20] : end of summer

Watters, Shannon 2021 Comic

It's not you, it's me

Williams, Gabrielle (Young adult author) 2021 Fiction

BatmanSuperman. Volume 2, World's deadliest

Williamson, Joshua 2021 Comic

Strange Academy [1] : first class

Young, Skottie 2021 Comic

Strange Academy : bright side

Young, Skottie 2021 Comic

Girls with rebel souls

Young, Suzanne 2021 Fiction

Spider-Man : Spider's shadow

Zdarsky, Chip 2021 Comic

Iron widow

Zhao, Xiran Jay 2021 Fiction

Star Wars. Legends.

2021 Comic


2021 Fiction


(484 titles)

On Juneteenth

Gordon-Reed, Annette 2021 eBook Overdrive

Feel your way through : a book of poetry

Ballerini, Kelsea, 1993- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The genius of Jesus : the man who changed everything

McManus, Erwin Raphael 2021 eBook Overdrive

The burning

Kellerman, Jonathan 2021 eBook Overdrive


Kellerman, Jonathan 2021 eBook Overdrive

The man who lived underground

Wright, Richard, 1908-1960 2021 eBook Overdrive

A calling for Charlie Barnes

Ferris, Joshua 2021 eBook Overdrive

A little devil in America : notes in praise of Black performance

Abdurraqib, Hanif, 1983- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Shy : how being quiet can lead to success

Ridout, Annie 2021 eBook Overdrive

Where after

Clarke, Mariel Forde 2021 eBook Overdrive

Animal train

Do, Anh 2021 eBook Overdrive

Aurora's end

Kaufman, Amie 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Legends unite

Do, Anh 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

A history of love and hate in 21 statues

Hughes, Peter 2021 eBook Overdrive

Jane Austen, early and late

Johnston, Freya 2021 eBook Overdrive

The attack

Jinks, Catherine, 1963- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The year of the end : a memoir

Theroux, Anne 2021 eBook Overdrive

The library : a fragile history

Pettegree, Andrew 2021 eBook Overdrive

Something new under the sun : a novel

Kleeman, Alexandra 2021 eBook Overdrive

How far you have come : musings on beauty and courage

Nichols, Morgan Harper, 1990- 2021 eBook Overdrive

AUP new poets. 8

Holloway, Lily 2021 eBook Overdrive

Cuba : an American history

Ferrer, Ada 2021 eBook Overdrive

How God works

DeSteno, David 2021 eBook Overdrive

Empire and jihad : the Anglo-Arab wars of 1870-1920

Faulkner, Neil 2021 eBook Overdrive

(M)otherhood : on the choices of being a woman

Agarwal, Pragya 2021 eBook Overdrive

How beautiful we were

Mbue, Imbolo. 2021 eBook Overdrive

Dad bakes

Yamasaki, Katie 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Dream street

Walker, Tricia Elam 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The Excalibur curse

White, Kiersten 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Juan Hormiga

Roldán, Gustavo 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The longest storm

Yaccarino, Dan 2021 eBook Overdrive

Truth or lie : cats!

Perl, Erica S 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The big bath house

Maclear, Kyo, 1970- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Uni the unicorn in the real world

Rosenthal, Paris 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Little Witch Hazel : a year in the forest

Wahl, Phoebe 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The shattered crown

Martineau, Maxym M 2021 eBook Overdrive

How fast is the flash?

Armstrong, Victoria 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Explanatorium of history.

2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Explorers : riveting reads for curious kids

Platt, Richard 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Hurricane and tornado

Challoner, Jack 2021 Children eBook Overdrive


2021 Children eBook Overdrive

My book of stars and planets

Patel, Parshati 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Nature's treasures

Hoare, Ben 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Last gamer standing

Zhao, Katie 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The legend of the maze

Stilton, Thea 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Keep it together, Keiko Carter

Michiko Florence, Debbi. 2020 Children eBook Overdrive


Freeman, Megan E. 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Have you seen Gordon?

Epstein, Adam Jay 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Dear little one

Laden, Nina 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Time for school, little blue truck

Schertle, Alice 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Téo's tutu

Macias, Maryann Jacob 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Rez dogs

Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

J.D. and the great barber battle

Dillard, J. 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The many meanings of Meilan

Wang, Andrea 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Maya and the robot

Ewing, Eve L. 2021 eBook Overdrive

The other Merlin

Schneider, Robyn 2021 eBook Overdrive

Rumble, rumble, dinosaur

Charman, Katrina 2021 eBook Overdrive

Wishyouwas : the tiny guardian of lost letters

Page, Alexandra 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Medusa : the girl behind the myth

Burton, Jessie, 1982- 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive


Shusterman, Neal 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Bei Bei goes home : a panda story

Bardoe, Cheryl, 1971- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

My day with the panye

Charles, Tami 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Terciel and Elinor

Nix, Garth. 2022 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

New in town

Cornell, Kevin 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

A whole lot of lemonade jones

Bell, Davina 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Michael Jordan

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The magical imperfect

Baron, Chris (Christopher Leigh) 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

A unicorn named sparkle and the perfect valentine

Young, Amy 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Tornadoes : riveting reads for curious kids

Allaby, Michael 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

One for sorrow

Sugg, Zoe, 1990- 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The goody

Child, Lauren 2021 Children eBook Overdrive


MacQuitty, Miranda 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The night the moon went missing

Kearney, Brendan (Illustrator) 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

See how they grow pets.

2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Sports : facts at your fingertips

Gifford, Clive 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Star Wars character encyclopedia

Beecroft, Simon 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Weddings and wishes

Gregg, Stacy 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Sisters of the Neversea

Smith, Cynthia Leitich 2021 Children eBook Overdrive


Selznick, Brian 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The keepers of the empire

Stilton, Geronimo 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Lala's words

Zhang, Gracey 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Beasts and beauty : dangerous tales

Chainani, Soman 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The butterfly lion

Morpurgo, Michael 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Dancing and dreams

Gregg, Stacy 2021 eBook Overdrive

Chaos on catnet

Kritzer, Naomi 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The marvelous

Kann, Claire. 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Like other girls

Lundin, Britta 2021 eBook Overdrive

Norman didn't do it! : (yes, he did.)

Higgins, Ryan T 2021 Children eBook Overdrive


Kaplan, Maxine 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Wednesday Wilson gets down to business

Galbraith, Bree 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Of gold and greed

Hahn, Chanda 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

I am courage : a book of resilience

Verde, Susan 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Thanks a lot, universe

Lucas, Chad 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

In the wild light

Zentner, Jeff 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Unicorn academy

Sykes, Julie 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Cats for dummies

Spadafori, Gina 2020 eBook Overdrive

Memoirs of a geisha

Golden, Arthur, 1957- 2008 eBook Overdrive

Minecraft : mob squad

Dawson, Delilah S. 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The glory boys

Reeman, Douglas 2015 eBook Overdrive

The false rose

Wegelius, Jakob 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive


Ifueko, Jordan 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Island reich

Grimwood, Jack, 1953- 2021 eBook Overdrive

While I was away

Brown, Waka T. 2021 Children eBook Overdrive


Beaumont, Matt 2013 eBook Overdrive

The cosy canal boat dream

Barlow, Christie 2017 eBook Overdrive

The debutante divorcée : a novel

Sykes, Plum 2018 eBook Overdrive

Hard time

Taylor, Jodi 2020 eBook Overdrive

Saving time

Taylor, Jodi 2021 eBook Overdrive


Charles, Ashley Dotty 2020 eBook Overdrive

The last resort

Stapley, Marissa 2019 eBook Overdrive

The years before my death : memories of a comic life

McPhail, David, 1945- 2012 eBook Overdrive


Brodskai︠a︡, Nathalia 2014 eBook Overdrive

The Jalna saga

De la Roche, Mazo, 1879-1961 2013 eBook Overdrive

Up on horseshoe hill

Janu, Penelope. 2019 eBook Overdrive

One last dance

Holmes, Emma Jane 2021 eBook Overdrive

Jani confidential

Allan, Jani 2015 eBook Overdrive

Black Dahlia avenger : a genius for murder

Hodel, Steve, 1941- 2015 eBook Overdrive

The awakened woman : remembering & reigniting our sacred dreams

Trent, Tererai, 1963- 2017 eBook Overdrive

Little scratch

Watson, Rebecca, 1995- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The enchanted April

Von Arnim, Elizabeth, 1866-1941 2015 eBook Overdrive

Absence of mallets

Carlisle, Kate, 1951- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Doing time

Taylor, Jodi 2019 eBook Overdrive

Cold War correspondent

Hale, Nathan, 1976- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Djinn city

Hossain, Saad Z. 2017 eBook Overdrive

Dragon Ball super. 9, Battle's end and aftermath

Toriyama, Akira, 1955- 2020 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

The great cauldron : a history of southerneastern Europe

Calic, Marie-Janine 2019 eBook Overdrive

Boy parts

Clark, Eliza 2020 eBook Overdrive

Under pressure

Driscoll, Sara 2021 eBook Overdrive

A better way of saying

Pinsker, Sarah 2021 eBook Overdrive

Marry me

Brayden, Melissa 2021 eBook Overdrive


Hunter, Cari 2021 eBook Overdrive


Burke, Anna, 1990- 2020 eBook Overdrive

Night tide

Burke, Anna, 1990- 2021 eBook Overdrive

We play ourselves

Silverman, Jen 2021 eBook Overdrive

Warn me when it's time

Head, Cheryl A 2021 eBook Overdrive

Peter Cabot gets lost : a romance

Sebastian, Cat 2021 eBook Overdrive

Tommy Cabot was here : a romance

Sebastian, Cat 2021 eBook Overdrive

The companion

Ottoman, E. E. 2021 eBook Overdrive

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

2014 eBook Overdrive

Ashton : lord of truth

Burrowes, Grace. 2016 eBook Overdrive

Hadrian : lord of hope

Burrowes, Grace. 2014 eBook Overdrive

Polpo : a Venetian cookbook (of sorts)

Norman, Russell 2018 eBook Overdrive

Banksy : the man behind the wall

Ellsworth-Jones, Will 2021 eBook Overdrive

Carve her name with pride

Minney, R. J. 1895-1979 2019 eBook Overdrive

Let it be me

Wade, Becky 2021 eBook Overdrive

Stay with me

Wade, Becky 2020 eBook Overdrive

Cucumber Quest. 3, The Melody Kingdom

Gigi D. G. (Artist) 2018 Children eBook Overdrive

Maybe Charlotte

McBain, Louise 2021 eBook Overdrive

Skye falling

McKenzie, Mia 2021 eBook Overdrive

Romancing the rancher

Pearce, Kate, 1963- 2021 eBook Overdrive

I am invincible

Kamali, Norma 2021 eBook Overdrive